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Hi Andrew,

I am very excited about the works that God is doing through His people I can clearly see that God is richly using your ministry to bless the nations. I too have a heart for the nationsí poorest who have no other help lest it come from God and He is truly pouring out His Spirit on all flesh in these last days.
I was blessed to hear and watch your activities in Uganda and also in other countries in Africa and to hear about the micro business ideas and funding technics including the agriculture because I believe that it is the beginning to economic freedom in these areas but I agree that everything must begin and be structured by the word of God so using the Discipleship as the medium for positive and lasting change will be the corner stone for eradicating poverty worldwide. I think you have provoked me to jealousy ! As God planned I was watching your Thursday program when you called for Grace Partners to help fund this vital project and you added something very special to your call to action. You included a request to call for prayer adding that your assistants are versed in prayer and they will agree with you in prayer and where two agree anything asked will be done by our father. I couldnít wait to call and become a Grace partner increasing my builderís monthly contribution. When I called and got to speak with someone they were very courteous and passing me along to the partner area after she completed my Grace partnership she did place me with David for prayer and I was so thrilled at the way in which he approached my request for agreement and his subsequent pray protection, strength and God granting me the ability to reach my destiny, I was greatly empowered.
This has been a lifelong dream and goal I am beginning now and hope on day to meet you along the way. It is Godís people who have been given the super natural ability to achieve great things for the Glory of God and you are setting a standard which I believe will propel many marvelous exploits in His name.

To God Be The Glory

Marsha J. Hubbard

Marsha J. Hubbard - Weymouth, Massachusetts - Friday, February 27th 2015 - 07:19:29 AM
Hi Andrew, Thank you for this weeks broadcast of the Karamoja Project WONDERFUL program, I was so blessed, I cried because I was going through somethings, I was just watching the first program and the Lord spoke to me about what I thought I was going through.However after watching the people of Karamoja, God let me see how petty the things I was going through compared to there situations. I had to ask God to forgive my carnal way of thinking.this program helped me in so many ways, I can't tell you how much I was blessed by this weeks programs. I'm already a Grace Partner, after watching these programs I will be increasing my giving.Just seeing you there jumping with those precious people. Thank you for all that you are doing in Jesus name.thank you to Mark Rowe and Stephen Bransford.thank you ALL.

Sandra H - Yulee,FL - Thursday, February 26th 2015 - 01:47:31 PM
dear awmi
thank for the seed of the word that is readily available at yo website. am so blessed because its the only website with free material to read yet so valuable. God Bless you and the entire team thank u for being a blessing

ivan baguma - uganda - Thursday, February 26th 2015 - 10:19:42 AM
I just want to say thank you to you Andrew and to the awesome people who work with you. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the fact that your materials are always available and are so encouraging. Your teaching has helped me to set my eyes upon the Lord, no matter what situations look like. Thank you so much. You guys are awesome!!

Ivan Boutet - Creston, BC, Canada - Thursday, February 26th 2015 - 08:29:40 AM
thanks brother Tanner for prayer agreement with me and the word of God concerning some of the areas in my life that God's mighty benefits thoughtfully provide for --as it's been said God's provision is greater than our needs--abundant life that Jesus paid for--halleluia Jesus!-- thank you prayer team!

Dave Shirivs - Ocala, Florida - Thursday, February 26th 2015 - 08:28:03 AM
In September of last year the Holy Ghost prompted me to listen to your teaching Spirit Soul and Body. I transcribed the lesson at that time, but life has a way of distracting us. I journal in an attempt to keep track of what God is saying or doing in my life. As I read my journal, I was reminded again to study Spirit Soul and Body. I see now that in my 39 years of being saved, I did not know how to walk in the spirit. In my Pentecostal arena everything was an abstract idea and the focus was on sin and salvation almost to the point that it seemed that sin was more powerful that God. I knew better, and I had to leave the teaching to find the truth of God's word. For the last 5 years the Holy Ghost has been my teacher. You said that Spirit, Soul and Body should have been an initial teaching. I feel as though I started backwards and now I've learned what it means to walk in the spirit. I thank God almost daily for your ministry. I can't thank you enough for this teaching.

Doris A. Peoples - Ypsilanti, MI - Wednesday, February 25th 2015 - 01:59:01 PM
I was incarcerated in state prison and I received some wonderful materials from this wonderful ministry. I am happy to say that I was released from prison last Wed. (2/18) and I'm looking forward to learning more from Andrew Wommack as he is lead by the Lord to teach others.

God Bless

Kevin O'Neill - Michigan - Tuesday, February 24th 2015 - 05:27:31 PM
I just listened to Body Mind & Spirit. I accepted Jesus 30 years ago but I feel like I just now understand. I went to a legalistic Church that went through 4 Pastors in 3 years and preached law. I have had a problem since then, one of the Pastor's wife told me I was so full of the devil that God could not use me and that has haunted me more than I thought. I gave up (I no longer blame, I forgive) I backslid and rededicated myself but always felt like and outcast that God did not love. After listening to this teaching I believe that God never gave up on me. This battle has been so hard for me that I cried tears of joy. I had questioned my salvation. I was taught that I had to speak in tongues, be sin free and treated terribly. This was after being abandoned as a child and abused so it was easy for satan to continue using my feelings of abandonment, abuse and condemnation. That aside, I have decided to be descipled by you and I thank you for setting me free from a scizophrenic view of God. Thank you so much! Sharon Fraysse

Sharon Lee Fraysse - US - Tuesday, February 24th 2015 - 12:32:22 PM
Thank you very much Andrew for your commitment to God and His will for your life. Thank you also for your free download teachings which have really changed my life. I now have a testimony to share because of your teachings. My husband and I have been trying to have a child for more than a year now and at the beginning of this month we decided to visit a gynecologist and he prescribed some pills and explained how they work and told me to take during my next menstrual cycle. So after that visit I thought to my self if this pill will get me pregnant how much more the Living Word of God. So because I heard you in one of your teachings saying that everything created by the Word of God respond to the words this became a revelation to me. And so I decided to take my authority in Christ and start speaking to my womb standing on the promises of God from Deuteronomy 28:4,11 and other promises. Glory to God for today I report that I am pregnant and I am bringing our son into this world in the name of Jesus.
I thank God for your ministry.

Glory Glory Glory to God who is faithful in Jesus' Name, Amen.

Tshegofatso - South Africa - Monday, February 23rd 2015 - 07:27:28 PM
Thank you so much for your teachings..I listen to them over and over and over..getting new understanding each time.

Joanne Nash - NH - Monday, February 23rd 2015 - 11:31:20 AM
Hi Andrew, we just watched all five broadcasts of the Uganda Project GT program! What a great vision this is--our hearts were stirred. All of your partners (including us) can give more to help support this awesome work that God has trusted you with.

Alan and Lori - California - Sunday, February 22nd 2015 - 09:54:29 PM
I love listening to Bro. Andrew. It has encouraged me to seek GOD like never before. I never understood what the mystery of inquity was until the Holy Ghost showed it is a process of changing us from a created being to a begotten being, through freewill. that's why John says unless a man is born again he can't go to heaven. Our identity has to be changed, we become like the seed we are born of, (righteous)That's the assurance iniquity won't rise up in heaven. Freewill has to be in order for love to be perfect, I want my wife to love me but I don't want to make her., It wouldn't be any good. forgive me for rambliong on. I just love the WORD.

Charlie Young - Centerville tx. 75833 - Sunday, February 22nd 2015 - 07:27:14 PM
Hi Andrew, been walking under His love and under victory since I started listening to your teachings, Thank you.

I saw on your twitter that you like Hillsong music. I highly recommend a group called Bethel and Jesus culture. They are highly anointed.

Albert Mkhwanazi - South Africa - Sunday, February 22nd 2015 - 01:05:09 AM
Really wanted to thank you for all of the guidance. I've been able to get my life back on track and now am a proud editor for www.editmypaper.ca where I help other students further their academic goals! God bless!

Martin Tobias - Friday, February 20th 2015 - 05:53:19 PM
Dear Andrew,
I just watched the last day of your series "The True Nature of God". It's been weeks of me watching off & on as time permits. Regardless of what random day I tuned in, I always learned something new. Some might think, "oh, he's still on "True Nature". I already heard this." I want to encourage people to keep listening each day. The Holy Spirit will teach you new things. Thank you, Andrew, for thoroughly explaining each topic you focus on. It is a pace that promotes deep learning not surface knowledge. Basically, planting truth that Satan cannot steal. Praying for you & your staff to receive favor & protection in the years to come.

Julie - Michigan - Friday, February 20th 2015 - 10:06:29 AM
Dear Andrew,
Thank you so much for your ministry. I have been listening to you for over 10 years. I am 30 years old. I recently received a miraculous healing when I moved to Brazil.
I was listening to your recent healing conference in around July, of last year. I was taking 800mcg of levothyroxine, and I had an incurable thyroid disease.
At times, I had been so weak that I was physically unable to move my body, and then other times I would be awake for a week straight because of this rare condition.
I almost died from this disease and it started to become worse than it has ever been and many doctors will tell you they have never seen anyone take as much medicine as I needed.
I felt this warmth and power go through me as I asked God to show me what I needed to do to receive my healing.
God showed me in my mind a person who I loved and would die for and he said to me,"That's how I feel about you." Then I knew that God wasn't holding anything back from me and I received my healing and heard God tell me to stop taking my medicine.
That was 7 months ago, and since then, I haven't had to take one pill for my thyroid, I'm completely healed and I have a blood test that will tell you, that there is no disease in my blood!
Praise God!!! If he never does anything else for me.. I have so much to be grateful for!
God bless you Andrew! I tell everyone in Brazil about you and I know you have a great reward in heaven!!!

Alise - United States - Thursday, February 19th 2015 - 04:01:17 PM
Everything I've learned from Andrew Womack Ministries has been a blessing. I am beginning to walk in the supernatural more now than ever before with a mental clarity the likes of which I never knew in my entire life. I have yet to witness firsthand true miracles and healings, but in various ways God is showing me this is beginning even now. I want to thank everyone connected to AWMI and especially thank Andrew for being whom God called you/him to be. Keep up the good work.
I was downloading the audio teaching library and noticed a few redundant/repeat entries. The following seems to be in the system twice: "Lessons from David", "How To Stay Positive In A Negative World".
May God continue to bless you richly. Amen

Jonathan Bowen - Dauphin, Pennsylvania - Thursday, February 19th 2015 - 10:01:14 AM
Dear Andrew Wommack ,
I wanted to inform you that the Discipleship & Evangelism (DE) teaching is changing lives in the Twin Cities. This is just a little information to explain how I came to know your teaching. I joined a Pentecostal church that taught me that one had to work out their soul salvation, so I got to work. I directed the choir, performed the duty of MC and occasionally taught the word to the congregation. I then attended and graduated from the AW Wilson, (COGIC) Bible College in 2006. I learned Doctrine, Typology, Dispensations, Ecclesiastical & Civil Structure, Apologetics, and Harmartology (sin) to name a few of the courses taken. None of these courses were taught from a grace perspective.
I was made to feel condemned if I could or would not do something in the church. The Holy Spirit revealed to me that thereís more to being saved and itís not what I do but what Jesus has done for me. He revealed Godís Grace to me. My Pastor was not happy that I started to believe that revelation of Grace. So, God directed me to another church in 2012 that would teach me about the finished works of Jesus.
The revelation I learned was that I was the righteousness of God and to trust in the Lord with all my heart and lean not onto my own understanding. The truth Iíve acquired was just a drop in the bucket. I received more revelation as I watched the Gospel Truth and listened to your tapes and read your books. I heard your teaching on DE and bought the whole set, study guide, book and CDs. I shared them with my Pastor at the beginning of 2014.
The Holy Spirit prompted me to return to school to learn more about Grace. I then received an invitation to attend an open house from CBC Minneapolis. I attended the open house and received confirmation from your teaching they showed on ďA Sure FoundationĒ. I enrolled and informed my Pastor. He then connected me with a member to mentor. I started teaching her the DE lessons. I reported to my Pastor, in November 2014, the success of the discipleship lesson and he informed me that he would like to roll it out to the congregation. February 13th was our first class. My church, Living Word Church and World Outreach Ministry is located in St Paul. Our Mission is to make disciples throughout the Twin Cities and the nations. The DE lessons are another step in that direction. My desire is to learn more and experience all that Jesus died for me to have and to teach others what I have experienced.
I know you are fully persuaded of your calling but the Word states that iron sharpens iron. I encourage you to keep up the good work. Lives are being changed in the Twin Cities and the nations.
In Godís great love,

Mary Taylor

Mary Taylor - St Paul, MN - Thursday, February 19th 2015 - 02:05:35 AM
I have been watching and listening to Andrew Wommack for a few weeks now. I have been challenged to examined my beliefs about God and the doctrines I have learned from church. I am amazed by the testimonies on healing which I believe should be a normal experience in the church today but it isn't. One powerful testimony is Andrew Wommacks's son being raised to life after being dead for 5 hours. May I know the cause of death and how his son is doing today.? Thank you.

Doris Desembrana - Philippines - Wednesday, February 18th 2015 - 12:16:23 AM
I would like to tell you about a healing. I injured myself at work. As a result I had a sharp pain that rain down the side of my leg. I couldn't sit or walk without this pain for at least 2 months. I decided to call your prayer line. This was a few years ago (sorry I took so long to post this). A very nice gentleman named Vern answered. I explained my situation and told him from everything I've read it sounded like sciatica. He said you better get healed because there is no cure for it! After building my faith up and praying, he said just walked as if you had no pain. That's exactly what I did. Within an hour, I had absolutely no pain!! Praise God!!!

Joanne McGregory - Illinois - Tuesday, February 17th 2015 - 12:08:59 PM
I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you so very much Andrew for your "knock it right out of the park" teaching! I first began to watch you on Daystar in the fall of 2012. I would finish a one half hour program and turn off the TV thinking, "I think I understood everything that man just said!" I continued recording your program and having my coffee with you every morning. I mentioned to my husband one day, "You've got to hear this guy. It's amazing how clearly he teaches. Everything we have heard for years is all making clear sense!" My husband said,"Oh no, that's fine, I've heard it all before. I'll just stick to who I listen to." Knowing better, I saved a teaching of yours on Don't Limit God on my PVR. My husband watched the whole series with me and was absolutely blessed! Today, in my family room, we have over $1,500.00 of your DVD's and CD's. Praise God Andrew, your teaching has been so refreshing and enlightening! We are so
Thankful to your obedience to God! We have become partners with you with both our personal tithe and business tithe and have seen God greatly bless us spirit, soul and body. Andrew, you are making such a huge difference, I am sure, in so many people's lives. I simply cannot thank you enough! It is truly a privilege and honor to partner with you in your ministry. We love you and Jayme both. Well done, Andrew!

Kathleen - Calgary, Alberta Canada - Tuesday, February 17th 2015 - 10:30:05 AM
Andrew, how can I thank you? Twice now, in my despair, you have encouraged me and strengthened my faith. I had put on the armor of God on each occasion and in the midst of the attack to two marriages from demons and principalities under abuse and oppression of myself and my children, your ministry uplifted me enough to take a stronger stand on the Rock under my feet, my Lord and Savior. I attend the First Baptist of Orlando under Pastor Uth, and he is divinely inspired, like yourself, however, some tribulations we must endure ourselves to appreciate what God is teaching as He draws us closer to a relationship with Him in that tribulation. I am here to testify, that with your soft and encouraging message of love, I am able to find encouragement while enduring heartbreak. My heartbreak is not from loss of marriage, (although through your teaching I found out that I was living in self-righteousness, not God-righteousness) and in that wrong thinking putting my husband and marriage equal to God. I cannot thank you enough for helping me out of that bondage. I looked for every opportunity to hear your reassuring voice and message. I am struggling at this time financially and noticed that you are coming to Orlando in April. I pray that I can get my feet planted on solid financial ground before your visit, to enable me to see you in person. I pray for your ministry, your staff and your family. I pray that you will pray for my children who have been harmed emotionally from this person that they saw such hipocracy in their stepfather and questioned what they were taught in such a loving homeschool environment at the First Baptist of Orlando. I pray that you would pray for them by name, Seth and Noah, and ask for healing and the true Word of God reach their hearts, ears, and minds. They are truly gifted individuals who have been raised by me with faith. I pray that you would pray for them to keep that teaching close to their hearts. I pray that your ministry reach their ears as it has mine and others. I pray that you are given strength and health to continue many years to build and rebuild and increase God's kingdom. Thank you from the bottom of my heart with greatest sincerity. Donna Gartner

Donna M Gartner - United States, Orlando, Florida - Tuesday, February 17th 2015 - 08:13:00 AM
Hello Andrew. I just wanted to thank you for preaching the truth of GOD'S word. I have learned so much. I am looking forward to seeing you in person when you come to Pittsburgh this summer. I would love to meet you but just listening to the gospel teaching you will bring that day will be a blessing. I am hoping to bring others to hear you as many from our church will be coming. Thank you for your commitment to Jesus and his teaching. It has really encouraged me to learn more of the truth from his word. God bless you all.

mike pachulski - Pittsburgh - Monday, February 16th 2015 - 07:21:55 AM
Dear Wommack ! My husband is CBC ,Hyderabad student.He told us that, during last week a team of CBC students visited this centre and he got the book Lessons from the life of David by Dr.Delron Shirley .The book is really awesome and speaks to the reader directly .The message of Dr.Delron Shirley and the testimonies of other CBC students are also very inspiring. Thank you for your ministry .

Vanaja - India - Sunday, February 15th 2015 - 01:15:30 AM
Dear Andrew and Jamie,

So glad to be a partner with your ministries. I received the gift you sent to me yesterday and your 'thank you' card. It was really humbling and heart-touching. I really appreciate it so much and pray that this gospel of God's grace and love which you preach will continue to reach the world and bring the transformation only GRACE brings to our world. Thank you so much.


Emmanuel - Illinois - Saturday, February 14th 2015 - 09:50:31 AM
Re; Redemption series. I believe everything you are saying. I have learned so much. Please also include the notation of the bible where Jesus said "no jot or tittle" shall be ignored. I know Im saying it incorrectly, but please address this so that all can understand that. God bless you and I thank you for giving me the revelation.

leah copeland schultz - USA - Saturday, February 14th 2015 - 08:52:12 AM
Hello and greetings from Arkansas! There are so many praise reports but want to post this one today. My husband went to the doctor for back pain and feeling tired. He's working through all of the "false teachings" of religion but not totally there yet in his faith. Anyway, his primary physician suggested he see a cardiologist. He ended up wearing a heart monitor for two days. Once they read the results they called and said that they spotted a problem that could cause "sudden cardiac arrest that could end in death". I immediately rebuked those words and told him NOT to accept those words spoken over him. The dr then scheduled him for a heart cath. I telephoned your ministry and spoke with a lady (I wrote her name down so I could mention her in this praise report but now I can't find it--I'm sorry)and we both agreed as she spoke a perfect heart/body over my husband. So we go to the hospital and since the devil thought he was going to torment us with this while my husband was there I went to several different waiting room areas and left some of Andrew's cd's and books with posted notes saying that they were free to take! :) So the doctor called me back after the procedure and his heart is perfect and he said that my husband has "some of the cleanest pipes he's seen and his heart pumps great". So there's just one of many praise reports we have since finding your ministry four years ago. Thanks to you and your ministry for teaching and standing on His Truth!

Donna Baker - Vilonia, AR - Saturday, February 14th 2015 - 07:07:11 AM
Hello Pastor Wommack I just want you to know that I really never watched your program until a little over a month ago. I am really feeling like faith is arising and I am learning how to accept God's grace through your teachings. Thank you for all your sacrifices and for your obedience to God it is helping change my life!

Bless you!

Sheila Greene - Pittsburgh - Friday, February 13th 2015 - 03:49:55 PM
hi andrew and jamie. we are excited to be one of your grace partners. we just wanted to tell you that we listened to all of your tv broadcasts from 2014 thru 2000. that's the second time we have done that, its like school for us and it gives us something to do together. we are going to listen to your tv programs all over again starting with the true nature of God 2015. thank you for putting your messages on the internet for free. we have grown closer to God and to each other because of your ministry. thank you for your faithfulness and telling us about the unconditional love of God.

buddy and christina powers - United States - Friday, February 13th 2015 - 09:01:27 AM
Dear Bro.Andrew,
Thank you for teaching me the revelation of God's grace. After continuously abiding in the Word of God's grace, now i live everyday in manifestation of His Grace. I also suffered from depression. After learning my emotion follow my thinking, i put it into practice and now delivered from it living everyday in the Joy of the Lord.

Thank you Bro.Andrew in Jesus name!

HAGIN JOHN - India - Friday, February 13th 2015 - 04:10:57 AM
thanks Andrew for teaching me truth that sets my heart free

mataleli - Lesotho - Friday, February 13th 2015 - 02:51:04 AM
I love you Andrew

Noelle - Thursday, February 12th 2015 - 12:43:55 PM
I completed the one year bible reading plan that Andrew recommended when he taught on effortless change last January. By the way, Effortless Change is one of the top three messages that I have ever heard to impact great change in my life. The change over the past year is tremendous. The situations in my life are changing not because of any other reason but that the Word of God has changed me and taught me how to respond to things differently and experience victory. I have the Word of God to stand on and that will never fail.

If you have not put the Word of God first place, i encourage you to do it.

Thank you AWM - I have found the pearl of great price!!

Ria - Thursday, February 12th 2015 - 09:40:38 AM
I have been blessed tremendously by your online free downloadable teachings and find that I cannot get through them fast enough. Thank you so very much! Praise God for you!

Donovan - Vereeniging, South Africa - Thursday, February 12th 2015 - 08:03:21 AM
I just called the prayer center and talked to an incredible young man. I think his name is Taj(?) He is a powerhouse and gave me his incredible testimony of what he walked through very similar to mine. He encouraged me so much even though he is probably half my age.
Thank God for the spirit filled believers who answer the prayer center calls and minister and pray. I am a strong believer, however, at times I just need agreement. All of our gifts make it possible for this continue and I want to encourage all who are not partners to do so. I have seen miracles happen with my finances just since becoming a partner. At times it seemed nothing was happening but little by little things are changing.

cindy - ga - Thursday, February 12th 2015 - 07:54:06 AM
Dear Andrew,

Sure enjoyed your reminiscing with Pastor Bob and Dr. Ron.

I remember Brother Hagin saying "Keep the switch of faith turned on" Absolutely! So many came out of that Hagin revival, Jesus movement, and so forth in the late 60's and early 70's. Those were special times.

Personally, I was baptized at a Jesus Rally at Century II auditorium in Wichita, Kansas in 1972...I'm pretty sure Pat Boone was the special speaker.
Not sure of the theology behind all of that, whether it was a 'special move of God' or whether it was just a lot of hungry hearts that turned the world upside down for a period of time, but it sure was wonderful.

So many so-called Spirit-filled churches don't even mention the infilling or the Baptism in the Holy Spirit anymore. We must all pray for a huge revival in this country, where all churches agree on Acts 2:4 infilling of the Holy Spirit! Thank you for always calling for the infilling at your meetings! I'm sure God will reward you openly on that great day, for all you have done to keep that 'switch of faith turned on!'

Eleanor Lock - Bella Vista, AR - Wednesday, February 11th 2015 - 03:36:58 PM
Dear Andrew,
Your messages give me the life i need to carry on with my walk with God.
You have made him so personal for me that I am not afraid of him anymore..I thank God for the grace upon your life and I pray that you will increase in his might in your work..Please consider coming to Nigeria. This is a land filled with many religious bound errors..Many people are perishing literally for the lack of Knowledge of God's love..I implore you,seek God about coming here..we need the message God has given you now more than efer..God bless you.

Estrella Gada - Nigeria - Tuesday, February 10th 2015 - 11:39:09 PM
Thank u 4 following Jesus both of u. I saw u 3am VTN last night. Am praying 2 come out there and live. God's will b done. U are a true New Testament Christ Man of God. Old Test IS42 aint got no meaness. God bless u. And forever souls r n Jesus due to your courage to b who God called u 2 b. All praises to God. To Jesus.

Melody Jarrett - Keiser,Ar - Tuesday, February 10th 2015 - 10:39:13 PM
Dear Andrew and Jamie,we are so blessed you in our lives! Thanks for helping us to understand the love of God and the finished work of Christ! Am short of words.Thanks so much! We love to have you come and establish a bible school in Nigeria.Thousands I believe are hungry for this message of grace and truth.We look forward to meeting you someday soon. We will keep telling people about your website.God bless you!

Dunmola - Lagos,Nigeria - Tuesday, February 10th 2015 - 07:29:18 AM
Dear Andrew, I felt that I must let you know how much it has blessed me to use your website and go through your TV broadcast teachings. I recently joined a wonderful church in my area that teaches grace through faith, and encourages the body of christ to realize that after we are born again we have the righteousness of God in us. We also have started a Bible school in which we are using some of your materials to teach in. I came to your website because the way you teach makes the message sink in so much for me. I started watching your TV bradcasts and came to your 2007 teaching on The Gospel: The Power of God as I also have been going through the book of Romans and have been compelled by the holy spirit to study and get a grasp on it. It is so powerful to me. I get up in the morning and grab my cup of coffe and I am anxious to go to my computer and start watching :) I was watching this morning and I got to watching your Nov 7th 2007, and Nov 8th episodes and WOW!!! the way that you explained the renewing of your mind and being crucified with Christ just gave me such a revelation. I believe it will help me so much in my own relationship and I have been trying to convey this message to my wife and I havent been able to effectivly speak about it. I am so happy now I could yell it out to the world! Thank you Andrew I love you, and I am greatful to you that you are such a kind and giving man to do this for me. If it would ever touch your heart to come down to the Prescott, Az area, our Church ( Chino Valley Family Church) Would be honored to hear you speak. Thank you again Andrew

Michael Rose - Prescott, AZ - Monday, February 9th 2015 - 05:06:53 AM
Dear Wommack we as a family are immensely blessed by your teachings and the word of God is opened up to us in a new way .How wonderful it is to see life in God's perspective ! Thank you very much you have enabled us to share this good news with our neighbors and needy people.

Vanaja - India - Monday, February 9th 2015 - 01:44:33 AM
Andrew, you have been a great blessing to me. If its possible to say God called you because of me i would have said so. sometimes i wonder where i would have been if i had not met you. i went through a storm but i went through it. the reason i did not fall apart like a two dollar suitcase was because i met you.i just cant express how much i love you. if meeting you is the last thing ill do ill do it. it would be the greatest pleasure of my life. i know the Holy spirit can reveal to you how much i love you. please have Nigerians in mind. i know people here who would give away anything to sit under your ministration. please pay us a visit someday. you talk about your visit to African countries but you never mention Nigeria. please pay us a visit, please and please.God bless you richly Andrew. my regards to Jamie. thanks alot Andrew for my life. thanks.

Lordson - Nigeria - Sunday, February 8th 2015 - 11:36:25 AM
Praise God for this ministry. I have been so blessed since catching a glimpse of Andrew on God tv and then finding the AWMI website. Since moving back to my home village from France with my french husband, we have struggled to find teaching that corresponded to what God put in our hearts, after leaving a vibrant and exciting church and apostles in France. Thank the Lord that Andrew has dared to say things that others wouldn't, and his steps of faith are bearing fruit. I have been asked to lead a house group here in the little village, and it is *so* exciting to encourage christians and share the revelations that God is giving us through Andrew's clear teaching. Thank you so much for this inspiring teaching via internet.

Claire Depreaux - devon, UK - Saturday, February 7th 2015 - 01:22:12 PM
I started watching AWMI several years ago. I grew up in a church system but had no relationship with God or any knowledge about what being a christian was all about but knew there had to be more. The truth I heard from AWMI changed my life and then my whole family's life. I'm overcome by the sacrifice Christ made for us and the grace and love He has for everyone. I don't have a legalistic ritual filled relationship with God anymore and I'm grateful and humbled by everything God has done for us.

J. OReilly - Ohio - Saturday, February 7th 2015 - 08:48:57 AM
I love the ministries I love the way brother Andrew preaches to Word and the truth and the true nature of God.I am blessed everyday to watch his ministries on TV but the only thing is that's the the fastest 30 minutes I ever spent.lol...but I am blessed by the word that he gives me,I'm definitely a better person for the people around me and in God's eyes thank you Andrew Wommack ministries.

Jeff Skinner - Dallas, Tx. - Friday, February 6th 2015 - 04:35:24 AM
I truly thank God almighty for Andrew Wommack. You have listened to God so carefully and you still do. I am gaining understanding daily on grace and faith, its awesome. I know who I am in Christ and thanks to these teachings of grace. I cant wait to attend one of your conferences sooner. I pray that God will continue revealing Himself to you

Mmadijo Lebakanyane - Francistown Botswana - Friday, February 6th 2015 - 01:59:28 AM
Thank you, for all you do. It is mind blowing that you freely give all you studies away, when many tv preachers a charging for false teaching and blessings. You have changed my life.

Lorrie - Jasper, al - Thursday, February 5th 2015 - 08:16:27 PM
Hi brother Andrew, just wanted to testify as to how good God is to me and how listening to you teach has benefited my life. I first saw you on Creflo Dollar, one of the Camp Meetings and I started watching what I call the dynamic duo for God, you and Creflo daily. I just wanted to encourage you to keep doing what you are doing because you and Jamie are changing lives. Oh, by the way I talked to Alan this morning and remember his testimony how God healed him after losing 1/3 of his brain, it was such a blessing to actually speak with him after seeing his testimony. I wanted to give a partner donation to help with Phase II of CBC building project and my credit card would not go through for Alan and me so I went to the bank this morning and got a cashier's check which you will receive in the mail for my donation $8,885.40. Thank you and thank God for using you, I apologize sir but you are NOT just a hick from Texas, you are so precious in my live and the lives of many and God knows who to choose. I love you brother. I will be attending CBC Atlanta this year by the grace of God amen.

Dwayne L Jeter Sr - Atlanta, GA. - Thursday, February 5th 2015 - 12:26:47 PM
Hi Andrew, that was an awesome live stream chapel service, today! Thanks for always offering a balanced view. We were challenged!

Alan and Lori - California - Thursday, February 5th 2015 - 08:05:57 AM
sorry--I meant "super dooper" interview of Andrew on this program !! ---> Andrew recently appeared on the "My New Day" program with Bob & Audrey Meisner.
(it's on Andrew Wommack facebook page) -- blessings

Dave Shirivs - Ocala, Florida - Wednesday, February 4th 2015 - 01:54:15 PM
Just a suggestion:
The Lord blessed me with a new car in Oct. of 2014, after a year long struggle with my very old car, that kept dying on me and lots of wasted money spent on it. I was afraid of the payments, but I got the car and I'm praying for the Lord to show me how to get out of this debt. Its been hard with almost nothing left over from check to check...but that is whinning...SO,here is the suggestion, I got a free Sirius car radio with my car for 3 months. They called and wanted me to sign up and that they now had Joel Osteen 24/7 on Sirius Radio...I told him only if he had Andrew Wommach 24/7, he said, they did not....So I say why not? Think about all the people you could catch for the LORD! Thats how I got caught, with one word as I was getting rready to leave for work. The Lord that the Lord had for me. I have known the Lord a long time,but I needed to hear that, he loved me and cared about me. I was scared about taking the bus, because I would have to leave at 5:00 in the morning. Anyway why not, all things are possible with GOD! Andrew Wommach teachings on Sirius Radio!!!

Lydia Segovia - San Antonio, Texas 78227 - Wednesday, February 4th 2015 - 08:05:33 AM
Hi Andrew
I just wanted to take a minute and to let you know your explanation on the reason God gave the law is wonderful! The scripture references are so important; I so enjoy following along with you. I keep paper & pen handy so I ca write them down and refer to them on my own. The comment you made regarding Adam not realizing the horrible effects to every person because of his disobedience just blessed me a LOT! I never thought about it before and the fact that God chose not to reveal this to him certainly magnifies the truth about the description; "God is love." Adam didn't know what death was so he didn't understand that either. Then there's millions of horrific diseases, famines, etc. the world has/is experiencing; all because of his disobedience. It also gives us knowledge how horrible sin actually is: not to be taken lightly! Lastly, God knew even before He created Adam that a great price was going to be paid to redeem him/us, but God made the decision to create mankind regardless! This tells us He values us more than we'll ever fully comprehend. Most of us have commented about, one day, having the opportunity to pull Adam aside and say, "what we're you thinking?!?!?" You know what? I don't even think about that any more because God loved Adam when He created Adam and He loved Adam just as much after Adam had sinned and THAT is the true nature of God and praise Him for those characteristics because He loves you and me the same way. God must have had a conversation with Jesus before He ever brought man into the world. Jesus said it was the Father's will to redeem us- it pleased God to bruise His own Son if it meant we would be set free!! Wow, that's something to ponder. I will make a conscious decision to dwell on this truth often and by doing so I will never be able to be condemned again! He has set me free and I won't dishonor Him by forgetting it. GREAT teaching, Andrew! :-)

Linda - Northern Maine - Wednesday, February 4th 2015 - 07:03:42 AM
I made my committment to the Lord in 1987, and felt I had only a glimpse of God, even though I had led several prayer ministries, and sought hard after the Lord. I had been arising at 5-6 am every morning for the last few years studying the word, trying to find peace. About two months ago, a dear brother at my church sent me a link to Andrew teachings on healing, as I have been seeking this for 30 years. Finially I sense that my healing is closer than ever, because of the teachings I have been listening to. I have been mis-interpreting the Word for years, and have listened and believed errors my whole Christion life. Thank you thank you for your ministry!!

Brian Tenszen - Winnipeg, Manitoba - Wednesday, February 4th 2015 - 06:01:10 AM
Even though I was a christian, I had so many contradictory thoughts and questions about God which lay buried deep within and prohibited me from having a loving, true relationship with God. But after listening to Bro. Andrew's messages I got answers for all those questions and this brought tremendous deliverance within me. The ' true nature of God' 'Believers authority'...each one of the series brought deliverance. I am so thankful for it Bro. Wommack. If I had not heard these messages I would have led a defeated, messed up life. What a blessing!! 'God is love'- that I know very well now.
Recently I started to hear fluttering sounds in my ear , intermittently. It was really bothering,(it was not a fly in my ear) tried medicines, it stopped , but then it came back.it was not normal. This continued for nearly a month , while I kept believing God to heal me ,for now I knew it was God's will that I be well. One morning I noticed that my ear was normal, no fluttering and very gently the Holy Spirit told me " You are healed" . At that moment I knew I was healed. That fluttering never came back. Praise God!! God wants me well.

Georgina - India - Wednesday, February 4th 2015 - 02:50:23 AM
super doper interview of Andrew on this program !! ---> Andrew recently appeared on the "My New Day" program with Bob & Audrey Meisner.

Dave Shirivs - Ocala, Florida - Wednesday, February 4th 2015 - 02:34:10 AM
I just wanted to say again I love AWMI.I just watched the inside story and it was such a blessing. For the last few days I have been looking at it but never clicked on it to watch. I guess I thought it would be boring listening to a bunch of old guys talking about being board members. Well, I was wrong, it was anything but boring and I was very encouraged by what they had to say. God is good and he will take care of us if we allow him to.
AWMI is a ministry of integrity and although I didn't need to hear the board members say that in order for me to believe it, it was still nice to hear them share their opinion of Andrew and the ministry. It was also interesting to hear about the background of the board members and how the ministry impacted their lives.

Well done Andrew...well done.

L. - USA - Tuesday, February 3rd 2015 - 08:53:03 PM
Hi Andrew, just stopping by to say that we've really been enjoying the GT broadcasts on The True Nature of God. Also, we are growing as we continue with the correspondence courses...they are so rich and transforming. We are excited!! =o)

Alan and Lori - California - Tuesday, February 3rd 2015 - 08:34:32 PM
I just prayed along with Andrew to receive the Holy Spirit.

lori - IL - Tuesday, February 3rd 2015 - 01:57:09 PM
Andrew: I for one am very pleased with the fact that you do not shy away from social issues. I have recently watched the Christian Philosophy series on Roku recorded in 2012. Thank you for daring to trust God with the results of speaking the truth.

Helen Marie Driskell - United States - Tuesday, February 3rd 2015 - 09:35:38 AM
As I have multiple sclerosis that has advanced to the point I am no longer able to "perform" acts for the honor and glory for God I've desperately struggled with how I was going to "do" anything now. Thanks to the spirit lead teaching of yours I now realize I don't have to "do" anything except love God, accept Jesus as my Savior and allow the Holy Spirit to dwell within me. Thank you for following God's will for your life and having the courage to air true teachings instead of just feel good or prosperity teaching. May God bless and protect you, your family and your ministry.

Kathy McGlothlin - Owensboro, KY, USA - Tuesday, February 3rd 2015 - 04:04:32 AM
Mi agradecimiento al ministerio de Andrew dice mi Sr. Jesucristo conoceras la palabra y te hara libre soy una personita donde me cuesta mucho trajabo crerle al hombre desde conoci a Dios muchas cosas no encajabAN Y VEO AHORA PORQue. muchas veces lepregunte por que no quieres que los que sanaba dijeran nada ME CONSTETO PORQUE 1UIERO QUE ME AMEN POR LO QUE SOY NO POR L QUE HAGO. THK COME TO TIJUANA PLEASE

sonia - Tijuana BC - Tuesday, February 3rd 2015 - 12:39:03 AM
I used to see Andrew's program and change the channel as I thought it looked boring. Towards the end of 2014 I just randomly started to watch your daily podcasts and all I can say IS WOW! So much revelation and truth! I thank God for bringing AWM into my life. Your teachings have helped me so much and my mindset has changed. I know I am the righteouseness of Christ and with God all things are truly possible and Available to me!
Your teachings on Financial stewardship and Don't limit God have blessed me more than you can imagine.
Truly the truth of Gods love has set me free and I know who I am in christ. May your ministry continue to touch and change the lives of millions for the glory of God AMEN!

Sarah Adjei - London UK - Monday, February 2nd 2015 - 07:55:37 AM
I apologise for my frequency here, but I simply have to write, following the teaching on the purpose of the law this morning: Many (even some translations) have the opinion that the
clause in Rom.8:1, "who do not walk according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit", does not belong in Scripture. If we take "walk according to the flesh" to point to man's (futile) efforts to please God through performance, i.e. trying to fulfil the law, as opposed to "but according to the Spirit", pointing to the finished work of Jesus Christ, THEN we can REJOICE over Rom.8:1(b)! It then contains the greatest exoneration known to man, namely being set free from the slavery of the law to the acceptance as children. (of faith in Jesus) Only after (repeated) exposure to the teachings of brother Andrew could I dare to even ask the Lord about this passage. But now I am rejoicing over the complete version of the glorious Rom.8:1! Thank You Holy Spirit (and thank you Andrew)

Charles Hopkins - HEIDELBERG, South Africa - Monday, February 2nd 2015 - 01:33:26 AM
Brother Andrew, I just read the news letter about the work that Andrew Wommack Ministries is doing in Karamoja. Wow! I feel so blessed to be a part of such a great work. I have not wanted to be a part of any feeding programs in Africa before. I had several reasons for feeling this way; but you are equiping these people to be self-sufficient, not providing a welfare program. I will support this great work and feel so privileged to be apart of it. Blessings on all the loving people involved in this!!!

Deana Causey - Alabama --United States - Sunday, February 1st 2015 - 12:32:56 PM
The last 3mths I have called to get agreement in prayer for good report on doc. tests and every report came back excellent. Thank you for teaching how to stand and take our authority, but also for being there when we need someone to pray and agree. God bless you all at AWMI.

M.Brown - NC - Sunday, February 1st 2015 - 11:51:17 AM
A friend gave me one of your books to read; "The New You & the Holy Spirit". I devoured it in 2 1/2 hours. It was so helpful! Thank you so much for your wisdom and powerful words and easy translations of scriptures. I was filled with Holy Spirit that morning after following your guide.

erin johnson - Jacksonville, NC - Sunday, February 1st 2015 - 04:56:04 AM

fitch, carol - canton oh - Sunday, February 1st 2015 - 01:23:25 AM
Hey Andrew... and the whole team...
Thanks again for the great teaching and amazing website that always works... :-) I can't thank you enough for all the great teachings. It's an honor to partner with all of you.I'm planning on bringing out the Harley, several times this year, and get acquainted with Charis.Peace!

Ron Moore - Bloomington, Il - Saturday, January 31st 2015 - 02:19:07 PM
I just wanted to say how grateful I am to be on your program and share my story. I've been reading the feedback from those who watched the show and how it has touched their lives.Thank you for having me. Thank you for being bold to talk about abortion. When you do what God says, the devil has a fit. I've been battling being sick, but I'm not giving in. I am the healed! I have a major opportunity in March to go to New York. I'll be speaking at a summit for women at the UN.I've been told I'll be meeting and sharing my story with ambassadors, one from Croatia. I'll be teaching a workshop. I ask for prayer agreement as this trip is all on faith. I know God's in it and he will provide the resources. Feb 6th I'm doing a local show here in Houston. God is opening doors! Sorry, so long, but I just wanted to share what's been going on. Thank you again!

Carrie Fischer - Houston, Tx - Saturday, January 31st 2015 - 11:00:03 AM
I wasn't "bored" watching Andrew's interview with his "board" members, Ron Byrd and Bob Nichols--Bob said whatever happens, hang onto the word of God and God will see you thru is a big statement-- thanks and blessings

Dave Shirivs - Ocala, FL - Friday, January 30th 2015 - 02:52:17 PM
I was listening to The True Nature of God (Live version-CD)on the road today and was lost for words (again)...But Linda from Northern Maine has put it in proper words! Thank you and thank You, Lord for "dear old Andrew Wommack"

Charles Hopkins - HEIDELBERG, South Africa - Friday, January 30th 2015 - 11:49:11 AM
Wow! I just finished listening to Friday's teaching and I need to take a few minutes to let you know that I, personally, think this is the BEST teaching I have ever heard regarding the law and the reason God gave it!!! Most people do miss this truth and most assume their good deeds are valuable in God's eyes, but it takes humility and ears to hear to replace this truth with their own deceptive way of thinking. I just believe thousands have finally been confronted with God's holiness as compared to man's works and the ridiculous idea that they can blend the two. You told us the reason these thoughts are prevalent; comparing ourself with others, whom are perceived to be 'REAL' bad. I hear this all the time and this is the enemy's favorite tactic. Thank you for this morning's wonderful teaching which was so revealing; so easy to understand and backing this wonderful truth with many scriptures, which is vital. Great job!! The Holy Spirit was definitely leading you and as a result many were set free 😀

Linda - Northern Maine - Friday, January 30th 2015 - 06:54:26 AM
Looking forward to your visit to California in February

darlene - los angeles - Thursday, January 29th 2015 - 04:06:34 PM
I gave my life to Jesus n Aug. 1990. As I grew n maturity I now know that God is love. Unconditional love. All the mistakes I made up to this point have been just part of the journey. Andrew's Minster has helped me to see clearly the many things I had questions about. Thank you Andrew and God bless you.

Richard Fenton - Pahrump, Nv. - Wednesday, January 28th 2015 - 10:12:12 AM
After losing my husband to cancer, I spent almost 2 years visiting churches on Sundays, looking for a place my spirit could say a complete AMEN to. Finally found a home in August 2014, and began to really absorb a ministry that is full of grace and truth, in Christ. Began to hear about dunamis power, healing and miraculous power, and what the NORMAL Christian life is. Personally reading A Better way to Pray, and small group is going through Believers Authority. Started watching the ministry vids of Pastor Mike's sermons plus the audio and vids of A Wommack. Am patient - Believing - claiming - growing my faith - waiting for God to shake my community in a way it has never been shaken through me and my brothers and sisters who are daring to believe. Watch Charleston IL - things are changing in only a few... at the moment! Thank you for your ministry online - I'm praying about perhaps attending your online healing school and visiting a conference this year.

Cindy Bettinger - Charleston, IL - Tuesday, January 27th 2015 - 03:02:58 PM
I attended Men Advance 2015, and I just thank God for the body of Christ. I have been in religion all my life but just began to have and intimate relationship and it is wonderful. God bless you all

Mike woltz - Germantown, MD - Tuesday, January 27th 2015 - 10:34:58 AM
One morning I woke up with partial hearing loss. I would say that I lost 50 percent of my hearing in my left ear. I have been praying against it and for hearing to return but no change. I called into your prayer line and a wonderful lady commanding my ear to open up and hearing to return. Now their wasn't any immediate change but over the next few days my hearing began to improve and now it is all better. I also injured my right ankle really bad playing basketball and I was sure that something was broken or fractured for I wasn't able to walk on it at all. I called in to ask for agreement in prayer for healing and now my ankle is 100 percent. It is even better than before. I Give God all the Glory and I thank you for your prayer ministers.

Allen - Florida - Tuesday, January 27th 2015 - 09:40:04 AM
As a new Christian, I have learned so much from Andrew daily. THANK YOU

Sheri Smith - Hamilton, OHIO - Tuesday, January 27th 2015 - 03:38:14 AM
Again, I was watching the Gospel
Truth while going to bed and this program was called The True Nature of God, but Andrew ended up speaking on abortion again. When I was about to turn it off because I couldn't stay awake any longer, Andrew held up a book. I thought it would be The True Nature of God book, but it was Christian Philosophy. I said, "What, I know he isn't given that away!" Sure enough, yes he was, for one day. Well it was late evening where I live, so I thought I missed it. Then I realized Andrew is on Mountain time and I had a little time left. So I ordered the "free" book . When I was placing the order from my android, I thought about how the government offers free this and free that, and how nothing is really free. Just because you didn't use your own blood sweat and tears to pay your bill doesn't mean that it wasn't paid with blood sweat and tears. Maybe not yours, but someone's.

I decided that I could afford to pay for the book and that I would make a donation. If I could buy fast food that makes me fat and sad, and if I could afford to purchase the occasional lottery ticket, I could afford to pay for this book. I didn't make the donation that night because I was too tired to get out of bed and go look for my purse and bank card, but I did gladly make my donation today.

I thank God for Andrew and his partners who "voluntarily" share what they have to help others. I am glad to to know that if I couldn't afford the book, I could have still received it thanks to Andrew and his partners.

Loving AWMI

L. - USA - Sunday, January 25th 2015 - 05:34:31 PM
Andrew, I also submitted to an abortion in 1974. My testimony is a little strange because for years I did not understand what people were talking about when they spoke of guilt. I honestly didn't have any. I assumed it was because I became a Christian shortly after the abortion and that must have removed the guilt.
Well some 38 years later while watching "The Passion of the Christ," it hit me. It was a time when I was seeking the Lord like I never had. Suddenly, it surfaced from the deep recesses of my soul. I cannot say that I feel guilt. It is a great longing for my son. Somehow, I knew he was a boy. The reality of what we are all missing because he is not here is what makes me cry anytime I hear someone talk about their abortion. It is a great sense of loss I am feeling. The questions are coming to me now: What girl is missing her husband? Would my youngest son have gotten into trouble with drugs if his older brother had been here to influence him. What people would have been ministered to by him? How many grandchildren are missing? Who is lacking their best friend?What invention are we lacking because he is not here? What will eternity be like for a child who did not have the opportunity to know how it feels to be a sinner and receive redemption. What rewards will he have when the Lord passes out rewards? Will he not have any. Will that be lost to him for eternity? This boy is very real to me now. I have named him Nicolas. I miss you, Nicolas, and your mother loves you and longs to see you.

Deana Causey - United States - Sunday, January 25th 2015 - 03:02:50 PM
Nine years after my wife and I started listening to Andrew's teachings, God keeps impacting our lives through his ministry. A deeper understanding of God's heart and "true" faith has helped us receive from God in a new and powerful way. We are so grateful and so honored to be able to be part of this wonderful ministry.

Christian - Switzerland - Sunday, January 25th 2015 - 11:39:25 AM
Dear Andrew, though there aren't many guestbook entries about the Carrie Fisher broadcast and the day after, please know that there are millions of women who watched the broadcasts that had abortions, such as my self, who won't comment here. There was a special power released through that short video of the woman and little girl..it touched a deep place in our souls..all of our souls. It brought healing and acceptance. Thank you for caring enough to show the video, Andrew. I speak for all of the women who haven't commented...we love and appreciate you very much!

FORGIVEN - Saturday, January 24th 2015 - 07:48:58 PM
Andrew your teachings have changed my life in such a profound way. I always had a fear inside of me, I believed that I could see god working in others but not in me. But thanks to your teachings I now know that god loves me. With this revelation and I can now go boldly to his thrown, know that he has already provided for me. I also now know that I have authority over the devil. I would be such a blessing if you can open a campus in Trinidad.

Camille - Trinidad, West Indies - Saturday, January 24th 2015 - 05:34:02 PM
Dear Brother Andrew, I thank you for all that you do in blessing us with your ministry and airing the story of Carrie Fischer. I too was surprised at Carrie's final statement. I needed that confirmation. She is wonderfully beautiful indeed. I am the grandmother. My daughter had health issues at the time of the abortion. I quietly prayed for my grandchild to be placed in the arms of my sister and my mother who are with our Lord. Last May, one of my other daughters had a dream of them singing and playing with the baby who I now call "Beautiful". The dream along with Carrie's testimony confirms by belief. I thank God for his forgiveness, mercy and the eternal life we will share in Jesus name. Amen

Elise - Pennsylvania - Saturday, January 24th 2015 - 05:15:29 PM
I got the DVD "Hebrew Highlights"...have watched it twice and am at it again. The whole series has illuminated all the Old Covenant teachings that were stuck in me. THANK YOU, ANDREW, for giving these materials away! On the 5th session when you talked about 2 Cor. 7:1 another bondage was cut loose in me. I have carried shame that I didn't know of with that verse. I have been "soaking" in the whole series!

Lindy Combs - United States - Saturday, January 24th 2015 - 03:32:35 PM
Dear Andrew,

What a marvelous two days on your program this week, with Carrie Fischer and then your program on Friday, with Jim Ertel's amazing and touching video!

Could that be made into one DVD for distribution at a reasonable cost? I can think of people I would love to bless with that!

If anyone can make it through Thursdays and Friday's program without crying, I think their wood is definitely wet! I think even if one has not had an abortion, there is a cleansing in brother Ertel's video of parents who fell short when their children were growing up, and who have not forgiven themselves for that! Thank you for recognizing the day that our Supreme Court made that fatal judgment!

Eleanor Lock - Bella Vista, AR - Saturday, January 24th 2015 - 07:08:03 AM
Well, I feel I must comment on Carrie's story. I have a lot to say so maybe I will submit two posts. I came upon Carrie's story by accident. I turned on The Gospel Truth program a couple of nights ago when going to bed. I must have fallen asleep because I started with the January 19,2015 program and woke up to the January 22,2015 program. I was about to turn my phone off when I noticed that Andrew was interviewing someone. I turned up the volume so I could hear what they were talking about and I heard the word abortion. When I heard the word abortion I got upset and thought Andrew must be interviewing Connie and I don't want to hear Connie's story again. I went to turn my phone off and noticed that the woman was not Connie and I started to listen. At the end of the story I thought what a beautiful, strong, courageous women. If Carrie can get through this and turn out to be this awesome woman, I have no excuse for all the whining, and complaining that I often do.

After hearing Carrie's story, God dealt with me about my relationship with my mother. When I was growing up we had a lot of ups and downs. When things were up, we had food, clothing and a little affection. When things were down we didn't have food, clothing, or affection. We actually got a lot of beatings when my mother lacked finances and was overwhelmed and frustrated because of it. Because of the way I grew up, I have a terrible relationship with my mother. At a young age, after one memorable beating I thought there was no way a mom could love her little girl and beat her the way she beat me that day. I decided I would never treat her like a mom again. That meant no hugs, kisses, no I love you and no calling her mother or mom. I kind of stopped talking to her at all. I am an adult now and I can't remember the last time I called my mom by anything but her first name. The only reason my mother and I have any relationship at all is because of my children. They seem to love her and I allow them to. I kind of live my life believing that should be good enough for her, and she's lucky she's getting that. No affection from me, but some affection from my children.

After hearing Carrie say she forgave her mom and never held it against her, I thought about my mom and how I hold everything against her. I decided to try letting it go. If Carrie could let her mother trying to abort her go, even when it caused her to be disfigured, maybe just maybe I could let my mom off the hook.

I started remembering some of the good things my mom did for me. Although they were few, they were major. When she realized welfare wouldn't be enough, she finished school and worked two jobs to take care of us. She also gave up her social life while I was growing up. She NEVER brought men around me. My safety was more important than her social life, and that's one thing I am majorly thankful for.

Andrew, I love you and AWMI. I am sure this interview has helped women who have had abortions, but it has also helped many others. I haven't had an abortion, but this interview sure helped me. Keep up the AWESOME work Andrew. I can imagine God saying well done...well done.

Loving AWMI

L. - USA - Friday, January 23rd 2015 - 07:27:46 PM
I am watching the story of a woman who survived an abortion. I am also an abortion survivor- not 1 but 2 or 3 attempts. Ironically, I had an abortion with my second child and the guilt was so over-powering, I didn't want to die (because I was afraid of hell) but I didn't feel I deserved to live either. Another ironic twist- my mother was so enraged that I killed her grandchild that she told me that she wanted to abort me and she wished that she had succeeded. That's a whole other story but it is safe to say- there were consequences that I had not even fathomed. I knew it was wrong when I done it, I told the doctor that performed the abortion, "If I can do something this heinous, I don't deserve to have more children!" So he also fixed me so I could have no more children after he performed the abortion. To feel that God can forgive me for such a horrible act shows me He is more merciful and great than I can possibly comprehend!

Gloria Korineck - United States - Friday, January 23rd 2015 - 04:29:15 PM
Well, Andrew, where do I begin? Your ministry never fails to set its viewers free; why? Cause the word of God is taught therefore, the Holy Spirit places His stamp of approval on every program. Consequently people's lives are blessed in abundance. I, personally, am not the same woman I was a few years ago. I am humbled every time I ponder what the Lord has revealed to me through your ministry. The more I understand how much God loves me; the more I fall for Him!! You blessed millions of people today by conveying the unconditional love God has to those who are so self condemned because of being a participant in an abortion. The woman, the man, the assisting nurse, the doctor performing the abortion. Can you only imagine actually seeing these babies being torn as they're sucked out with a powerful vacuum pump!! I am sure they are experiencing horrible guilt deep in their heart!! God will forgive them because His Son has redeemed us all!! Andrew, this is great news for not just those involved in abortion, but to all of us. Without Jesus' shed blood we are all wretchedl. You are a precious man cause you are representing God's true identity and the world is reaping its benefit. Many times a day I think about His extreme love and it brings me to tears!! I feel like His love is liquid and it just envelopes me whenever I stop a minute and think about this amazing truth!!! I wouldn't have known if I hadn't been taught and for that, Andrew, I am grateful. Thank you.

Linda - Northern Maine - Friday, January 23rd 2015 - 03:44:51 PM
I just wanted to say that I caught the tail end of your interview with Carrie Fisher. God Bless her - she was saved for this reason. From the perspective of a man who convinced and took her then girlfriend to have an abortion 20+ years ago, I have been sick and remorseful over that decision ever since. I have confessed twice for this and I believe that I have been forgiven but I still have felt the pain and have cried over that decision many times. You have helped convince me of the true love of God and his forgiveness. Thank you and I hope others will come to believe in Christ and what we mean to Him through your teachings and others as well.

Gabriel - Friday, January 23rd 2015 - 02:29:50 PM
I can't thank you enough for how your daily broadcast (gospel truth ) has changed my life and made my relationship with God bloom.
I watched the interview with Carrie fisher yesterday, I struggled to watch to the end as I had tears streaming down my face, having gone through four abortions in my teenage/young adult years, the devil and the fact that its been a struggle to conceive after two years of marriage has held me bound with guilt and condemnation.
I know that the lord totally forgave me and infact remembers it no more and he isnt holding back children from me to punish me but when the issue is brought up,my heart just breaks to pieces.

When Carrie said I want you to know your children forgives you as well,my heart stopped dead in its track, my babies, the ones I had selfishly killed, forgives me, my life took on a new meaning and as you prayed during today's broadcast with tears all over my face I allowed myself to receive the forgivness that God and my angel babies offered me and I can't wait for the"glorious reunion"with them.
Thank you Carrie for those blessed words and I can't thank andrew wommack enough for allowing himself to be used by God for people like me..I love you sir.

deborah - Nigeria - Friday, January 23rd 2015 - 02:26:39 PM
I just wanted to say thank you for your messages yesterday and today with Carrie Fisher and about abortion.
I am a 60 year old women but back in my 20's I had three abortions. Since then I have come into a living and walking relationship with my Lord Jesus Christ and I knew that He had forgiven me but there were still wounds that I had not realized that were still there because they were buried so deep, the only time they would fester up was when the subject of abortion would come up and I would feel so bad and unworthy even though I knew my Lord had forgiven me. Then yesterday I got in on the last part of your conversation with Carrie and at the last when she said to every women who has had an abortion she wanted us to know that your children love you and forgive you, you could of knocked me over with a feather, I just sat there crying and telling the Father thank you, thank you for the healing and letting me know that I am not only forgiven and loved by you but that my children that I put through a horrendous death love me and forgive, then I felt His peace and love encompass me, as if to say I know your every hurt even when you don't and I will take care of you because I love you.
Your program is my daily midday feeding and I thank you for your ministry and for following the Lord in word and deed. You are such a blessing and I just want to encourage to never quit, God is using you in ways you will never know. Bless you and thank you.

Joyce Dockum - Kentucky - Friday, January 23rd 2015 - 10:26:00 AM
Dear mighty man of G-d, Andrew,

I would like to extend my appreciation to you for freely offering your spiritual insights (CDs, books, ect) to the Believers of Jesus free of charge. I know not of any other ministry which provides their insights free of charge or for a donation of any amount.

It is written freely you have received so freely give. I believe that one's inspiration for sermons, books, Cds, and the like come directly from the Holy Spirit. Consequently, what one says or writes is a freely given from G-d for the edification and instruction of the body of Believers, and not for profit or to support a ministry.

Jesus never told people: to receive a copy of today's teaching, see Judas and tender payment and you will receive your copy my teaching. Jesus always freely gave of himself.

So, thank you for providing your spiritual insights free or minimal charge. As a whole, I do not believe one need charge for anything the Holy Spirit freely gives to His evangelists, pastors, or teachers. If one's work is truthful, shared in love, and inspired by G-d himself, Jesus himself shall provide, sustain, and prosper said ministry, so the work of that ministry would continue to feed the body of Christ.

Anyway, thank you for your acts of obedience, love and kindness to the body of Belivers world-wide.

In the service of the King, Jesus,


Richard-Alen - Hendersonville, North carolina - Friday, January 23rd 2015 - 10:12:32 AM
Dear Pastor Andrew, you might remember me I met you at the Gospel Truth conference in Phoenix and I am from Las Vegas.I called in this morning to thank you and they prayer partner suggested I write to you. I started watching you in the mornings and I remember the first time thinking well I dont know this Pastor but he's really teaching the Word of God (as now I realize that was a revelation from the Holy Spirit) so i will listen. That day you were speaking about how wrong abortions were and that caught my attention. I really appreciated it and I had oh so wished I had known that truth long ago. You see I had more than one abortion. When I got born again I tried to realize I had been forgiven and I compared it to Paul being forgiven of stoning Stephen. But in my being until this morning I didn't realize i was still carrying around a mountain and I mean a mountain of pain. The devil said "oh yes you are forgiven but you will never be given them back. that was an awful thing you did". Turning full circle from that first day I watched you.. this morning through your message I realized THAT IS A LIE. The Holy Spirit was so powerful in my room I felt a physical hug from Jesus!. I will see my babies again and they already have forgiven me too. I never wanted to face the pain of what I did but this morning I walked through it and right past it with Jesus. Now I only have to wait until that glorious day when I will be reunited with them again . I believe when God asked you to teach His people His love He had me in mind and I want to thank you Pastor Womack and Jamie for being faithful. While i was running around lost you have been faithful to God. How I wish...but I am with Him now, And I was not supposed to have children but God has blessed me with a beautiful daughter 17 years ago. God's mercies are new every morning. One last thing for now anyway, last night I said a small prayer although I am in bible college and pressing in but I asked God please do not let me leave you this time, let me know i am with you. And then this morning God answered my prayer in a way I could never have imagined. Thank you for your ministry. I can only imagine what you have been through and you and Jamie have been so faithful I want you to know your teachings have truly changed my life today forever. How do I put in words the miraculous glorious experience I had this morning I dont know but I tried herein. thank you thank you thank you

cathryn kennedy - United States - Friday, January 23rd 2015 - 08:34:50 AM

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