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Hi Andrew,

I want to thank you for the "Gos pill" Truth which God is using to change my life.

Thank you for making the Commentary available (again) free on the website. I am so blessed by it and it is is helping me in my personal study.

Looking forward to seeing you in India soon :)

Dharmesh - India - Friday, September 19th 2014 - 05:21:49 AM
Hi, Andrew
I thank God for your teachings and the revelation about the unconditional love and grace of God, it has really impacted my world and the way I see God. They've helped me to grow in the knowledge of the word of God.

God bless this ministry.

Nakiwala Dorothy - Kampala, Uganda - Friday, September 19th 2014 - 12:37:47 AM
I was telling my son, who has muscular dystrophy and is in a wheelchair, about how blessed your ministry is to see so many people healed. He responded by saying,"Why don't they show people, who are disabled to the point that there could be no doubt in our minds that they were physically in bad shape, get their healing? Why don't they document these
healings?" How do I answer him?

Brenda Treat - Arkansas - Thursday, September 18th 2014 - 01:50:47 PM
Hey brother Andrew it was great meeting you last night and having you pray for me regarding Fear and for my wife regarding her Teaching Anointing. Please read her book that she gave you at the Charlotte campmeeting.
The Essence of God.
I say you look like a Cowboy and thats ok, be blessed.

Stuart and Cynthia Brandt Danville Virginia

Stuart Brandt - Danville Virginia - Thursday, September 18th 2014 - 11:35:47 AM
I noticed the announcement for the Men's Advance and thought - Why isn't there a Women's Advance? I'd be very interested! I have heard amazing things from the wives of Delron Shirley and Lawson Pursue. Also You had Marilyn Hickey at the healing school and she was wonderful! How about considering something for us women?
I have been born again through this ministry and am now continuing to renew my mind, so I am very. very grateful for you all.

Betty Hartman - Norristown, PA - Thursday, September 18th 2014 - 06:26:41 AM
Just stopping by to say how thankful I am for your teaching. It totally changed my life. I so much admire you for your willingness to speak the truth and for not bending to he pressure. You are such an example to many of us and inspire us to be all that God wants us to be. It is possible to succeed without compromising and you are an example. I thank God for you and Jamie. What an awesome example you are. Thank you!!

Rosa A - El Paso, TX - Thursday, September 18th 2014 - 05:18:54 AM
Praise god, Dear Bro. Andy.
You are really blessing to many in our country. I recently going through Healing is Here, it is awesome. I loved the praise and worship, Your 1st day, Bro. Barry, all the Healing manifestation & now yet to see Pastor Duane. Thank you so very much for obeying almighty love(God). I am very much delightful to see you in India(From last year waiting to tell thanks). You changed my life never be the same, i got the real personal relationship with god. Im now 24years old, cant wait to fulfill god's plan in my life. By his grace called me from a hindu background of me to his love. I almost daily hear your tv broadcast, finally you are my one of best teacher ever in this world(Although Holy Spirit is our ultimate Best Teacher). Thanks once again Bro./Mentor Andy for all of your help. Whole hearted Thanks&Praise to our Father Jesus.

Mr. Belagavi Vinaya - Davangere, Karnataka, INDIA. - Wednesday, September 17th 2014 - 07:17:23 PM
I run track and field at Liberty University (Virginia). Today one of my teammates felt a sharp pain in his leg --> Using what I've learned from awmi, we prayed for him and all the pain left. He then proceeded to run faster than all of us for the remainder of the workout.

John - Wednesday, September 17th 2014 - 05:30:43 PM
I have been told about your site by a friend. I was raised by a mom that was a Godly Woman. I was healed of a bad heart when I was 16 through the power of prayer. I had a stroke this June and I have had a lot of time to talk to God. I truly believe sometime we get tied up in this world making a living and forget about what God would like for us to do.I am a musician and I know exactly what God wants me to do. Keep me in your prayers and I know God is my pilot and savior. I know that I have a testimony to reach unsaved souls in this world.God bless.

Harold Swann - Lagrange, Ga - Wednesday, September 17th 2014 - 04:05:28 PM
Praise the Lord for your teaching, and the TRUTH of God's Word ! Please join me in prayer for a 7year old boy,who needs healing from new diagnosis of lymphoma, and a mass in his chest-- I am believing for TOTAL healing of this child and for his family to trust the WORD of the Lord- and standing on Ps. 107:20 !-

Marcia - Tenn - Wednesday, September 17th 2014 - 01:37:00 PM
Dear Andrew, thank u so much for the teaching. I thank God for teacher like u. My life has change. I love Jesus now very much. In short ,i have much to share with u and the Awmi. i will do that later. Please be my mentor. Thanks

yvette malah - Cameroon in Africa - Wednesday, September 17th 2014 - 01:31:31 PM
Andrew I enjoy your TV program every day, but you need to explain what Paul Harvey said about you and Jamie...please.

Larry - MS. - Wednesday, September 17th 2014 - 06:56:04 AM
I just want to say how grateful I am for your current television series on Paul's "secrets." I listened to the conference in Phoenix 2009? on the same topic and really thought I had heard the whole thing, but today listening online to Monday, September 15 broadcast, God just opened my heart and I really heard how much God loves me. I want to say Thank You. I am so blessed to be in the Body of Christ with you, Andrew and all the people behind the scenes that make these telecasts possible. Glory to God!!!

Betty Hartman - Norristown, Pennsylvania - Tuesday, September 16th 2014 - 10:07:23 AM
I just praise God for what you guys are doing, as a good tree produces good fruit, like that your ministry has produced good fruit in millions of lives. Your teachings are so simple but profound, in simple words the truth. I also want to thank you AWM team for doing this wonderful work.

I just want to share a series of testimonies here. God's word has changed my life. After becoming a believer I came across these teachings which changed my life and my relationship with God. I had to go through lot of persecutions to have Christ in my life, God promised me marriage and literally put me in marriage with the one He chose. He gave me a wonderful marriage life. Satan tried his attacks but lost it every time as God spoke to me through your teachings. We were in severe financial crisis, God blessed me with a job. And our finance grew. It took some years for my husband to adapt and understanding these AWM teachings, but as God started speaking through them, he was convinced and we started to grow financially. We were being blessed in & out! After 4 years of our marriage we decided to have a child, satan attacked again n I had a miscarriage. But I praised God the day I understood it was a miscarriage that I will conceive again and give birth and dedicate my child to the Lord, after 3 months I conceived naturally, and gave birth normally a healthy baby girl. I went through a lot of attacks of satan through doctors for my pregnancy to be high risk, but as the word says resist the devil and he will flee from you, I did the same. And all went well, but again our finance was in danger as I had to take care of my child and quit my job, again satan started using his dirty tricks, but once again standing on the word, believing that it is not God's will for us to suffer financially or my child to suffer in day care, I stood on the word declaring confessing that we come from victory! that we are in a defensive battle, and the good news being I have overcome the world n the situations in it, being more than a conqueror! My husband got a very excellent job which proved to be a Big breakthrough in his career and also the income served to be more than us both working together! Praise the Lord! We were able to buy a beautiful house and very good car! God blessed our cup not only to the measurement but over flowingly! Praise God!
The way was not bed of roses, but investing ourselves in the word brought forth its fruit 100 times! Thanks for free downloads and other materials! you don't know but these are life savers for many out there! I thank God and you AWM specially for doing what God asked you to do. Thank you n Praise God once again!

Brenda Jane.

Brenda Jane - Chennai, India - Tuesday, September 16th 2014 - 02:52:15 AM
The Charis praise and worship was so incredible Monday Sept. 15. I replayed all day and just let the worship pull my soul in line with my spirit while I praised. PLEASE post some of this worship on Youtube and please consider streaming every Monday and Wed am live. I would play this music every day if replays of it were available. We
really utilize your archives and would love to have the Charis music available from the live worship. We drove to Charlotte yesterday for my first ever camp meeting there. A really good meeting and sweet fellowship. Thank you so very much for nourishing us in so many ways with so many resources.

Anne - NC - Monday, September 15th 2014 - 07:23:27 PM
Thank you for your programs and for your prayer ministers. My son, Jim is in the hospital in ICU and they are such a support for me. Called today and spoke with Betsy. She first ministered to me of how Jesus took everything in His own body that was attacking my son. Jesus bore it. I know that, but a "Word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver." Then she prayed a very anointed prayer and spoke to Jim's body and his lungs and the malnutrition that has come against him. Thank you, Andrew. You are such a blessing and your entire ministry. God Bless all of you! (the only thing is I wish your prayer ministers were there on the weekend :) )

Nancy Crouch - Tulsa - Monday, September 15th 2014 - 04:40:18 PM
Thank you Andrew for the wonderful, concise teaching. Such an encouragement! May God bless you.

JoAnn - Houston - Monday, September 15th 2014 - 10:14:42 AM
I am so thankful for this ministry! My view of God has been transformed from a harsh God to a loving, Abba Father through the hearing of the truth. The past 1-1/2 years I have been writing a column in a weekly newspaper on truths I have learned from Andrew and from what the Holy spirit has shown me.I am currently doing a series on healing and am praying for others to receive it. My husband and I were praying for a church to go to where others believe the true gospel of grace and faith and praise God we found a wonderful church in February. The pastor and his wife watch Andrew as well and have our small groups doing different study guides of Andrew's books. How awesome is that? It makes me excited! I am leading a group on "The war is over" and it is awesome to see people learning about the goodness and love of God. Thank you Andrew and Jamie for boldly speaking the truth, even when you know you will have resistance to it. You are changing lives, more than you will ever know. God bless and keep it up!

Amber Miller - Baltic, Ohio - Sunday, September 14th 2014 - 07:49:39 PM
Greeting's and salutation's Andrew. When you've been brain washed by religion from early year's growing up by false doctrine, it's sometime's difficult to get it completely out of one's system. It is truly for a certainty that, no one of us can lift ourselve's up by our own boot strap's and Lord know's, I've try'ed. I'm truly blessed, learning and growing in faith and in His Rightiousness. Thankyou Andrew. Shalom yedda dim {beloved one}.

Stephen F. Zielski - Peabody, MA. - Sunday, September 14th 2014 - 11:16:44 AM
Hello, I just wanted to say thank you to all who take the time to write their testimonies and to show their appreciation for this ministry. I've just wanted to let you know that all the testimonies are so encouraging. And also to encourage more people to move forward with the study material that's available. It has helped me tremendously in understanding the scriptures, what my authority is in Christ Jesus, and so much more. I have learned so much in the "Got Wants You Well" study materials and currently studying "The Discipleship and Evangelism" materials. I will always continue to learn as much as possible while Im here on this earth and be a doer of the Word. One day I'd like to open my home and teach the Discipleship study to woman. That is my prayer.

Jennie Cantrell - Gainesville, GA - Saturday, September 13th 2014 - 09:09:11 PM
I've been studying from your on-line ministry for over two years. I've transcribed the majority of your messages. The Lord spoke to me on 7/7/14 and simply said, "Unlocking the spirit." I meditated on it and repeated it every day. I went to the word of God and started at the word sealed but it didn't speak to me. As I was washing dishes, the Lord said, "Spirit, soul and body." I went to your website and pulled up the notes that I transcribed a year ago. Every-thing I needed to know was in that lesson. I praise God for your ministry that you so freely share with those of us who have been in church for years knowing there was something more. All I needed was someone to tell me "how to." You are my "How To" blessing. With expectation, I am waiting for the spirit to flow out of me. The valve is open. Hallelujah!

Doris A. Peoples - Ypsilanti, MI - Saturday, September 13th 2014 - 08:46:09 AM
Thank you for making available all the study material in so many ways.May God continue to bless you and your work.

jim parker - Weaverville NC - Saturday, September 13th 2014 - 03:44:46 AM
I thank God everyday for giving us people who are obedient to His will and purpose, I landed on Andrews videos a year ago, it has transformed my life as I have seen God's word come a live in me. I am currently working in Malaysia but at the end of my contract am heading back to Uganda, Kampala to beging attending Charis bible school come January.
May God continue to bless you Andrew and your ministry. I have a heart for Ugandans, i have heard some comments made on how more word is needed. I want to go.
Thank you.

Atwine Mugume - Uganda - Saturday, September 13th 2014 - 12:22:34 AM
LOVE what you are doing!! Keep spreading TRUTH!!! To God be the glory!!!

Ronny - pensacola fl - Friday, September 12th 2014 - 08:22:24 AM
It is morning, I'm reading my Bible. I've read many chapters and was doing so because I felt it a duty of mine. I have done so for many years and as a result have read through it several times.

Today, as usual, while performing my daily 'duty' I sat back in my chair to rest my eyes and reflect on some of what I had read and I realized something I hadn't felt before. I wasn't reading because I needed to, I was reading because I had fallen in love with the word. I found myself drinking every word on the pages. The stories had come alive. I was living them and the instructions they were imparting to me were resting at home in my heart with a desire to practice them and keep them.

I guess this is what Paul said when he said to renew your mind. I like this feeling.

Prior to today I was like the gleaner of the field, taking bits and pieces of what was left behind, now I feel like I'm partaking of the harvest to get the full benefit of what I'm reading.

Thank you Andrew for helping to open the word to me.

Charles - Azle Texas - Friday, September 12th 2014 - 06:17:49 AM
Hi Andrew! On your broadcasts, you are discussing Paul's secret to happiness & while I don't know if this will meet all the criterion, please know I get a lot of happiness from being a partner with AWMI. I actually have 2 partnerships, one Grace & the other Foundations because 1 takes care of "now" things & the other looks to the future. I was imaging what my donation may be used for like sending a DVD to someone & them getting born again. Or perhaps providing space for a student. Then I had the thought (not mine)maybe it buys toilet paper. Well, to the person who needs it, that's a blessing too. Now shut up, devil!
Through all the means you use to spread the Gospel Truth whether your programs, equipping students, social media, the Jesus film, live streaming, conferences and on and on.. that's a lot of "bang for your buck"! To anyone considering becoming a partner with AWMI, I would say look at it this way. You're investing in the "family" business! With Abba Father, Jesus, & Holy Spirit in charge, you're promised a wonderful return on your investment!
If you want to talk happiness, how much joy is there in knowing you make them happy!
Thanks for letting me be part of something so awesome! God Bless all of you at AWMI!

Cher Troll - Sioux Falls SD - Friday, September 12th 2014 - 04:09:38 AM
I was able to attend the Healing is Hear Conference 2014, and would to say high five to everyone who helped make it possible. Great job.

Also as I have been going over what God has to say about sickness, my vision started improving.

Thanks again for helping others discover God and experience His love. My life, for one, has truly been blessed.

Kyle - WA - Thursday, September 11th 2014 - 06:20:03 PM
Praise God for you Gary and your amazing testimony. Thank you Lord for Gary's wholeness.

vivian - atlanta - Thursday, September 11th 2014 - 04:59:18 PM
Thank you Gary from TN, for that amazing testimony. It gives everyone that is dealing with a physical issue a reason to keep on keeping on. I love this website and the incredible, life changing reports we can read on a daily basis. Thanks again AWM....


Cindy - Ga - Thursday, September 11th 2014 - 05:56:27 AM
whether or not you, (Andrew) actually have time to read this or not, I just am expressing appreciation to you and Jamie for being so open with your life lessons. To God for giving you the gift of teaching and for that He helped me and my family stumble onto watching your program. Our lives are so much more on track with God's will! Thank you for finding, following, and fulfilling God's will for your lives, and teaching us all how to too!!

Becky Thomas - Fowler, OH - Wednesday, September 10th 2014 - 06:24:41 PM
I've been saved for 50 years this summer and like you was raised in the Baptist Church. I was filled with the Holy Spirit in 1972 but the religious bondage continued, if only in a different form. Watching your boardcasts have led my wife and I to true freedom in Christ! Instead of struggling with my poor attempts to be pleasing to God, I now simply trust in God's grace through Jesus. What a difference that has made in my Christian walk! I can be on-fire for God without the ups and downs of my circumstances. I thank God and our Lord Jesus Christ for you, your ministry and your obedience to the the Holy Spirit. May God continue to bless your work and keep you in perfect peace!

Edwin Williams - Alabama, United States - Wednesday, September 10th 2014 - 10:46:52 AM
Good morning Andrew, my name is Wednesday Escobar and I am a disciple of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am baptized in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. I am writing this comment not to tell you my business but to relate an observation. I have been watching your broadcast for a few years now and usually I'm very blessed by it. I was enrolled in Apostle Frederick K. C. Price's ministry training school and I have even taken a few of your online Charis courses and intend on continuing as soon as I can. However, as I was watching a TVbroadcast last week (September 1-6, 2014 I think it was the Tuesday broadcast but I'm not sure) you were teaching on Paul's joy. I love this subject and was again very blessed by it. That is until you said something that really caught me off guard. You were relating the story of Paul's lengthy imprisonment. You said that he had joy during that time and was still focused on the continuance of the Gospel through the Phillippean church. All true and wonderful, however then you made the comment that this was not normal. I bel rive you said that maybe 1out of 1000 prisoners is concerned with other people and especially the gospel. Most are simply worried about their own situation, that they are hurting and need someone to minister to them. (Of course this is not verbatim but you get the idea) I would like you to reconsider this motion if at all possible because I personally was a prisoner for 2 years and 9 months. I was saved and spirit filled when I went in and still was when I came out. My actions that led me to prison of course were not of The Lord but while I was in there, almost every believer(whether new or established) was mostly concerned with the furtherance of the Gospel. There are many more, multitudes more than 1out of 1000 who are less concerned with their own anguish and more concerned with the discipleship and salvation of those still outside the walls. Please understand I am not offended at you and am continuing my partnership with you and my learning from you but I just wanted to point this out because these people are generally discouraged by the world as it is and encouragement to be true disciples of Jesus is what they need and what will keep them from returning to prison. Furthermore, i found your program when I was in prison and as the Chaplains assistant, was able to get many of your materials to those who needed them desperately in there. We were all so excited to learn from you that while I was still inside my mother was going to pay for me to complete some of your correspondence courses. When I called AWMI, about arranging that, the lady told me that I could not take the courses( even the coorespondance ones) whe I was locked up, that I would have to wait until I was released. For me that was disheartening but not unmanageable because I'm out and able to take them but what about those who will never get out? Are they not worthy to be disciples of Jesus Christ? Thank you for taking the time to read this. May you continue to follow the will of God for your life as it is a blessing to the rest of us. Forever in Christ- Wednesday

Wednesday Escobar - Ruidoso, New Mexico - Wednesday, September 10th 2014 - 07:45:22 AM
I Received God's Healing
Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer

- On March 7th, 2013...
On March 7th, 2013, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer with a tumor in the neck of my pancreas. The tumor was inoperable. The cancer had also spread from my pancreas to my liver and the right andrenal gland.
- I came close to dying...
I came close to dying the day they did the biopsy on my pancreas. While I was under, I asperated into my left lung. My body started to shut down and I was Fully Coded with acute respiratory failure. My wife, Caron, prayed the 23rd Psalm over me. I recovered, but that incident soon developed into pneumonia, which delayed chemo treatment for a month.
- I got scared...
I was scared. So many questions bombarded my mind. How was I going to tell the kids? What's going to happen to Caron? Do I sell the farm and move into a sub-division? I knew that God could heal. But would He heal me?
- We went viral
So we started a prayer chain via emails to friends and family, and all their churches put me on their prayer lists. We even posted prayer request on Facebook. I'm not so sure that was a good idea, because I got a lot of advise on eating weird stuff...and drinking weird stuff. But we also received an outpouring of love and prayer support that helped us through this difficult journey.
- I started thinking about dying...
Then I started thinking about dying. I never knew there were so many funeral homes in my community. It seemed like they were flashing at me whenever I drove past one. We called our church and asked for the deacons to come to the house and lay hands on me; anoint me with oil and pray. They did and something wonderful happened. I wasn't so afraid anymore, and I began to experience God's Peace in my life. I memorized the 23rd Psalm and read it daily. Caron and I even did a study on Heaven (hey, if you're gonna take a trip, why not read up on it). I got to a place where I wasn't afraid of dying. Mind you, I still wanted God to heal me..."if it was His will".
-The tumor grew
The chemo treatments were harsh. I lost a lot of weight and was pretty sick. 3 months later, the first CT scan showed the tumor had grown. We were devastated. We really believed for the opposite to happen.
- A friend threw a lifeline
A Kentucky friend, Susan, threw us a lifeline. She told us about two teachings called "God Wants You Well" and "You've Already Got It," by Andrew Wommack. So we watched it and were glued to every word. What hit home with these teachings is that 100% of the people that came to Jesus for healing were healed, and that Jesus paid the price for our healing. 1 Peter 2:24 "..by His stripes you were healed." That's past tense. I also understood more clearly that the Spirit of God lives inside me. "The same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead, dwells in me (as a believer). I could see that God already provided my healing through His Son and His healing touch was as close as His Spirit inside of me. The Lord led me to another scripture: "Life and death are in the power of the tongue, therefore choose Life." God is all powerful. He's made every provision. I learned that "If we have faith the size of a mustard seed, we can speak to the mountain and tell it to be moved into the sea." Well, my faith isn't giant, but I had mustard seed faith. I started to speak faith-filled words and my Mountain was the Cancer. So I spoke to the cancer and told it to leave my body in Jesus name. I also called the prayer team on Andrews broadcast and received prayer from a lady named Suzanna.
- 80% reduction
The 2nd CT Scan showed an 80% reduction in the tumor! The cancer was gone from the Andrenal gland and only a few leisions remained in the liver. The 3rd CT Scan showed no cancer in the liver and that the tumor was stabilized; about the size of a jelly bean, but No growth.
- the Fig Tree example...
Later, Caron and I felt God leading us to the Scripture where Jesus spoke to the Fig Tree. And so we spoke to the tumor the same way that Jesus spoke to the Fig Tree and told it to dry up from the root and die. The 4th CT scan showed the same size tumor again, with no growth but this is how we figured it: the tumor was dead from the root, but it was still visible. The fig tree Jesus had cursed had withered from the roots and died, but the dead tree was still visible. That's what Caron and I believe has happened. The tumor has dried up from the root and is dead, but at present it's still visible by the CT Scan.
- tumor marker down...no detection of cancer
My tumor marker has gone down from 1700 to 17 (17 is in the normal range) and has been that way for over 10 months. My blood work shows everything is normal. I'm off all chemo and related medications.
- Conclusion
I have learned to trust God and His Provision. I've learned that God's healing touch is as close as His Spirit inside me. I have all this because of My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
- Thank you
Thank you for allowing me to share this testimony with you, and thank you Andrew Wommack for the teachings on "God Wants You Well and You've Already Got It."
Gary Pimentel

Gary - Knoxville, TN - Wednesday, September 10th 2014 - 06:46:20 AM
I just love your 30 minute tv show on Daystar at 8:30am for so many reasons. Of course you are a bible teacher like no other I've ever heard. Listening to you has changed my thinking. Now I realize that Jesus told us to go out and heal so I've stopped praying to God for healing for an eating disorder I've had for almost 30 years. I rebuked the devil and actually got angry that he used me to do his bidding. Let me tell you how he ran. In the name of Jesus all things are possible!! I feel so free. I have so much energy to "go out and preach the gospel." I also love how you speak. You will show us something from the bible and then you will say, "That is so powerful" or That is so huge." I think that's so great because it helps me stop and realize just how POWERFUL and HUGE is it. I also find it very calming to listen to the way you speak. In New Jersey everything is pretty fast including speech. You speak slowly with an accent that's easy on the ear. Thank you so much for the tireless work you do teaching and preaching the gospel to all nations just as Jesus commanded. God bless you.

Pam - New Jersey - Wednesday, September 10th 2014 - 06:15:09 AM
I just want to say thank you again for your morning program. I particularly enjoy when you share stories i.e. today about your mother calling your father Wommack - really brings a smile to my face...
And you are right; I didn't feel this @ the time but I even rejoice after getting divorced after 35 years of marriage - if he had not left I would not have sought God and the desire to be sober (sober now 4 1/2 years). I also rejoice because had we not been married I wouldn't have two wonderful children. The best thing I do every morning (after listening to Andrew) is pray for direction in my life & a new perspective. I've recently started attending Wed. bible study & I honestly believe God is directing me because of the teachings I'm hearing through Andrew. I particularly enjoy the lessons on Paul. So, thank you again for being so dedicated.
Sincerely, Nancy Rupp

nancyrupp - oklahoma city - Wednesday, September 10th 2014 - 04:23:55 AM
I want to thank your ministry for making all of Andrew's television messages along with a wealth of other materials freely accessible on the web. It gave me an opportunity to go back and listen to a series on 'Christian Philosophy'. I know its a contentious issue for many, so I wanted to take the time to say I really appreciate you Andrew, for taking a firm stand based on the Word of God and for taking the time, effort and a lot of risk to proclaim clearly what the Bible has to say on these issues. It has been a blessing for me and I know it has been an encouragement for many others. Thank you and God bless!

Rejoy Isaac - United States - Tuesday, September 9th 2014 - 08:55:18 AM
Just wanted to let you know how much I do enjoy your teachings. I thank God for you. Thank you so much for giving to the Lord. You have been water in a dry land. I have been a Christian about all my life. I am 65 years old but it wasn't until 1987 that I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and received my prayer language. But somewhere along the line I started going dry. I found you on the tv and started studying with you. We also found a different church and I am so thankful to God that He hooked me up with your ministry. God bless you coming in and going out. Deut. 28;6

Sue Baker - Madison, IN - Tuesday, September 9th 2014 - 08:48:39 AM
Dear Andrew, for the past 4 years I have been living in terrible shame. In my desperation to get married, I dated 5 men of whom I had sexual relationships with. I had started getting very sick, my whole body would be in a lot of pain, my female organs would constantly be in so much pain and depending on what the weather was like I would get severe chest pains and night sweats. with all the tests that where run, nothing could be found to cause my pain. They did find herpes type 1 which the doctor said causes cold sores and HPV which put me at risk for cervical cancer.
I watched the healing ministry conference yesterday for the dates of august 12th-15th and I received my healing Jesus took away the shame that I had been living with and I received my healing. I am completely and 100% cured, I am free of every disease and every pain. I also prayed that men I dated receive their healing.

Christine - GA - Tuesday, September 9th 2014 - 05:12:33 AM
Dear Andrew,

Enjoyed the latest 'Inside Story' so much, not just because you so graciously mentioned our names on it, but especially it gave me an opportunity to share my miracle with others. If you remember you spoke out (at the KC, Ks. GTS 2008) a word that specifically spoke out the diagnosis that the doctor had given me, "Someone here (you said) has been experiencing 'bursts of light in their peripheral vision' and Macular Degeneration." Spot on, I went to the front for prayer, waited a year to have my healing confirmed by a doctor, which it was, without my having to tell him!

In 2003 I had a full blown cardiac arrest (with accompanying 'elephant on the chest' pains) my blood pressure was going down, down down and I was dying! I knew I was, but knew all I could do was speak the name of Jesus, and rest in Him. I had the most incredible peace. Our daughter was distraught, grandkids crying, etc. but I was so at peace that when our daughter said, 'oh Mom I'm so worried' she said I said, "Don't worry, Valerie, worry's a sin!" (I don't remember saying that)

Make a long story, short. I lasted through the night, the doctor told me ICU was for sick people, and I was transferred to a private room. Then they did a heart catheter on me, and the doctor said I had the heart of a 16 year old! Wow, the power of the name of Jesus and harnassing your emotions! Saved my life! Many more miracles, but what it has done for me is keep me alive past what I would have lived, and I am so glad, because I am coming to Colo Spgs/Woodland Park soon, when God releases me to come. I am 73 now, and know the time must be near! Praise the Lord!!

Also, thank you so much for your graciousness in having your picture taken with our 11 yr old grandson, Joey, who told me, after that meeting, 'grandma, this is the happiest day of my life, I know what I want to do with my life now, I want to go to Charis Bible College! Wow! God is sooo good!

Eleanor Lock - Bella Vista,AR - Monday, September 8th 2014 - 04:45:33 PM
Praise God for your ministry! My husband and I are looking forward to your meetings in Charlotte next week!! We have been looking to hearing you speak in person for months! We can't get enough of your teachings. We are starting CBC correspondence school for our first year, and asking the Lord to direct as to where we should go for our second year. We are anxious to become disciples, so that we can lead others to become disciples! Thank you to you and Jamie for all you do!!

Carole Hampton - Gatlinburg,Tn. - Monday, September 8th 2014 - 11:17:19 AM
I thank God for your teachings Andrew. I received your book Spirit, Soul and Body from my cousin as a gift to read. I had never heard of you til then. Your teachings have opened up my eyes and my understanding to God's Word. Now, I share your teachings with everyone who comes across my path especially my Sunday School class. May God's blessings continue to be upon you as you spread His message. Thanks again!

Donna Hodo - Sledge, Mississippi - Monday, September 8th 2014 - 11:11:29 AM
Dear Andrew,

I have been blessed to listen to you for over 20 years (starting with cassette tapes & radio), after I first saw you in Grand Rapids, & I tell people about awmi & Charis all the time. Recently at the Healing is Here conference I was able to meet you very briefly, but we didn't have time to chat. I am writing today to say a big Thank you for your years of faithful, consistent & obviously Holy Spirit-filled teaching. Your teachings on Salvation, Healing, the Baptism of The Holy Spirit, etc. are second to none (well, actually One :o))! Additionally, I want to thank & bless you for speaking out about the extreme damage & evil caused by abortion, evolution, homosexuality, etc. I pray that more Christian leaders would be bold & take a stand on these foundational issues.
Also, I was very pleased to hear that you have a healing tract available. I use the "Four Spiritual Laws" tract often in being privileged to lead people to Jesus, as well as in discipleship training, so I'm exited to start using the awmi healing tract in showing people that God wants them well!
Praise God & pass the ammunition!!
I look forward to seeing you again brother...if not here on earth, then when we get Home! God Bless you & everyone at awmi & Charis!!

Peace, Joy & Love,

Joe Faler - Grand Rapids, MI - Monday, September 8th 2014 - 11:08:07 AM
Hi Andrew, my aunt from Titusville Fl told me about your program 3 years ago. Her friend is Merci Santos who was healed of MS and is on your healing journeys DVD. Your teachings on healing has been a great encouragement to me because I've been losing my eyesight from a genetic disease and I have no central vision. But I know the truth from your teaching on the Word that I was healed, 1 Peter 2:24 and it's God's will to heal. I've already got it and God wants me well! Thanks for all you do and God bless!

Charlene - Lexington, Ky - Monday, September 8th 2014 - 08:03:44 AM
Thank you for your dedication to the Lord's calling on your life. REALLY REALLY Appreciate your ministry.. Deb

Deb - Grand Island, Nebraska. - Monday, September 8th 2014 - 04:00:49 AM
I was so privileged to be at CBC family conference where I made three trips to the bookstore and bought so many wonderful resources. Due to the Ebola crisis here, we are prohibited from opening our school until Sept. 22, but have made good use of our time - and ALL staff are going through the Spirit, Soul and Body Bible study. What a difference this is going to make in our lives, our ministry, and the Kingdom! Praise the Lord & thank you for your faithfulness in churning out the revelation you've received!

Karen Ann Nwulu - Nigeria - Sunday, September 7th 2014 - 05:14:30 PM
Dear Andrew,
I wish to thank you for your grace & love teachings which has helped open the eyes of my heart to the love that God has for me. As I've been traveling for work, there have been many people I know who I have tried to share your teachings with but one concern continues to be voiced & as we all have some "blind" spots/limitations in our lives where we could grow & evolve in love/compassion, I'm hoping you would be open in one area & understand you would have more support financially & otherwise as well as save more souls if you could take a closer look at how some of teachings talk about the womens movement as well as the abuse of woman. Perhaps your sister in Christ (Joyce Meyer could be consulted for her guidance and/or her teaching: The Confident Woman) could assist in the process. Every movement of course needs "balance" but, as Joyce suggests women throughout history needed to stand up and say no to all forms of abuse & that Satan has played a roll in convincing men & the church that abuse should be tolerated. Again, I wish to thank you for your love & grace teachings & so many of us would love to see you have some female speakers that have an abuse history such as Joyce Meyer speak at your school or attending one of your conferences-such as Healing is Here. Women in the church need to see our men standing behind them because there are still women in this country & around the world being abused/mistreated as Joyce Meyer clearly states. Thanks again for your ministry & hopefully the people that have voiced their concerns to me will see a wonderful opening of compassion in this area. Judith Macnutt is also a wonderful, balance woman of God that you could bring in. I wish you & Jamie many blessings.

Susan Goldstein - South Carolina - Sunday, September 7th 2014 - 04:49:51 AM
what a blessing to hear this great teaching on healing from brother Barry Bennett a from the healing conference, enjoy! just hearing the message has perked up or quickened me, body, soul, spirit (even tho as Andrew would say my born again spirit is already perfect) listen to it at ------> http://www.awmi.net/extra/conference_videos/hihc14/wednesday

Dave Shirvis - Ocala, Florida - Saturday, September 6th 2014 - 08:33:05 PM
Hi Andrew I know you are coming to England for a ministers conference in October, we would love you to also have a night for praying for healing :) Vera

Vera - England - Saturday, September 6th 2014 - 11:25:33 AM
Andrew, Thanks for the courage you displayed in your "Observing all Things " series. We pray that other Pastors would have the courage to speak the truth on these moral issues.
God Bless You, Jamie and the Ministry.

D.Stevens - Canyon Lake,Tx - Saturday, September 6th 2014 - 08:16:20 AM
Andrew we just wanted to THANK YOU for how well you teach the word of OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST!!!!WE don't think your weird at all, YOUR AWESOME!!!!Also everybody needs to get your...YOU ALL READY GOT IT!! I have learned so much and I am getting stronger with the power that is already in us!! I know right now we are learning about the secrets of being happy through the Apostle PAUL and YOU!! So besides that Im working what is already inside of me and I am truly getting stronger in my walk with OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST!!! We just wanted to THANK YOU ANDREW!!
Darlene and Sammy Sanderson
We will be donating soon!!!

Darlene and Sammy Sanderson - Jacksonville Alabama - Friday, September 5th 2014 - 06:19:41 PM
Hi Andrew and those who diligently serve.
I was so blessed to listen to the teaching about Paul's contentment. One thing I feel you are missing that people need to remember vital to their walk and contentment. God revealed Himself to Paul and it changed his life forever. Same thing with me,I am not perfect but people need to be encouraged to seek God and experience all He has for them. Then this will come that they won't be so self centered. This is how it has been for me and I know it was with paul. The more he saw God's power the more he wanted to share the love of Jesus. thanks!!! :)

Millie Johnson - Baltimore Md - Friday, September 5th 2014 - 05:23:04 PM
Thank you so much for your style of teaching. I watch on directv; sometimes I do not sleep well and I find it comforting to study with you.
I do not donate with a credit card, but I will be sending you a donation.
Please pray for our country!
Gola Lewis

Gola Lewis - Golden, Mississippi - Friday, September 5th 2014 - 11:54:18 AM
My husband and I watch you most mornings.
Joe always says he likes you because you tell it like it is and so he can understand. I'am a born again follower of Christ, Joe is still not understanding
he will never be measure up but God has his hand on him I see it. Thank You for speaking the Gospel Truth

Beth Warf - Michigan 6 months Florida 6 months - Friday, September 5th 2014 - 11:52:21 AM
Dear Andrew:
Thank you very much for all your teachings, I learn a lot from them, the word of God makes more sense now. You truly are an inspiration and a living proof of God's blessings.

Gabriela Cervantes - Phoenix Az - Friday, September 5th 2014 - 09:56:21 AM
praise the LORD bro Andrew Wommack I praise GOD for your awesome ministry that the LORD GOD directed me to some years ago after I expressed my Holy dissatisfaction to my LORD about how my life was going nowhere and that I was hopeless helpless and powerless and the LORD told me that I am not hopeless helpless or powerless that he has given me everything I needed to be powerfully successful in this life but I wasn't using it, that;s when he somehow introduced me to your ministry PRAISE BE TO GOD it is just what I needed..however my wife who is wonderfully saved has now been attacked in her mind by the enemy and she fells void of the HOLY SPIRIT and is now terrified that the HOLY SPIRIT has left her their is a spirit of emptiness that she senses in her and she is tormented in her mind she barely eats or sleeps nor can she effectively concentrate on her job or anything I've contacted your prayerline at least 12 or 13 times but these thoughts continue to persist please help us thank you

Reuben Jones - Indianapolis,In - Friday, September 5th 2014 - 07:34:13 AM
Thank you Andrew and all who prayed for me.Drs. said I'd die soon.Praise God, I made it through three surgery scopes,no cancer.I feel lots better.You taught me how to pray right and learned so much from your DVD's and books.I use the healing scriptures daily and even used these scrtiptures to heal my sick dog.I have learned so much from your show,daily watcher AM.Thank's for all you do for so many of us,love,Denise

Denise Bradley - Warsaw,Missouri - Friday, September 5th 2014 - 07:17:08 AM
I'm so happy I tuned in today. This message woke me up. Instead of rejoicing in my many troubles, I have been grumbling, complaining, defending myself, and I see now that it's pride. I have not turned my life completely over to The Lord. I am unable to glorify Him in this state. It's time for a change! Thanks Andrew, for another wake up call through your teaching. So thankful for you.

Lee Ann Giglio - El Segundo, CA - Friday, September 5th 2014 - 07:15:04 AM
Testimony of man with cancer on chest that grew bigger then dropped off one day

sandra padgett - canton ga. 30115 - Friday, September 5th 2014 - 06:40:14 AM
On your program yesterday, I heard you say you read your guestbook daily. Since you do, my husband and I wanted to praise the Lord for how He works through you. You are a willing vessel. Thank you for your humility and obedience to Christ. It flows out of you, to others, and through others to promote the kingdom of God here on earth and in eternity. You and your wife are awesome ministers!!!!

Joy Pleines - Morrison, TN - Friday, September 5th 2014 - 06:09:54 AM
Dear Andrew,
Today being a Teacher's Day in INDIA, I would take this oppurtunity to thank GOD for a wonderful Bible Teacher like you.
God Bless You!!!

Praveen Kumar A - India - Friday, September 5th 2014 - 04:27:58 AM
Happy teachers day Andrew! We in India celebrate teachers' day on the 5th of September every year in remembrance of our late president Dr Radhakrishnan's Birthday.
You have been one of the best, rather I would say anointed Bible teachers I have heard so far. Thank you for being faithful to your calling.My family and I praise God for you and your ministry.
God Bless!

Roopak - India - Friday, September 5th 2014 - 02:58:40 AM
Praise God, Bro. Andrew.
Today in our country we celebrate the Teacher's Day. I just went on thinking about who is my best teacher in my life? I got answer as you only, really you have made me MAD for the word and having relationship with real GOD(Jesus) never i would have imagined. As you would say in heaven when we meet, i'm gone thank you, hug you, appreciate you, express my love towards you so much i can't imagine. I really thank god for giving such a Teacher(you) to all of us(none the less GOD is our ultimate teacher), and saving me, made me his dwelling place.
Finally happy Teachers day to you, My dear bro. Andrew. I love you.
So much expectation to see you in India.

Belagavi Vinaya - Davangere, Karnataka, India. - Friday, September 5th 2014 - 01:21:35 AM
We love the new video footage at the start of the GT tv program. It really shows a broad view of what's taking place at CBC Colorado! The only person missing is Jamie! She is a big part of the success of AWMI! I guess we got used to seeing her beautiful smile before the program =0)

Lori - California - Thursday, September 4th 2014 - 08:52:55 PM
My mother attended the healing conference and shared the information with me. Before I had even had a chance to watch it for myself I got an opportunity to implement it.
A friend of mine has a seven year old daughter who was diagnosed with Wilm's Tumor that had metastcized to her lungs and lymphnodes. She recieved two rounds of chemotherapy and had been scheduled for surgery to remove the primary tumor in the abdomen. Upon ultrasound they saw that while the tumor had hrunken enough to no longer compress the vena cava it was wrapped around a vessel and the risk of surgery was high. They implemented another Lund of therapy which proved to be the most difficult she had endured. The doctors then performed another ultrasound and decided that regardless of what they found when they did they would be performing surgery to remove the tumor and some of her lymphnodes.
With this information, and armed with the new knowledge that Jesus had already healed her-I called the prayer line at AWMI the prayer minister(I believe his name is Jared), my mother and I prayed healing over her.
so here's the "Earth Shattering Kaboom". They did surgery, and today they went in and were given the surgeons report which stated that the tumor was " completely dead" and there was NO cancer found in the lymphnodes they removed.
I am a nurse and can just envision the look on the surgeons face staring down at this dead tumor.
God is Amazing!!!!!!

Ami Robertson-Berry - San Diego California - Thursday, September 4th 2014 - 08:32:01 PM
Andrew, thanks for your message today, about "getting over yourself". Years ago, when I was having minor health issues, I was able to take care of my neighbor who had cancer, heart disease, diabetes and mrsa. I was able to help him (by the grace of God) when even his own adult children couldn't or wouldn't. During that entire experience, I thought about how Jesus washed the feet of the apostles before his own crucifixion. To this day, I feel blessed knowing that I was helping someone who could not help themselves--living the Christian life. Praise God!!

constance - Ohio - Thursday, September 4th 2014 - 06:22:01 PM
Heard you say today you read these-Wanted you to know I watch you up to 4 times a day, want to remember all-so much is just what I want to know others believe too. Want God to use me yet in helping people during the revival from Him which I believe is happening somewhat now, I'm 85 so up to greatgrand children, widowed and partly retired-do taxes for leftover friends and small businesses. Very great help from you-keep going. Written small book on My life with God-can you suggest a printer? I feel very blessed, 4 children all following God with their families. Halleluiah

Kathy Westbrook - United States-Mid Illinois - Thursday, September 4th 2014 - 10:38:05 AM
Recently Andrew had a series of messages about Observing All Things. Hearing those messages were life changing. I felt my heart absorbing those words of truth like a thirsty sponge. I was fixated on every word. I praise Andrew for being a beacon of light in a darkening world, and having the courage and strength to stand up for God's word. Truth is a rarity, so when he was speaking about abortion, homosexuality, etc., my spirit awakened. I was practically vibrating, as my heart was pounding rapidly! I knew I was hearing God's truth and my body was physically reacting to it. I know that the Babylonian system's "political correctness" is in reality an evil deception. Andrew confirmed my convictions. Trust in my own inner voice (the Hoy Spirit) has been restored. I thank Andrew with all the respect and love in my heart for being God's voice. I pray for him to be protected from evildoers that want him silenced. I pray his voice with be amplified around the world. God bless Andrew.

MV - New York - Thursday, September 4th 2014 - 07:46:27 AM
I have had a lot to happen to me. My business for one closed and I was unable to make my house payments . I have been trying to find a job but have been unsuccessful. I received a notice to foreclose on my home. I have been following the you already got it series. I PRAYED AND PRAYED TO THE LORD TO HELP ME. Pastor Womack had said on the series that , if you do receive what you are asking for, there could be several reasons including unbelief. I had that. My foreclosure was to have taken place on 09/14/2014. On 08/14/2014 I was praying and asked GOD did he know what day it was and that it was getting close to 09/14/2014. I tried to use my cell phone and notice that it was not charging. I pulled the back cover off and notice the battery was gone. I looked all over the house and I could not find that battery. On 08/16/2014 I located a battery on the internet it was only $14.95 I phone the company to order the battery. I thought to my self I needed all the money I get. I told GOD that if he would let me find that battery I WOULD TRUST HIM for the money to stop the foreclosure. On 08/17/2014 My daughter phone me and said guest what? and I said you found my battery. She said yes. My daughter lives 6.5 miles from me. She said the battery was inside by her front door, and she never saw it until that day. I received the money to stop the foreclosure on 08/18/2014 which was $17,000.00 I am still out of work at this time but if GOD can give me the money to stop the foreclosure he can bless me with a job to make my house payments and all my bills. On the you already got it series Pastor Andrew states that God has already blessed us with every thing we need. I thank God for giving Pastor Andrew this teaching . I listen and record his program every day. You have truly helped me DOING MY TIME OF NEED. Please pray with me that God will continue to give me his revelations so, I can continue in his will.

PATRICIA BELL - Rayville, Louisiana - Thursday, September 4th 2014 - 07:40:52 AM
I was set free from legalism over 4 years ago when I discovered your teachings on T.V. early one morning. I started attending The Gospel Truth Seminars in Houston. Your teachings are great! I pray one of these days that you would be able to minister at Lakewood Church. We have had Joseph Prince at our church and why not you? I have attended CBC-Houston. Some of the AWMI students are getting the wrong attitude that since they are forgiven of past, present and future sins that they can wrong other people and not ask that person they have wronged to forgive them that the person being wronged needs to be forgiving that nowhere does it say in the New Testament that the person needs to ask someone that they have wronged to forgive them. This is not true! If these students are being led by the Holy Spirit, your renewed spirit will let you know that you have wronged someone and to make it right. It's not the enemy condemning you. This matter needs to be addressed. Thank you for your teachings for they have helped these past 4 years along with Joseph Prince's teachings and now Creflo Dollar's teachings. I pray that all the other prominent TV ministers would get a hold of the Grace message instead of condemning it. I enjoyed Barry Bennett, Pastor Lawson Perdue, Arthur Meintjes, Greg Mohr teachings. Great teachers of the Word of God. Guest speakers Mark & Denise Abernethy(Parody Queen) and Greg Fritz were wonderful ministers. Cody & Misty Hull were loving, compassionate, caring CBC-Houston directors. They will be truly missed by the students. I am partner with your ministry and I believe other Christians should know the True Grace Message and get behind it. You are blessing to the Body Of Christ.

Art Atadero - Crosby, Texas - Thursday, September 4th 2014 - 06:49:02 AM
Andrew, you are a breath of fresh air .
Don't look to the left or the right, keep running the race!

L. D. - Ma. - Thursday, September 4th 2014 - 03:54:45 AM
I phoned the Help Line for the first time on July 17, 2014. I told the prayer minister I had prayed and asked God to heal and make whole my bones and joints that had been damaged by inherited bones and joint diseases (arthritis, degenerative joint disease, osteoporosis, sciatica, and scoliosis), and made worse by breast cancer treatment. I also said that I had considerable pain, inflammation, degeneration, stiffness, and soreness in my bones and joints throughout my body, especially in my spine and hips, in particular, my lower back and left hip that refuses to stay in place. The prayer minister prayed with me, and I have continued to phone the Help Line for prayer. I also read several of your books, and am listening to your teachings and testimonies on your website, together with the free CDs I have been receiving. Several days ago, I noticed the inflammation was gone from my body except in my left hip. I believe healing and wholeness has started to manifest, and I am praying for a quick manifestation. Other ministries tell us what to do, but your ministry tells us how to do it, and I only wish I had known about your ministry sooner. Thank you, Andrew for all you do to bless others.

Karen L. Wintrey - Pennsylvania - Wednesday, September 3rd 2014 - 07:17:25 AM
I came across your website through a friend.It is amazing.i have been praying for many years with no results.i didn`t know i have power to command.1 peter 2:24 and mark 11:23
have insipired me because they are in the bible and bible is God`s word.
God bless you.

jackie - Rwanda - Tuesday, September 2nd 2014 - 01:12:29 AM
On July 18, I went to Andrew's session at the Hylton Chapel in Woodbridge, VA. That afternoon I showered before heading out and looked down and noticed that a recurring toe fungus was back and growing out from under my toenail. I thought about having to work on that when I returned home later that evening. When Andrew was giving his healing prayers he mentioned that we would all be free of problems in our toes. At that moment, I looked down and was thrilled to see that ALL evidence of the fungus was gone. A month and a half later, my toe remains fungus free! God is wonderful!

Dede Haskins - Northern Virginia - Monday, September 1st 2014 - 07:41:39 PM
Enjoy your ministry. In particular Spirit, Soul and Body. Have gone thru it 3 or 4 times. Your ministis a blessing. Thank you. Jim

James Breit - Rockford, IL. USA - Monday, September 1st 2014 - 05:50:43 PM
Thank you Andrew and all of the other teachers. I watch via the internet on a daily basis. All of the teachings I've heard are awesome, but there is one that stood out to me, A Place Called There. It woke something up in me, a longing for something more. I plan to attend CBC just as soon as I can. I don't know if that's where my place called there is, but I believe that's where I need to start. Praise and Glory be to God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ!
Years ago I received the baptism of the Holy Ghost, but never spoke in tongues. Through your teachings I realized that I could. So, in my car one day on my way to work, I prayed and asked God for guidance. I was always afraid to blaspheme. I said Father if I'm wrong forgive me, and I began to pray in tongues. Hallelujah!!!! What a difference it has made in all areas of my life!!!!
Again, thank you, God Bless you and yours, Sandy Jenkins

Sandy Jenkins - Otway, Ohio - Monday, September 1st 2014 - 04:34:04 PM
Dear AWM,

Just saw the new opening for your program, and we love it!! Good job!

Bill and Eleanor Lock - Bella Vista, AR - Monday, September 1st 2014 - 01:15:26 PM
I've been watching you since 2007. You are at the top of my lists as one of my favorites. Oh how I wish I could go to Charis Bible College there in Colorado, but since I can't I hope I can get into Valor Christian College here in Columbus, Ohio. I've called your prayer line several times and each time I've been revitalized and empowered to do allththings through Christ who strengthens me. I think you are one of the best bible teachers ever and hope to meet you one day. The prayer partners are awesome examples of loving followers of Christ. God bless you Pastor and your ministry. I hope to see you in Ohio soon. Please keep praying for me.

Brittany Reed - United States Columbus, Ohio - Monday, September 1st 2014 - 10:26:58 AM
Hi Andrew,

I am sending you a word of encouragement regarding your teaching ‘Observing All Things’. I apologize for not getting this to you sooner. I know the opposition to this teaching will quickly respond hoping to discourage and stop the truth from going forth. I pray you will continue to boldly proclaim the truth of God and His Word. It has been a tremendous blessing and source of empowerment to my life.

Thank you!

Kina Jones - Columbus, Ohio - Monday, September 1st 2014 - 06:26:28 AM
An amazing MIRACLE happened while traveling through Colorado Springs recently and calling the PRAYER LINE for my friend Sylvia with me.

She was previously diagnosed with stage four terminal pancreatic cancer and given only 3-6 months to live. I was with her when she received her results from the CAT scan and the doctor gave her the ominous news this past May of 2014.

We then decided to take her on a PRAYER JOURNEY OF FAITH ACROSS AMERICA, picking her up in Pensacola, Florida.

While visiting lovely Colorado Springs, I called the prayer line with Andrew Wommack ministries and we prayed for her total recovery. At that time she was heavily on hydrocodone for the terrible abdominal pain that accompanies pancreatic cancer.

But now, the pain is gone! She is no longer on any medications, and has apparently been healed completely of all her symptoms of pancreatic cancer! Halleluia! Glory be to Jesus Christ!

She now wants to relocate with me to Andrew Wommack's ministry in Woodland Park, and attend the Bible training classes there, to serve Jesus completely. This is our plan now.

Praise The Lord Jesus Christ for His mercies! And thank God for this ministry and how God is using it for His glory.-Pamela Rae Schuffert and Sylvia Lynn, healed cancer patient

Pamela Rae Schuffert - Montana - Saturday, August 30th 2014 - 12:20:17 PM
Andrew with all due respect I must correct you on a slight error that I heard you say. You said that you had a friend that had been in Noahs Ark On Mount Erarat. If you read Genesis 8- 4 you will see that the ark did not land on mount erarat. but ( upon the mountains , plural, mountains of erarat.
Ark discover.com is a websight that will show your listeners the evidence of where the ark rests today.

George Curtis - Tacoma Washington - Saturday, August 30th 2014 - 12:17:09 PM
Thank-you Andrew Wommack ministries for all the free resources on your website. I have been greatly encouraged, inspired, blessed, and ministered to, and I'm experiencing that effortless change in my life that comes from my mind being renewed by the word of God. Thank-you Andrew and Jamie and everyone else involved in this ministry.
I think it would be wonderful if you provided some kind of one page advertisement for your ministry that I could print off and post on bulletin boards in my city. I really would like for others to get the kind of help I've been getting.

Laurie - Canada - Saturday, August 30th 2014 - 12:02:59 AM
Thank you Andrew for you teaching on "The Holy Spirit & The New You." This has helped me to heal through the power of God and to help me have the power of God flowing through me. I fell 20 feet head first on a concrete floor and shattered my spine. I had cervical spinal surgery where they put a plate in my neck and surgery on my lower back, they wanted to put a plate there, but couldn't. I had sever nerve damage where I couldn't walk without using a cane and my wife had to help me take a bath. My pain level was an (8) from (1) - (10) and most people can't handle a (5), where mine was an (8) 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Without your teachings "God Wants You Well" "you've Already Got It" "a Better Way To Pray" and "The Holy Spirit & The New You" and all of your other teachings I would have ended up in a wheelchair by the time I was 50 years old according to the Doctors. This was back in 2008 and I am now 51 years old and I am 100% healed by the miraculous power of God, thanks to you and your teachings. I am now a spokesman about reading God's Word, Born again, Healing, and Speaking In Tongues. I got healed without the Speaking In Tongues, by laying hands on myself and took the promises that God has given me and I got healed. I learned how to Speak In Tongues after I got healed back in 2009 and have been ever since [AN MAN] Speaking In Tongues has helped me to overcome other problems and also help heal other people too. Thank you Andrew for helping to see the Word of God BETTER than I have ever seen before. Speaking In tongues before I read God's Word, helps me to better understand God's Word while reading, and Speaking In Tongues helps with anything else that may come my way in life. God bless you Andrew, and God bless Jamie, your family, and your loved ones also. In the name of the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! Amen! (;-)

John O'Malley Sr. - North Olmsted, Ohio - Friday, August 29th 2014 - 09:04:36 AM
Hi Andrew,
I want to start by saying that your teachings have blessed mine and my husband's life more than you'll ever know. We watch you everyday on "Daystar." I especially like to hear you speak on how we have spiritual authority and healing power. There is what seems to me an epidemic of Alzheimers and demencia. I know this is the work of the devil as I'm sure you do too. I'm not trying to put words in your mouth but according to God's Word and your teachings it only makes sense. There are so many people suffering from this. These people are the backbone of America. Most have worked hard and raised their kids to love Jesus and then the devil comes along and steals their minds and it's mostly because the Church hasn't taught them much if any on the devil's doings. That's what I love most about your ministry Andy, you tell it like it is. You're righteous and bold. We need more teachers like you in this fallen world. Like you say,"I might not be the sharpest knife in the drawer" but I know that Alzheimers and dementia is not what God means when speaking on "an expected end" in Jeremiah 29:11. I pray you bring this specific matter up in the future more and more. If anyone can get the point across YOU CAN because you're the BEST in my opinion!! Thank you for taking the time to read this and for your Guestbook that allows us to speak to you.
Kim Bruggeman-Dallas,Tx.

Kimberly Bruggeman - Dallas, Tx. - Friday, August 29th 2014 - 07:49:12 AM
I am not waiting for the end of this matter to testify. By faith I am doing it now. I prayed with an AWM prayer minister for a job. He prayed that i would be the one whose name would be at the top of the list. I had received so many rejections for jobs this year, but i stayed in faith. I listened to Andrew's teaching on the power of faith filled words and decided to use my words. After sending my last application I received notice that a company wanted me to work with them asap. Andrew taught about speaking to things even my purse. I spoke to my purse to receive a salary in US dollars. God gave me everything I wanted in this job and so much more. I still have two interviews to do, but I know by faith that i have this job already. Thank you Andrew for teaching on faith and words.

MM - Thursday, August 28th 2014 - 10:04:07 PM
Recently I hurt my back, I wasn't even sure how I had done it, but I had so much pain and spasms that I was barely able to walk. After about 8 days, I decided to call AWMi to have someone to agree with me in prayer, I had been believing God for healing but felt impressed to get agreement from Andrews prayer line. The gentleman who answered the phone was Allen, he was so kind and prayed just a short prayer agreeing for my healing. That nite, my son said he felt that God wanted him to massage my back. He said I needed to lye down with my knees pulled under me (child-pose)and as soon as he began to massage my back my pain began to subside and in only a few minutes it was completely gone. When I got up I could reach my arms over my head and bend with no pain, and my back is completely back to normal. This was nearly a month ago. Thank You Jesus! And thank you to all the prayer partners at AWMI.

Miranda Brown - Durham, NC - Thursday, August 28th 2014 - 05:24:27 PM
Dear Awm team, Kerry, carolyn, mitchelin sorry spelling might be wrong, David
thank you for praying for me,
God has given me favor today and meeting was succesful.Although I am not eligible in any ways God has supernaturally favored me in many areas and has given his size big , awesome jaw dropping answers! Thank you!

Kalpna Christian - carlisle, pa - Thursday, August 28th 2014 - 01:27:56 PM
Greetings in the name of Jesus Pastor Andrew. I am thankful to God your teachings are transforming my life everyday. I received Jesus into my life in the year 2003 but i was never taught the real meaning of salvation and lack of knowledge almost killed me, i lived in fear all my life not knowing how to get rid of it until it affected my health and now i am reading the word to renew my mind to receive healing in my body. Please pray for me my body needs healing and deliverance from fear. Thank you i pray for you too and i thank God for your life, you are the best teacher and i wish i met your teachings before lack of knowledge destroyed my life but i believe i have already got it. For now i cannot afford to buy your teachings if possible i am asking for them. THANK YOU

Mary - Botswana, Tsabong - Wednesday, August 27th 2014 - 11:22:51 PM
I have often listen to the teaching , I have been helped and have grow in The Lord.
I receive the baptiism of the Holy Spirit and by faith I spoke in other tongue
May I receive. The free book the new you and the Holy Spirit . Thank you so much for your teaching.

Sharon Dixson - McDonough, Ga. - Wednesday, August 27th 2014 - 07:03:05 AM
I started following your ministry 15 years ago. What a blessing you are to so many.
God bless you.

David Bamberg - Spring, Texas - Wednesday, August 27th 2014 - 03:46:47 AM
On today's broadcast (8/26/14) you mentioned AW Tozer as being an important man in the history of the church. Recently as I watched a Christian dvd, The Heart of Texas, which is a true and powerful story of forgiveness of a man who killed a four year old girl, a quote by Tozer was flashed across the screen. Also it was read by a man as it appeared on the screen. The quote is, "To do His supreme work of grace within you He will take from your heart everything you love most. Everything you trust in will go from you. Piles of ashes will be where your most trusted treasures used to be." I'm not sure Tozer was familiar with John 10:10 - The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.
My husband and I have been partners for 20 years and love your programs as well as the livestreaming from CBC. God bless you!

Mrs. Glenda Carnahan - Richmond, Texas - Tuesday, August 26th 2014 - 05:31:12 PM
Hi Andrew I have been listening to Rick McFarlane on the healing school from last Thursdays teaching. I have been so touched by his message that I have been listening every day and typing out word for word from his message, its was so so good. It has helped me know what the reason for me nor receiving is guilt and condemnation. Whats an amazing message , and he came he made you feel that its ok you can do something about it in such a gentle way. I have been through so much for so many years listening to people making feel like the was no answer theres too much happened to my body and mind. But I have really been blessed listening to this message. He is one of the best teachers (beside you Andrew) that I have heard and not felt guilt. So full of the love of God. When you are in so much night and day its not easy to receive, but thank you Andrew for all your teachings on line and prayer ministers.Thank you Rick. that messege was amazing. God bless you all, I am expecting to receive a lot more now.Vera

Vera - England - Tuesday, August 26th 2014 - 02:28:47 PM
Thank You!

Debora Frazier - Stanley VA - Tuesday, August 26th 2014 - 03:02:00 AM
I have been listening to you and I've greatly been blessed! I have been an interpreter at my church, prayer leader, worship team leader, and out reach ministry leader. I have always stood and ministered to God convincing my self that one day God shall see me out of the atmosphere of the law & false doctrines that my pastor preaches but i've been respecting him.

What i did was to download mp3's of your teachings to my phone such that i listen to them, study the word on a daily basis especially whenever i feel i am falling back into being under the dominion of any bible manipulations. All my fellow ministers always fall sick and even when i speak to them about God's will for them to be well, they choose to believe its a blessing in disguise.

Up to until when, my pastor said "some of you don't tithe and so God brings sickness such that you can spend to those who tithe" (the person who treats them is a good giver at church) - I right away audibly refused that by confessing who Christ has made me and they all looked at me!

They thought i was proud but i stood my ground. God has given me favor and annointing that now, i lead praise prayer, interprete like no other at church and nnw its easier and i keep telling people about what i believe. When they see the fruits in me, many of them start to change what they believe. Glory to God, people are now understanding grace.

I prayed for a masters scholarship and God has given it to me, has blessed me financially and now my fellow ministers look up to me for what i believe and i inform them of the grace of God!

Am not happy for the fact that my pastor told me when i go who will be in my place to minister (yet there are many people at church - about 700 with about 6
ministers) but am perceiving the way God's grace has born fruit in me, favored me and even changed the way people (even those older) see me!

Thank you Andrew for introducing me to the "NEARLY TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE NEWS" - I didn't live in religion so long since i knew about grace through you onlz six months after being bornagain, this has really helped me over come the things i believed only for a short period, praise God!
Ronald Katende
Kampala, Uganda

Ronald Katende - Uganda, Kampala - Monday, August 25th 2014 - 09:38:52 PM
We recently watched the current Inside Story, with Mark Rowe. It was awesome! God is Faithful in sending you people who help carry out your worldwide vision. We will consider supporting the Uganda projects! We love you Andrew and Jamie.

Lori - West Coast - Monday, August 25th 2014 - 07:58:16 PM
We thought we had it all until we met Andrew. What a blessing you are to us Andrew. We never miss your program. We have learnt so much more from you than we ever did just sitting in church. I pray that God will continue to use you to wake up the sleeping church. bless you and Jamie

fifi - Johannesburf South Africa - Monday, August 25th 2014 - 07:18:45 AM
I have been watching Andrew since 2008. When I first started watching the Gospel Truth, I was sick and pretty much bed-fast. I had been sick for 10 years. I was on 17 different medications for Fibromyalgia, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Depression and many other illnesses. I lost my job because of short term memory loss. I even came home from work on one occasion and took a pistol and put it to my head and literally screaming at God, I said "God you took my body and now my mind and I have nothing left"...then God said, YOU STILL HAVE JESUS. I don't know if it was audible or not but it was enough to make me lay them pistol down. God had a plan. The denomination I grew up in taught that God puts illness on you to teach you a lesson. I had been to two Bible Colleges and since God was trying to teach me something and make me be still and know him,I accepted everything that came my way thinking it was God. And who would argue with God.

When I first started to listen, I would get to angry at what Andrew was saying. I would get my Bible and say that is NOT what the Bible says but then when I read it, I could see what he was saying could be possible. I was seeing it backwards. The greatest truth I had trouble with was that God wasn't angry with me anymore. The War is Over. I only knew an angry, vengeful God. I was terrified of God taking someone I loved to teach me a lesson. It was a total change in everything I had been taught for 50 years of being in church. BUT... I kept watching the Gospel Truth and found out the GOSPEL TRUTH.

My husband and I finally got to go hear Andrew at Johnson City Tennessee, didn't know he was a Spirit filled believer. Probably wouldn't have went if I had known but God knew what he was doing. Praise God for Andrew's faithfulness to offer the Baptism of the Holy Spirit at each service. My husband and I both received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit that night in 2008 in September thus starting my faith walk out of religion and sickness and disease. We were blessed to go to the Family Bible Conference in 2009. At the conference, Andrew had a word of knowledge that someone with a dry eye due to some kind of treatment was being healed, that was me. I had cancer of the parotid gland and had radiation on the right side of my face at 36 and my eye was very very dry. Then we went to hear Andrew in Charlotte NC and he had another word of knowledge that someone that had not spit in their mouth was healed and that was me. Full restoration from the radiation after cancer. I am so blessed. I praise God for the TRUTH OF HIS WORD and I thank God for Andrew's faithfulness.

I have been working and am completely healed and off all medications since right after the conference. Praise Jesus! I just wanted to share this after all these years. I am waiting for the way to Charis Bible College. We registered in 2009. I will be there someday. Since we couldn't go right away we did become Foundation Partners and supporters of the Gospel Truth. I just know I will be at Charis Bible College someday! I love this ministry. I praise God for it.

Raeleen Whitaker - Morristown, TN - Monday, August 25th 2014 - 06:31:33 AM
Dear Andrew,

Thank you for everything you have done. Your ministry has literally saved my life. I now know the Gospel and Jesus has set me free. I had been so very oppressed for a very long time. Your loving relationship with God woke up a longing I had my own heart. God Bless You! I will always be standing behind you.

In Christ Forever

Carolann Varni - California - Sunday, August 24th 2014 - 09:42:06 PM
Andrew, just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed your teaching on the Gospel Truth Program the past few weeks. Thank you for preaching & teaching the TRUTH!! Thank you Andrew for never sugar coating or backing down from the truth in God's Word. Sure would like for you to come to Southern Arkansas. We need some GOOD BIBLE teaching on the finished work of Christ & what Jesus has provided for the born again believer. Love you & Jamie!!

Judy - Arkansas - Sunday, August 24th 2014 - 03:07:20 PM

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