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Thank you so much, GOD has really helped me to focus through your teachings, I know I am VERY BLESSED! My computer was broken, so I missed "you've already got it", but I'm going over & over it, so much power in JESUS!!!

Madison James - Tacoma, WA - Sunday, August 30th 2015 - 12:13:15 PM
Went to Colorado for healing conference. We travelled with great enthusiasm for the healing of my 24 year old son oppressed by a bad diagnosis since he was 17.He is strugglingo believe but I and his older brother are standing and believing that the prayer Charlie and Duane and countless others at the conference prayed over him will manifest . We really enjoyed everything and thank you all for a rich time of sharing teaching and encouragement.

Julie o gorman - Ireland - Sunday, August 30th 2015 - 03:40:57 AM
Hi Andrew, I would like to give a praise report, I phoned for prayer for my brother who had been waiting for a heart operation, He collapsed and was taken into hospital, I phoned the prayer line and asked for prayer for him. I prayed also and asked the Lord to amaze the Doctors and nurses, then I sang How great is our God. The Doctors told my family they thought he wouldnt make it it was so bad. But he did and when we talked with the nurse she said we are amazed with your brother he woke in ICU with a big smile and is doing just fine. The next morning mys sister was also taken into hospital with an angina attack, I panicked at first but then remembered your words Andrew.Take control of your emotions, so I did with tears and prayed the way you have taught me and praised and thanked the lord. She is out now but has damage to her heart . I am still doing what I know how and would appreciate you praying for me Andrew I have been praying for so long for my needs. God bless, Vera . Great to see see the healing school on line I love it so much.

Vera - England - Friday, August 28th 2015 - 03:34:55 PM
Power of Partnership! Thank you for enlightening me of the power of partnership that provides the giver with the anointing of your ministry! Many Christians are givers, but don't realize the benefits they receive in specific areas of their life according to the anointing on the ministry they partner with. I've received so much healing and am able to walk in the Truth by partnering with you. What a life-changing truth you shared. And discipleship. I'm bold to witness , minister healing and share Gospel Truths now!! Your teaching is so easy to understand. Thank you for not backing down from the Truth in the Word.

Charlotte Smalley - Thursday, August 27th 2015 - 07:49:03 AM
Dear Andrew, Healing is here conference is a real blessing in my life.I watched some of the sessions In archives.The opening session on 11th August was really a wonderful blessing to me and I was instantly healed of many things. Your ministry is really helpful to us to learn simple truths of God and see the benefits after implementing them in our lives.Healing school archives are of immense blessing and thanks to the ministry staff.

Vanaja - India - Thursday, August 27th 2015 - 02:04:00 AM
Hi Andrew,
If God wanted Paul to write another book it would have been "Spirit soul n body". I believe God chose you for him. Its deep,revolutionizing yet easy to grasp. Thank you for tapping into that power in you to present this revelation boldly.
I recommend every born again believer read this before you read any other book. Thanks Andrew again.

Anu Ram - India - Wednesday, August 26th 2015 - 11:44:42 PM
We are very excited to be moving out to Colorado on Monday 8/31!!

Alan and Lori - California - Wednesday, August 26th 2015 - 10:14:16 PM

Thank you Manuel (I hope, I remember your name correctly) for the prayer for my husband, who had high blood pressure. I believe, he was touched by Jesus. After prayer and after walking with the dog, he measured a blood pressure of 129/90, as before it was much higher. Thank you Jesus!

KB - Wednesday, August 26th 2015 - 03:20:58 AM
Andrew, I just discovered the YouTube video of the CBC version of Happy by Pharrell Williams.
I love it !! I'm a long time partner and love seeing all of you at CBC have a good time. I watch all of you online and it is such a blessing. 😀

Mandie - AL - Tuesday, August 25th 2015 - 02:31:36 PM
Dear Andrew,
I have been so blessed by listening to Carlie Terradez videos from Healing Is Here conference as well as her archived videos. She is a powerful gifted teacher: if she is willing , please increase her level of teaching at your school so we can listen more..Her sense of humor, the fact that she is so "real" about her issues & how the Holy Spirit lead her to you Andrew is so inspirational. In addition to Carlie, we want to hear more from Greg Mohr: wow, another spirirt lead teacher who is so "real;" & his examples/stories re: his healing journey, "types" of people (abandoned, etc) we need to hear from Carly & Greg more..Thanks Andrew for hiring such amazing teachers..Barry Bennet is great too & Danial Amstutz has such a sweet tender loving spirirt. He has such a soft gentleness about him that is so healing to listen to. He & Carly during the Healing is Hear conference were like love/grace in action. They were adorable & funny; I learned so much from them & they were a joy to listen to. Thank you Andrew too for making all these teachers/events available online via healing school, etc.
Many blessings to you all:))

Lisa - Philadelphia, PA - Tuesday, August 25th 2015 - 04:52:16 AM
Hello Andrew, Jamie, and GTS staff, and volunteers. Thank you for a wonderful time in Chicago! I'm sure many lives were changed mine included. I'm still meditating on the seeds of truth that were sown into my heart. May God Almighty continue to bless you, keep you, make His face to shine upon, protect you, and give you peace, in Jesus name.

Prosperous Paula - chicago - Monday, August 24th 2015 - 09:35:11 PM
I just discovered the power of Greg Morhrs teachings (healing school archives) & what a blessing. He is so real about all the emotions he had when his son was ill & that he wasn't detached but, he was able to overcome. I believe God is using him to heal me & I am so blessed. He is a gift beyond gifts: from the bottom of my heart, thank you Greg Mohr

Lisa - PA - Monday, August 24th 2015 - 06:51:58 PM
Hi Andrew,

Just got back form the Chicago Gospel Truth Seminar. My wife and I had gone and it was a great time to learn form people that have experienced the kind of life I am seeking to walk in more and more. One thing nonetheless makes me to continue to hold Brother Andrew in high esteem. He is a man who believes in and is so convinced about what the WORD says. I dare to say He will lay down His life for the honor of God's WORD. Andrew Wommack's humility also blesses me. He is a man who is not insecure at all. I was amazed he will admit that he has had to fight an infection in his ears for six years even in recent times. I believe most men of God that teach what he teaches won't admit to that. He is not out to please people but to help them and teach the truth. I see the nature of Jesus in Him and I believe He is someone I can follow as I see Him follow Jesus.

Thank you Andrew for being an example to the believers. God's blessings continue to rest upon you and the call He has given you. Thank you for all your teachings

Emmanuel - Illinois - Monday, August 24th 2015 - 12:43:36 PM
Oh, my brother Andrew and all you at the Bible College, me and my family are a long time partner with. Our son just graduated and is doing your correspondence classes. Besides a huge thank you I want to tell what happened this weekend as I listened to your healing school. We have walked in healing for many years and when things come against us we know the Balance of Grace through Faith ... we walk right on in health. Something came against me and I even ordered the new study guide to encourage myself ... then I watched Duane Sheriff ... his last visit to your school ... he said that as we go our healing would manifest and I had peace flood me and I got up, walked away, went about my ministry to others and a few hours later I realized I had no pain and no discomfort anymore! Duane said we should tell in an atmosphere of faith so I'm telling you all! Leading up to this moment with Duane was Greg, Barry, and you Andrew! I was lead to listen to all the last month or so of your healing school . The praise and worship! Matthew Ward's visit! Your TV program ... and a precious little sister that attends our church that just came back from your fist year college and is now enrolled in the Moore, Oklahoma school ... all of this has been flooding my soul and my body walked away in the manifestation of healed!!! I love you all and thank you ... we increase our partnership ... as I wouldn't miss being part of the best I've ever seen or heard!!! My whole spirit, soul and body leaps with joy and thankfulness!!! To understand is JOY!!! Debbie Kulbeth and family

Debbie Kulbeth - SW Oklahoma - Monday, August 24th 2015 - 07:24:57 AM
Prayer center believed with me for my nephew Scott during the time of his incarceration. He accepted the Lord again. He didn't know at the time a new baby was on the way, until a couple months before his release date. Divinity Jade was born 1 day after on 8/18. I'm praising God for his former employer which reinstated Scott to his place of employment. Thank you believers at the prayer center for agreeing with me in prayer.

Denise iwanski - Phoenix, Az - Monday, August 24th 2015 - 06:38:27 AM
Hello and Shalom Teacher and Brother Andrew Wommack and Staff
With the help of one of your Staff Sisters, I was finally able to find out how to submit some comments.
Teacher Andrew, I believe you are one of the best Teachers I've listened to. I love your testimony and how you have allowed our HOLY TRINITY TO WORK In your life. I love your style of teaching, where you are just sharing Scriptures with us in a mild mannered way. I love that you don't hold back any Scriptures because of what some might think or say. I believe everything you are teaching, simply because you use The Scriptures to back up what you are telling us. You are truly an anointed Teacher of our HOLY TRINITY and are doing a great work for THEIR KINGDOM. Your rewards should be great and abundant. Keep up the great work you are doing. Thanks for your ministry and love for The GOSPEL TRUTH.
sincerely, respectfully, and
Always, In, With, and Through our

Louis E. Hartman - Austin, Texas - Sunday, August 23rd 2015 - 08:34:04 PM
Many thanks to Andrew Wommack and everyone who supports his ministry. His teachings have changed my relationship to God. I used to think God was just waiting to punish me for the next thing I did wrong and I lived in fear and condemnation. Shortly after listening to Andrew's teachings I fell in love with God. I seek Him every day now and many times in a day He reveals himself to me. God's love is so amazing and I am so eager to know him more. I now life by His Word and His Spirit instead of my feelings and I am becoming so empowered with His Power to be an overcomer.

Misty - Brighton, Michigan - Sunday, August 23rd 2015 - 06:02:48 PM
Andrew, I want to thank EVERYONE at Charis for the amazing time at Healing is Here!!! What a blessing!! There has to be tremendous cost to put on a conference like that and everyone was so loving! All the speakers poured their heart out and I saw so many people blessed and ministered to in amazing ways. We met wonderful Charis students and people from all over the country who will be lifelong friends! My wife and I consider it such a wonderful privilege to be able to attend the conference!! We love you so much and know GOD has great things in store for Charis!! Blessing to you all!

brian - raleigh north carolina - Sunday, August 23rd 2015 - 03:10:55 PM
Dear Daniel and Carlie!

Something went wrong with the transmission of the 'Healing is Here' conference, don't know if it was our internet provider or our computer or what, so we didn't watch the conference. My husband said, "Well, they will archive it and then we can watch"

Trouble is, life interferes, and just recently started to watch the conference.
I have been watching the awesome morning sessions, and been SO blessed!

If anyone is reading this that intended to go to the conference and didn't go (as happened to us!) then be sure to watch online! Awesome!

My own testimony concerning the Baptism in the Holy Spirit dates back to 1972 when at the urging of a friend, I went to a meeting where a young preacher was preaching on the Holy Spirit! (I did not know that there be such a thing, but I was a very young Christian and had very recently been born again) My friend in urging me to go, asked me if there was anything I needed from God...and I said, 'oh, definitely! I need to give up cigarettes, because Valerie (our 2 year old) has been trying to imitate me in my smoking!'

Well, I went forward at the meeting, the young minister prayed and cast out the spirit of nicotine, and then prayed for me to receive the Holy Spirit.

Well, that was that, I thought! I didn't know what to expect, so I just went about my business. My friend called and asked if I was still smoking (which I was) and if I was speaking in tongues! Well, that horrified me, the very thought of it. Then I read the very good book "They Speak With Other Tongues" and warmed up to the idea gradually.

Two weeks later, I was in a peach orchard with my step-mother, and she asked me to climb up on the ladder and reach for the peaches on the top part of the peach tree, so I did and as I reached for the upper-most peach on the tree, a bolt of the God-kind of lightning went thru me, and I started speaking in tongues, and almost fell off the ladder! (surprising my step-mother no end, I might add!) I explained to her, "I don't need to smoke cigarettes anymore!" God instantly took away the desire for me to smoke!

When I got home, I called a friend and asked her if she'd like 4 cartons of Newport cigarettes, I had recently been to the military commissary and stocked up) She said, "really? Do you mean that? I'll be right over"

From that point on, as Daniel and Carlie said, the scriptures opened up to me, I read my bible day and night, and I lost ALL my partying friends! I didn't smoke, cuss or drink any longer! They noticed it right away, and I was virtually friendless, except for my one Christian friend but that was fine with me because I wanted nothing more than to remain in His Presence and be blessed by Him! Those things held no charms for me from that point on.

I look back on that period of time (it lasted for around 3 months) and wish it could be so again! I was in almost a dreamlike state, but in watching the conference I realized (that which I already knew) that He never left me, and all I needed was a fresh infilling! Praise God! I realize that it may not be that initial 'honeymoon' experience, but fresh infillings are for the believer every day!

Thank you both for all you do, (you lovely people!) and how hard you work, it IS appreciated by more than you will ever know! God bless you all!

Eleanor Lock - Bella Vista, Arkansas - Saturday, August 22nd 2015 - 10:53:52 AM
Hi Andrew,
just want to say I do NOT intend to critisize you for deciding to slow down the building process of the Auditorium. Sir, you earn my respect in so many ways and saying you've decided something like that in such an honest and adequate manner only makes me appreciate and respect you more, not less.
-- Veronika

Veronika - Austria - Friday, August 21st 2015 - 02:32:07 PM
I get so blessed when I read the testimonies on this page because I read the same testimonies over and over and they echo the same blessings I've received through this ministry. It proves this is a work of God. All of these different people from all over the world having similar experiences of the same God. This is unity. Wow! Thank you Jesus! It makes me think of Ephesians 4 where it talks about us all coming into the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ and and about Jesus making the body increase and edify itself in love. We are living in exciting times! Thanks be unto God, who always causes us to triumph in Christ, and makes manifest the savour of his knowledge by us in every place.

Laurie - Canada - Friday, August 21st 2015 - 12:57:16 PM
I watched The Inside Story with Andrew talking with Greg Mohr. How wonderful to hear about all the amazing things Charis Bible School graduates are doing all around the world. Andrew' teaching and the Charis correspondence school has changed my life. I am so proud and happy to be a Grace Partner and to help Andrew continue to take his message around the world.

Betty Hartman - Norristown, Pennsylvania - Friday, August 21st 2015 - 07:21:40 AM
Hi Andrew
Thank you for your excellent radio broadcast on, "Staying Full Of God" series! They are simply awesome teachings and speak so true to my soul. I continue to pray for my dear friend Andrew that he will be delivered from homosexuality. I hope he will contact me soon and we will be great friends again.

Sandra - California - Thursday, August 20th 2015 - 10:29:04 PM
First of all I have to say every time I have called for prayer I have been so blessed by the wonderful people who have prayed with me. I recently called because my 95 yr. old dad was being tested for cancer in the right cheek of his face. I already had received a word from the Lord everything was okay. However Dad was still going to have the biopsy and I wanted someone to agree with me concerning everything. The test revealed no cancer! Dad and I knew deep in our hearts it would be good! We are praising the Lord with thanksgiving! Hallelujah! Katherine Pickens

Katherine Pickens - Knoxville,Tn - Thursday, August 20th 2015 - 09:24:12 PM
So thankful for the fact that God's Word Works! I am also so very thankful that one day over 20 years ago I "happened" to hear Andrew for the first time on a Christian radio station in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Having been raised Baptist, a lot of what I heard was very new to me. But oh how those words bore witness with my spirit! Our lives have been so blessed and changed through Andrew's teaching. Events that transpired last night 8/19/15 caused me to want to share just how much this is true. I truly believe I would be a widow today if we had not had access to Andrew's teaching. Last night my husband experienced what I can only describe as an attack from the enemy which surely would have resulted in his death if we hadn't known the truth that we have authority in Christ. From my side it looked as if the enemy was trying to literally steal his breath from him. He was gasping for air, so weak he couldn't speak much above a whisper. But when he could he spoke scripture. I continued to lay hands on him and speak the Word. Together we drew near to God and resisted the enemy. We both knew in our spirits that we were literally fighting for his life. But our God is faithful and His Word is true. We continued to stand, cursed the thing in Jesus' and praised and thanked God that it was already done. Eventually he was and is breathing normally again. Not only that, but we are speaking that he will be stronger than he has ever been in his life! God is so good and he has provided so much for us! So thankful we are His and that He loves us so much! As a wife, I am amazed as I look back at this experience to see how at peace we both were through the whole thing. I guess that's what you call peace that passes all understanding. Giving praise to our GREAT GOD! And thank you Andrew for being faithful to preach the too good to be true gospel! In His Love, Don & Debbie

Debbie - Weed, New Mexico - Thursday, August 20th 2015 - 05:18:05 PM
Just got through watching the Healing School panel (Healing is Here conference, Thursday 8/13/15) and I laughed and laughed! It was good for the soul!

You guys should take this act on the road! It'd be a sell-out! :-)

Eleanor Lock - Bella Vista, Arkansas - Thursday, August 20th 2015 - 03:41:52 PM
Your teaching is changing me every day! Wow! See you on several of the church channels; soaking in all I can just like a sponge! My standard Baptist teaching sure skipped a lot of the Bible; thank you for teaching me how to be healed in my older years! And all the gifts from God on that "table of His Grace", just waiting for me to pick them up by faith, & receive them for myself! Hallelujah!
Candy Fisher

Candace Fisher - Statesville, NC 28625 - Thursday, August 20th 2015 - 11:48:02 AM
Hi Andrew, the construction update is awesome!! We are excited to partner with you. Thank you for keeping everyone updated!4C31

Alan & Lori - California - Wednesday, August 19th 2015 - 10:04:45 PM
Your Roku channel is awesome!

Johnny Ray - North Carolina - Wednesday, August 19th 2015 - 07:40:51 PM
I just became a partner with AWMI!! I have been listening to the free downloads for months now. During that time I learned how to command/receive healing. My unborn baby's heart had and irregular heart beat that has been healed as well as the baby's spine has been straigtened. My 2 year old son has a speech delay that is resolving and he gets sty's on his eyes often that has been healed. I have decided to give back so that others can continue to be taught through the free downloads.

Chris - Georgia - Wednesday, August 19th 2015 - 03:52:21 PM
Hi Andrew sorry I couldn't make it to see you when you cam to England in the summer. Would love it if you came to Walsall for longer this time so we could come to see you. I have been watching healing school all last week wishing I was there, so amazing. (Vera England)

Vera - England - Wednesday, August 19th 2015 - 01:56:45 PM
Praise the Lord! All the Earth bless His name!

Brother Andrew thank you for talking about "faith like a pry bar" on this morning's broadcast. It sure shed light on some areas I'd been struggling with, and I'm sure it blesses many, many others.

We love you, God bless you this day.

John - FLA - Wednesday, August 19th 2015 - 06:12:39 AM
I love this ministry and CBC online courses and I pray you create an app with all your teachings and commentary together that ppl can download free on Google play. I wish it was already created. We use our phones more than we use pcs and I love having study plans and all tools on my phone so I can keep my nose and eyes in the word day and night. Thank you for your sacrifice to our country and our Lord!

Shonna - Paragould, Ar - Tuesday, August 18th 2015 - 03:40:57 AM
Humble servants of God with a beautiful message of faith and healing. I have appreciated your teaching so very much. There is no place where I can go to learn and grow in knowledge and faith as this ministry has provided . From the bottom of my heart I thank you. This ministry is blessing the earth.

Valerie Redding - New Oxford, Pa. - Monday, August 17th 2015 - 04:54:53 PM
I have been downloading the free MP3 teachings on healing and grace and I am gaining an whole new understanding. My self condemnation is melting away and for the first time I am truly able to see what Jesus took with him to the cross that day. Thank you Father!!! God bless Andrew and his staff, hope to see the school in Colorado some day. What a beautiful place to learn Gods' Word.

James H Galbraith - Baxter Springs, Kansas - Monday, August 17th 2015 - 03:40:15 PM
Watching the Healing is Here Conference Online was such a blessing for me. I was so blessed the way God is using this ministry not to exalt a man but Himself. It is such a blessing that the ministers are out to glorify Jesus. Thank you for making yourselves available and encouraging me to also do the same.

Emmanuel - Illinois - Monday, August 17th 2015 - 06:39:17 AM
I first heard about Andrew and his program in early 2014. I was very skeptical due to being repeatedly hurt deeply by 'ministers'. my faith was shipwrecked for many years. I scrutinized this ministry with a magnifying glass. 18 months later, I fully stand and support the work. I just returned from the 2015 healing conference to get 'boots on the ground'-I will be a student. I believe this is the best teaching in the Body today. too many faith and prosperity ministers have went in the ditch or went out of balance. too many of them are bragging about their Bentleys and private jets and that just makes me want to vomit. Andrew is rightly dividing the Word and the people who love Truth will be attracted to the teachings. it is your mission statement -'God has raised me up to change man's opinion of Him"...that I identify with. that is exactly what you did; you preached the true Gospel and my life was forever changed. I never knew who He was all of these years. God, through you changed the course of my life and may have even saved it. God Bless you Andrew and stay the course-this is the final push and the last act of this age and the disciples you are raising up are the ones who are going to fill the nets.

sweetjoey - canada - Saturday, August 15th 2015 - 10:54:13 PM
Thank you soo much for all you do Andrew Wommack ministries! I am fifteen years old and instead of filling my self up with silly worldly stuff, I am able to watch The Gospel Truth on my computer! God has done amazing stuff in my life, including stretching out my back. For most of my life I had been unable to touch my toes, but one day I finally took authority over it and within seconds I could not only touch my toes, I could touch the floor! Praise God! He cares about the little things to! Thanks to the teachings I've received, I've been able to speak life into other people's situations as well. Anyway, I am soo grateful for this ministry. Even my parakeets love Charis Bible College praise and worship; they start singing loudly when I turn it on. :-) I think all teenagers should listen to Andrew Wommack; He's super easy to understand. May I suggest an online pre-Charis Bible college for those of us who are highschoolers? I don't want to have to wait to join Charis until I graduate!

Audrey - America - Saturday, August 15th 2015 - 04:50:52 PM
I have been immersing myself in he Word of God for a financial miracle. Not in my house I was without the word too long, so I pulled my tablet out in he bank and went to awmi. Healing school was streaming live, so I did. I continually looked saying to myself I need financial faith growth not healing. After two days of immersion I had a dry patch of skin on my arm just peel off. God healed what I felt was minor. Funny I had just left the dermatologist when I started looking at healing school. God's word works even if your not paying attention. GLORY TO GOD!!!

Karen Cummings - Queens,NY - Saturday, August 15th 2015 - 11:39:37 AM
I have really been blessed by listening to the Healing Conference online this week.Powerful teaching. I also loved the format. Great Job everyone!

Donna Lagarde - Live in Richmond, VA - Friday, August 14th 2015 - 09:02:39 PM
hi Andrew, great news!!! I found a bible study that teaches just like you!!! yeah finally I don't have to filter and counter teachings. Praise God for answered prayers. I had just told the Lord I'd drive a ways just to get the right teaching. I don't want to fall under law again.
Thanks again for all your awesome teachings. I'm able to listen almost daily. Oh and I really like what you said about fasting last week!!!Love you God blessed you

mary ruehle - visalia, ca - Thursday, August 13th 2015 - 11:04:45 PM
Two years ago, the Chief Operations Officer of Electric Mirror gave me the book A Better Way to Pray. I read it and began praying and God responded! Now I'm fully following Jesus with my whole heart. My eyes are now open to the truth of the Bible and I'm totally in love with Jesus!

Jay Sunderland - Lake Stevens, Washington - Thursday, August 13th 2015 - 06:26:05 PM
Watched healing school today and was delivered from demonic curse, financial curse, spirit of infirmity and my heart was renewed!! Insomnia, multiple areas of pain healed! Full motion in my knees. Jesus blessing is greater than any curse! I recieved. we overcome by the blood and our testimony. Praise God. thanks awmi and healing school.

charlotte Smalley - Thursday, August 13th 2015 - 09:33:56 AM
I was watching inside edition #9 and I was so blessed watching the beginning of your ministry. So blessed with Larry Yonker being interviewed. It came to me had it not been for all your effort, I would not have known the grace message.Now I graduated from Charis Bible College-Chicago and leading a Charis Bible Studies here. I thank God for you.

Lucia Dagdagan - Chicago, Illinois - Thursday, August 13th 2015 - 06:59:20 AM
Bless you
For all the helpful videos,God is working wonders in my life and the wife.I think the best book and video a person need to start with is the nature of God!
Again thank you
May you and your staff have the Blessing of the Lord!

Ken Macpherson - Red deer Alberta Canada - Wednesday, August 12th 2015 - 07:50:35 PM
She watched the conference from England
and she is still feeling the presence
of the Lord and wants you to know how much she appreciates you Andrew.

Mrs Johnnie Lary - Florida - Tuesday, August 11th 2015 - 02:44:47 PM
I wanted to share a testimony that I believe stems greatly from seed sown during the Summer Family Bible Conference last month.
I returned to Mexico on Sunday, July 5th, after having spent an utterly amazing, blessed week at the new campus. Tuesday morning my boss sent me a message that he needed to speak with me about something important. He called, and then proceeded to inform me that I had been awarded a pay increase of over 4% (after three years with no cost-of-living updates or any other sort of raise)! God is so AWESOME!!!

Christina C. Keimig - Leon, Gto, Mexico (originally from Seattle, WA) - Tuesday, August 11th 2015 - 02:24:57 PM
Dear friend in Christ, We (my wife&I) are from Colorado, but while working as a mental health therapist & addictions counselor in KS we were devastated by an EF-5 tornado on 04/05/2007 in Greensburg, KS. Its documented. Anyway, we lost most of our worldly goods & I am unable to work using my degrees to help & witness. But, God kept us alive & as depressed as I was after the tornado, it became a new beginning for us.As an aside, I want to say that my witness involves a testimony that even Oprah would not believe. I went to church for the 1st time when I was 25. We learned a lot during the next 17 years, but I remained tormented by my past (it was a very legalistic church), to the point I could not read my Bible without feeling condemned. After 12 years at this church, I attended a retreat where the speaker talked about Grace 7 Faith. I was so happy, but did not hear these truths for another 30 0r more years. It was while I was so depressed that I saw one of your programs in which you taught the truths of Grace & Faith from Romans.I cried like a baby, but they were tears of Joy. I can read my Bible again, & in spite of the hardships of being disabled I've never been happier in my life! I would love to share with you sometime when we visit Colorado. NOW, to pass onto to you. You often say "It's almost to good to be true news." Hope that was close! My point is: It is too good to be true, BUT IT IS! Not criticizing, just passing forward. Thanks for being obedient, and we love you & pray for you & yours.

kenneth hass - KS - Tuesday, August 11th 2015 - 01:22:43 PM
Both Mike and I wish to thank you, once more, for your written teachings and daily programs! It was especially a great blessing to personally meet you at the rally in Portland Oregon and be able to directly say this. (Thank you for coming to the west coast). Your message on THE WORD (as always) is our most important factor in our Christian walk and enjoyed the entire evening immensely. Your gracious manner and spiritual calmness is as meeting Christ Himself. Mike and I together gave Christ our hearts and spirits 45 years ago and ask the Holy Spirit to come unto us just this last year thru your teaching web site. Not until our re-accepting Him with you personally, had the gift of speaking in tongues graced my mouth. Thank you Andrew...thank you Father, my sweet Lord Jesus and Holy Spirit for centering me in all aspects in my life. We look forward to meeting with you again Andre in the future here or in eternity. God continue to bless you and be with and in and around you.

Sandi Hutchins - Battle Ground, Washington - Tuesday, August 11th 2015 - 01:14:15 PM
Pastor , I meet you August7th in Seattle. It was great to finely see the man that God sent to me to teach me the word. I wanted to say thank you again, and are you aware that you have a "glow" about you? In some people, you can actually see an aura of God around them. You are a blessed man Pastor. Thank you for loving God. Your testimony and teachings have changed my life. You are"my" Paul.
In Christ,
Shannon Rarig

Shannon - Washington State - Tuesday, August 11th 2015 - 09:15:21 AM
I just want you to know, Andrew, Jamie, and all the staff and teachers at Charis Bible College and Andrew Wommack Ministries, how much this ministry has blessed and encouraged me. I've had several turnarounds that have completely changed my life and it was all from hearing the truth taught here. I'm totally on board with all the plans you have for the Bible College buildings at Woodland Park and I'm enthusiastically supporting it financially. I believe it will impact the United States and the world and I'm praying and believing for a similar impact in Canada. I had my first visit there recently and attended the Family Bible Conference and it was awesome! I also love the website with all the free Bible teaching and access to conference videos and testimonies. I'm on the website everyday and watch your program online. To my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, if you've benefited from this ministry and haven't yet supported it financially, please consider doing so. It's very good ground to sow your seed into! I heard the Healing is Here Conference is already booked solid so there is already a need for a bigger building. God bless you all and thank-you, thank-you, thank-you! :-)

Laurie - Canada - Monday, August 10th 2015 - 06:26:06 PM
THANK YOU for the Facebook page! There is so much "Christian clutter" everywhere and for me, if I just go to that Facebook page, there is always some quick Word that will clear that clutter right up. Yay, God! Thanks, Andrew!

Jo Jean Knard - Wichita, Kansas - Monday, August 10th 2015 - 08:21:52 AM
Pastor Andrew, I've been blessed by your teachings from Bible for last 9 years which is clear and accurate. I'm eagerly waiting for your teaching on the Book of Revelation and second coming of Christ. Many have doubts on this part of scripture which would be cleared by your clear teaching on this part.

Anish Paul - Bangalore, India - Sunday, August 9th 2015 - 10:23:19 PM
This is really amazing !!One year ago a had bad pain started on my left knee and fatique in my legs, lower back pain, I used to be a mountain climber, climbed some major Fourtousender in the Swiss Alps and climbed here in the US and cross country skied, Alpine skied etc

These pains would not allow me to climb anymore, I prayed and believed and it was painful, prayed with everybody I could find who knows how to pray...until beginning of July this year, I said, there must be more, I cannot live like that, this is not Gods will for me...there must be more...I remembered I had called a few times awmi prayer lines, and this I said to myself is only one phone call away...

I made a promise to me, I am going to call them every morning...wow wow wow
my spiritiual life was transformed immediateley after I started praying with awmi's prayer ministers, my life came alive, fatique and lethargie started to leave me..I started to break through financially, amazing, what we prayed was touched in one way or another...
Last week I was an vacation and hoped to be able to climb again. The week before I had climbed a short climb of about 45 min.
We kept on praying, there were amazing breakthroughs, and on Thursday morning, I heard the Holy spirit impressed upon me, to climb Mount Kersarge in NH, I was happy and also went with expectations, it went very well, with very little pain and I walked and climbed up one hour trail, and down one hour, praying and quoting healing scriptures, and lo and behold there was no pain on the way up and very little on the way down, I said that is new and thanked the Lord for this...the next Morning, the Holy spirit impressed upon me again to climb up to the Greenleaf Hut on Mount Lafayette, now this is a four hour hike up and down, I said this is new, one mountain climb after another in the same week. When I was on top, I said to myself this is healing, I am healed in my legs, in my left knee, in my lower back, I said I can't believe it that I am here and this was my second day climbing..wow..the joy of the Lord hit me...wy wife was wondering, " do you have any pain" I said no and explained to her, that healing prayers work and God has healed my legs and lower back, she said nothing Haaa !
The next morning, on Saturday, I felt the Lord telling me, you are climbing Mount Sunapee, this was a two hour climb up and down and absolutely no pain.
This is to the Glory of God, He healed me from these multiple pains, Hallelujah, Hallelujah,Hallelujah, How awesome is Our God ??
And awesome are the prayer ministers of awmi and Andrew's teaching I listen to every day on my commute to Boston and Jammie Wommack sings to me in my car. Praise God, Praise God all the Glory and Honor goes to Him, this is Working !!!

Walter Niederberger - New Ipswich NH - Sunday, August 9th 2015 - 12:42:50 PM
I thank GOD for using you Andrew! Thru you GOD has showed me the true GOSPEL!

mike & linda gurganious - willard nc 28478 - Sunday, August 9th 2015 - 10:21:48 AM
Dear Andrew and the phone ministry,

The other day,I called the partner line to give an extra gift to the Foundation Builders, and the lady who was handling the transaction, thanked me profusely for our partnership as a whole and specifically to Foundation Builders, and said, "You are a blessing to this ministry" I replied, "Oh, my goodness, no, it's you all who are the blessing!" and I began to relay to her about the time, that you, Andrew called out a specific healing for my eyes. She said, "Please put that on the guestbook"

Well, I've told about this time when I was healed a lot, but imagine that there are many who haven't heard about it, so here goes:

About 8 yrs ago, I went to the eye doctor for a routine check-up, and he said, 'uh, oh!' (just hate it when doctors say that!) he continued, 'you have macular degeneration and retina problems, it's serious and we need to monitor your eyes, if this doesn't improve, you will need surgery, and if that doesn't work, you will eventually lose your eyesight' then he asked me what my symptoms were and I told him, "I have 'bursts of light in my side vision' he said, "Oh, yes, like a flashbulb exploding? bursts of light in your peripheral vision? well that confirms part of what I've diagnosed"

Well, you were coming to KC that year for a GTS, so Bill & I decided that we were going. I also called my grace buddy, Millie, and asked her to go with us, so she could stand in faith with me for a miracle" She agreed and off we went.

We were staying at Ft. Leavenworth, in military lodging, there were 2 bedrooms with a kitchen in between and the morning of the first night meeting, Millie and I met in the kitchen to pray and we agreed according to Matthew 18:19, that I would get my healing.

That night, during ministry time, Andrew, you called out 'there's someone here with 'bursts of light in your peripheral vision and macular degeneration!"

Well, of course, I knew it was me you were talking about, so I went forward for prayer, and was instantly healed. My vision was perfect. I could even see the menu at the drive-thru at McDonald's from quite a distance, after the meeting in a driving rain!

Thank you, Andrew for being spiritually in tune with the Father, hearing from Him, so I could be free from that!

I waited a year to return to the same doctor, and he examined my eyes, and said, "wow! you had macular and retina problems, and now I see no evidence of it, what happened?" I told him, 'well, I went to a healing meeting and they laid hands on me and Jesus healed me, to which he replied, "Well, good!" :-)

Glory to God!

Eleanor Lock - Bella Vista, Arkansas - Saturday, August 8th 2015 - 12:19:46 PM
I've been in a witchcraft study with Father God for the last 7 yes and just wanted to say thank u for your obidience to Christ when I needed someone with some I found u thank u for the encouragement lol Prophatess Olivia De La Rosa

Olivia De La Rosa - Fresn California - Saturday, August 8th 2015 - 10:40:20 AM
Dear Andrew
I want thank God for you. Your teachings is revolutionizing my life, taking me out of prison to freedom, As I listen to it the despair about what went through in my life is not tormenting me. I felt hopeless about my future, now I am starting to see the light in the tunnel, because I belong to Jesus. I was at your conference on June 20 in Toronto, it was awesome. I wanted to talk to you a few words in person, but someday I will. Thank you for turning my eyes unto My Father in heaven, Jesus and Holy Spirit, it is the best gift I could get. Could you please say I prayer for my relationship and future with Joseph who lives in England, we both love each other, but the distance and the attacks of satan on our mind stirring fear, doubts, even though we both sense we meant to be together, that we continue in our hope to be together and totally trust God with everything how he bring us to be together at last.
I also want to add that your phone prayer ministry is the best one up there. Everyone is awesome, caring, patient, full of power and faith: right now I remember only a few like Julia, Clarence, Linda, Greg, Emily, Jerry, Doug, I wish I remember more names, totally absolutely love them.
Praise to be to God that he heard my cry and answered me.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Hania - From Poland, but living in Canada for 25 years - Friday, August 7th 2015 - 05:13:03 PM
On June 24, 2015, I had surgery on my left knee for a meniscus tear and cartilage damage. On Saturday, August 1, 2015, I was returning from my family reunion. I was coming up my stairs when my right knee popped and severe pain went through my knee. I could not move. Thank God my family member was here and he retrieved my crutches. On August 6, 2015, I decided to spend the day in fasting and prayer. I listen to Andrew’s last two CD’s on God Wants You Well and I did some serious study on Matthew 10:8. Today, I decided to watch the last two healing schools that I had missed for July 30th and July 23rd in that order. As I was watch the July 23rd Healing school with Greg Mohr, which was my birth date, I said wouldn’t it be something if Greg Mohr called out healing for my knees on this program that was aired on my birth date while I was watching. Then at approximately 1:38 p.m. mountain time, Mr. Mohr called out healing for knees by putting his hands on both his left and right knees. I immediately knew and claim this healing for my own knees and I grabbed my knees. Mr. Mohr said do something you could not do. I took off my ace bandage and began bending my knee and dancing around my living room praising and thanking God. Mr. Mohr said call and tell someone. I called the prayer line at 12:06 p.m., on August 7, 2015 central time and spoke to Mary. Mary shared Philippians 1:6 with me, and she encouraged me to share my testimony on your Guestbook. So I did as soon as I figured out how to use it. Thank you Andrew and Jamie Wommack and your staff. Love, Sheila

Sheila White - St Louis, MO - Friday, August 7th 2015 - 11:19:56 AM
Yesterday was my grand kids' first day back to school. Went to the open house the night before and what an EYE OPENER it was about what God has done for my family. There's just too much to express but I'll try to keep it simple.

We had been trying to figure out how we were going to come up with $15,000/yr/child for high school due to proxemics and other major concerns within the public school system. With the first child, we knew it would be tough but we were willing to do whatever we had to (you know, by our strength). Then along came 2 more children and God showed us WE could NOT do this.

Instead, GOD BUILT a wonderful public high school FOR US and near us. The first grandchild is now 3 years from entering high school. And God has removed that $45,000/yr and growing obstacle.

The highschool was not designed this year but rather 4 or 5 years ago or so - around the same time my husband and I became Foundation Builders. Coincidence? I don't think so.

We did not become FB partners to see how God would bless us but rather because we believe in the vision, God's Purpose, and God's Will.

And TODAY I see even moreso how God has been working on a much grander scale! The most important and obvious are the training up of God's People - those who do and those who will attend CBC. And then I see GOD'S BLESSINGS upon those who are FB partners. And then I see what's really maybe not so obvious - all those people that are BLESSED by being put to work (in a not so great economy) from building materials to suppliers, to construction workers to engineers, and the list goes on and on!!!!

So PRAISE GOD for all the BLESSINGS involved in this MIGHTY WORK - those seen and those unseen!

And a huge THANK YOU to Andrew, Jamie, all the volunteers, and all the skilled laborers, and all the other partners! It sure is exciting to see God's Mighty Hand at work!

God Bless!

Becky Hansen - Savannah, GA - Friday, August 7th 2015 - 06:35:50 AM
I love your daily program,I start my day with you.It has helped me in so many ways.My walk with the Lord has become much more powerful.I pray for you to be able to continue to help me and many others in our walk with Christ.May God continue to bless you.

terrie - kahoka,mo. - Friday, August 7th 2015 - 03:55:08 AM
Andrew my pastor, son, and I seen you at the pittsburgh convention center. I received the Holy Spirit thru our group prayer. This weekend I am going to a church retreat to get full submerged baptism. I watch you every morning before work and want to thank you for your insight. God Bless you

John Slack - Mckeesport PA - Thursday, August 6th 2015 - 10:34:17 AM
WOW Andrew it's amazing what God is doing through you!!! I'm remembering what your mom said just before she went home, "you know this has to be God, you couldn't do this!" and to think I got to be in on the start of this!! Can't wait to see what God is going to do with me!!!
I just got asked to be on our prayer team at my church (V1ag). Approx. 4000 members. Funny how God points a person out. I'm excited to see God perform miraculous SIGNS, WONDERS AND MIRACLES, through me, his pipe/vessel.

I love the way you started this week's teaching with the Nickie Oshinshki video (perfect intro). My sister Linda showed me that video at midnight when I flew into South Carolina for a visit. the last thing I wanted to see was a video (drained from a recent separation). But I came alive watching it. It gave me hope in spite of my situation. soon after that we went to the first Summer Bible Conf. We signed up for bible college and the rest is history.

I'll bet you never imagined God would use you in such a HUGE way to help Him turn the world upside with this radical Grace message!!! I'm so glad to be a part of it and that you were a HUGE part in salvaging what I thought was the end, has become the grandest beginning of a new life in the finished work of Christ!!! I love you so very much for that. You will always be very special to me, a spiritual Father.
The Lord grant you many more years to come!!!!

I love you in Christ

maryruehle - visalia, ca - Wednesday, August 5th 2015 - 10:40:22 AM
Andrew, I found your ministry last fall when you were teaching on finances. I have a longer testimony to tell but I have literally listened to hundreds and hundreds of hours of teachings and so has my husband. We cannot stop! My teenagers see and hear you constantly! We attended a church we used to frequent recently. The message was so disturbing to us. It was all about works. We left the church and our son commented that there was no grace taught! Yes! Praise the Lord.

He is now revealing to me what it means to be filled with all the fullness of God and His word is being rooted in my heart like a burning fire shut up in my bones! Now I know the Lord has placed His desires in my heart and I plan on starting Charis in Florida and He has made provision for me somehow, even though I can't see...thank you Jesus!

Thank you, Jamie, and your staff for your faithfulness. You are changing millions of lives with the almost too-good-to-be-true gospel.

Anita - Central Florida - Tuesday, August 4th 2015 - 06:28:56 AM
I had moved back here to CT from Florida about 2 years ago with the hopes of landing a job with Electric Boat (a General Dynamics division). In the 2 years here it was so very dry spiritually and I lived with my only son who was not walking or talking the Christian life. Now 9 years ago my wife had gone on to be with the Lord. Upon my son's invitation, I left a fairly good job at Kennedy Space Center, FL and moved in with my son. Depression and disappointments began to come on me as I witnessed my son's overwhelming desire and purchasing of firearms. Although, I enjoy target shooting, everything in moderation. Other than church on Sunday's (which was about an hour drive away), AWMI and the prayer ministry was my life line throughout this 2 year desert experience. I am so blessed to say the the Lord delivered the long awaited job into my hands on 7/31/15 at about 8:30am. Praise be to the God who meets are needs and at the right time. Thank you Andrew and Jamie and the ministry for your steadfastness and love for God and people. Pray for my son Angelo that his hearts desire will be for Jesus as his portion and lover of his soul. God Bless you richly. Michael M. Connecticut

Michael Matassa - Connecticut - Monday, August 3rd 2015 - 02:46:33 PM
We are sitting in our living room and it is thundering , raining and lightning outside.There were some tornados north of us today and we all decided to leave our upstairs bedrooms and camp out in the living room. All of a sudden my nine year old started to cry saying I'm going to die and I don't want to die. I looked over and told her that she is supposed to be a Christian and not afraid of everything. My smarty pants 18 year old said... well,if you die you don't have to worry about dying anymore. We had a good laugh. Then my nine year old got a text from my husband who is at work. She ran over to my sofa to check the text and see what daddy texted her. She ran over asking if he was saying nite nite to her. My smarty pants son interrupted and asked if he was asking if we are dead yet? I think we've had enough of this campout in the living room and now we are going back upstairs to bed and leaving the fear behind. Fear will kill you. I'll be looking for some teachings on not being afraid.I hope Andrew has some, because we need it.

L. - Iliinois - Sunday, August 2nd 2015 - 09:40:37 PM
I cannot pinpoint with accuracy what has happened to a 54 yr old who has used since the age of 4. It began with the audio teachings of chuck smith in october of 2013, two weeks before he passed on. I began to learn and loved the Gospel of John. I heard it over and over again countless times. I didn't know my mind was being renewed. Sometime around february of 2015 my pastor told me to go to your website. I've been sitting under these teachings since then and my knowledge in HIM has exploded. I'm in awe and have never pictured GOD like the WORD describes HIM. I'll be sitting under for a wile longer just drawing on HIS love and best of all, getting to know and have a relationship with the CREATOR. Man I'm just in awe. Human language is not sufficient to explain fully what has happened to me. But psalm 18 verse 16 says it all.. HE sent from above, HE took me, he drew me out of many waters.. Thanks Andrew. Your study of the BIBLE the way you did it helped me who loved GOD but became entangled and lazy. HIS mercy on my laziness is HIS goodness brining me to repentance. Blessings and abundance are spoken out to all who believe

robert rivera - new york city - Sunday, August 2nd 2015 - 06:42:19 PM
Dear Andrew,
Thanks to your sharing of personal experiences regarding healing. I was able to claim mine.
Often repeat your story of the fractured leg healed overnight. So the other day when I slipped stepping off the last step (ground was slippery due to rain) and fell hurting my rear end and left elbow. I think i even knocked my head cause the headlamp i was wearing came apart and my brain felt rattled. I remembered you and before I even picked myself up I said out loud..'I'm healed, I'm whole, I'm well'' and so I was. This happened at 1.30am and I got up and went to work as usual that day. So, do keep sharing and thanks. I know God blesses you abundantly so I shall pray for your woodland park dream to be completed in record time - debt free!

Lesley Sylvia Middleton - Chennai, india - Sunday, August 2nd 2015 - 10:52:27 AM
Thank you, Carol (a prayer minister) for praying for me last evening about 7:30 EST. The call dropped and I couldn't call back because I was using someone else's phone. I had already requested prayer for extreme pain in the upper chest area of my body after an intense babysitting session with my daughter's friend's little girl. The call dropped but not before Carol gave me the scripture in Psalms about Jesus healing a our diseases. I felt peace not to call again because I knew Carol would pray. As I sat out on the porch, about one or two minutes after the call dropped, the pain left, the stinging left my body! As things continually fall into place, I am excited as I prepare to go to Jacksonville Florida for Bible College. More than anything, I desire to be effective in prayer like that! Thank you Carol! Thank you Healing School! Thank you AWMinistries for obeying God.

Lorraine Astrop - Columbus, Ohio - Saturday, August 1st 2015 - 07:35:11 AM
God is awesome!! Praise the Lord for my healing! I am so thankful to AWM as well for the dedication they have to sharing the truth. I have listened to Andrews teachings since 2004 and it is always a blessing. Without it I would not have known how to approach or pray for myself in these trials. Last year I was healed of over 10 years of Chronic Dizziness. Today, again I was able to experience his amazing healing hand. I am 3 months pregnant. I went in two weeks ago and was told my cervix was measuring short at 1cm. I had a short cervix with my first pregnancy and I know the risks associated, like preterm birth. My husband and I decided we were going to stand on his promises of healing. At one time I remember a prayer minister reminded me to take every thought captive.... Which is something I practiced during those two weeks of waiting. This afternoon was my follow up ultrasound. This morning, the Lord told me, "Watch my hand at work today". Thank you, Lord, my cervix measured at 3.5cm. It grew and is normal length!!!! All the glory and honor is his!

Erika B - New Mexico - Saturday, August 1st 2015 - 04:15:52 AM
I love listening to the audio teachings and they have changed me. I feel a deeper relationship with God.

Suzanne Hauter - Schererville,Indiana - Friday, July 31st 2015 - 05:16:10 PM
The newsletter looks great!

Alan and Lori - California - Thursday, July 30th 2015 - 07:44:15 PM
I just wanted to praise God and thank Him for healing me today! I was plagued by an awful body rash for almost 3 weeks. I have never had one before and was in awful pain and itchy on both of my entire legs from my ankle on up and arms from my wrist to my shoulders. I turned to anything that could help me in the "natural". I was on the phone with my friend who suggested I watch "Healing is Here". Of COURSE! I was so busy trying to make it better on my own and here it was right in front of me!

I watched the worship portion and then watched/listened to Andrew's sermon. I then was up in the middle of the night speaking over this rash to get off my body and for the itchiness and redness to leave in Jesus name. I spoke in calm authority and knew that it was done!

I paid NO attention to my limbs as I got up and moved around this morning, ignoring anything about the way it felt in the natural and knew that it was done. I was healed, even though I didn't see it manifest. I began praying and worshiping, the Lord convicted me of some sin in my heart (my unbelief) and I let go and trusted Him in full authority and faith. As I sang, "Agnus Dei" over and over I felt something wash over both of my legs, it was an extremely intense "goosebump" feeling. I kept praising. Crying. Thanking. Rejoicing.

A few hours went by and I looked down at my legs and arms. The rash is COMPLETELY GONE! No more itchiness, no more heat, no more bumps, no more redness! I would love to post a before and after picture of my legs if there is someone I can e-mail to testify the name of the LORD!

I'm completely overwhelmed by His love for me! Praise God!

Kylie - Cass City, MI - Thursday, July 30th 2015 - 01:38:00 PM
My brother got saved last year. I received healing by attending the Friday's healing service in Jacksonville. Thank you for this ministry.

Wazifa M. - Jacksonville, FL - Wednesday, July 29th 2015 - 09:42:30 PM
In February 2014 my husband and I separated from each other. During the time I was extremely Depressed I flipped through the cable channels and Miraculously Brother Andrew was on and I sat and watched and took notes from Romans teachings and You Already Got It!. Then I was able to allow the Power of God to flow through me and forgive my husband and we came back together. God has been doing so many Powerful Miracles in my life. I prayed and wished for Brother Andrew to come to Minnesota for me to see Hm in person. Addition to seeing Brother Andrew in Person I wanted to be Baptized by Brother Andrew, because I accepted Jesus in my heart when God spoke to me in one of my dreams and told me to follow the instruction of the Son with a Great Big Bible Floating in the Sky back in December 2013. God answered my prayer for me to see Brother Andrew in person this past July 18, 2015 5:00p.m and was Baptized in the Spirit too, and addition to that I wished for one of Brother Andrew's Book and got that too. Thank God Amen Hallelujah Forevermore! It was quite a journey to get to Brother Andrew, and God allowed the way for me and my sone to make it to the Living Word Christian Center from East St. Paul, and we got home by 11:00p.m, because we has to walk about 30-40 minutes into the City of Brooklyn Park to catch the city back to East St. Paul 3 hour bus ride was worth it. The devil was eschewed when he told me not to go, because we chose to take the 3 hour bus ride instead of risking the vehicle that needs repairs to Brooklyn Park. God Bless and Thank You so Much Brother Andrew for coming to Minnesota and we enjoyed You so much to the point when it was time for you to come back to Colorado I broke down into tears, but Jesus lifted me back up and told me that God has answered my prayers and that Brother Andrew will be just fine, and He Blessed me to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. God Bless All of you for You Outstanding commitment helping our Brother Andrew with Your dedicated help! Amen Hallelujah Forevermore:-)))

Carla O - Los Angeles but Lives in St. Paul Minnesota - Wednesday, July 29th 2015 - 04:27:02 PM
Thanks AWM for posting conference videos online. Just watched Andrew on the Houston GTS 2011 and it was such a blessing Thank You.

David J - Fla. - Tuesday, July 28th 2015 - 05:52:03 AM
I would like to testify to the glory of God. Back around the end of February of this year I called your prayer line and minister Deborah took my call and prayed for me. I was in need of having to move on such short notice as I was advised by the police due to a strange man who lived in my building started stalking me.

I explained to Deborah that I had to move in with one of my sisters until the Lord opened up a place for me to call home. She prayed specifically these things for me:
1.-That God will give me a place to live better than the one I had to move from.
2.-That God would give me two new friends.
3.-That I would move in less than a month.
4.-That God would give me favor for the deposit to move in since my funds were limited.

This is what the Lord did for us:
1.)-The apartment has central air, microwave, larger, much better neighborhood and cost $45 less a month for rent.
2.-God has divinely connected me with other Christian women.
3.-I moved in exactly 3 weeks!!!
4.-Instead of having to wait 45 days for my deposit from my previous apartment, I received a call that I could pick my check up in 14 days...Praise Jesus!
God had done it for us! We prayed and w got all that w prayed for and more! I am now soon to be married to a man that loves Jesus and loves me with His heart.
Thank you Andrew Wommack Ministries for your labor of love. May our faithful God continue to increase you more and more.

Omesha PettwayJones - Michigan - Monday, July 27th 2015 - 07:39:39 PM
Thank you for this ministry and empowering teachings of God's Word! Last year I called for prayer prior to going to court for an adoption hearing in which there was an opposing party. I knew I would have success because God told me months before that I would raise this precious little child. But a lot was coming against us and it was difficult. The prayer support I received was powerful and calming. All through the court hearing I held on to the strength I received from the AWMI counselor. And yes we did receive a clear legal adoption. Praise God!

Athena Biggs - USA - Monday, July 27th 2015 - 11:14:38 AM
Praise the Lord for AWM. In 2010 I started watching TGT every day. My husband & I attended a GT seminar, I got the wonderful book, "God wants you well!" I read it and read it, especially the verses listed in back, all the scriptures where Jesus healed. I kept meditating on those verses and began to really see the heart of our Father♡ The Holy Spirit opened my eyes, using your ministry, God bless you!
One day I stood up (on my Grace ground!) and commanded the spirits of infirmity to leave!! I basically got "sick and tired" of being "sick and tired!"

My back pain of 30+ years STOPPED ! Thank You Jesus! All together, my husband and I received His healing on FIVE (5) chronic diseases (no med. cures, only pain meds). I had spinal stenosis a severe spinal scoliosis, 7 severely herneated disks, 14 in. rod fused in back. I also had NO cartilage in either knee. I had tendonitis both elbows, arthritis from neck to toes, fibro myalgia all over.
BUT GOD! Praise Jesus, I haven't been to a doctor since 2009.! I quit going. Like the woman in the Word -- I had spent alot of my time, from 2004-06 at drs, pt's, etc. & was 'poorer' and still in pain'. Praise God, also in 2004 we got into studying the Word! As we began to 'behold His glory and honor at His cross' we started being transformed by the renewing of our minds - we saw GRACE Sealed by His sacrifice ! We have Christ! Of course😀 we have Every blessing! HalleluYah! His Finished Work - is Finished !
Anyway, thank you for preaching The Beautiful Person of our LORD, Jesus Christ. HE, Himself ... IS my healing. All Glory To God♡♡♡

Linda Mix - Hernando, FL - Monday, July 27th 2015 - 09:25:10 AM
Thank you so much for the ministry! Such a blessing of the Lord. Refreshing

Jonathan Titus - Umatilla OR - Friday, July 24th 2015 - 06:03:42 PM
I had been listening to the CD series, The Effects Of PRAISE. I listen to the same CD at least twice before going to the next. Started on Monday. I received a phone call on my cell, while driving home from work on Thursday that my 5 yr old grandson was found on the bottom of the swimming pool and not responding. I told my daughter is was going to be ok. Short of the story we bodly praised God,rejoiced in the lord for His goodness and after four days(they said it would be at least 3 weeks) in ICU, miracle after miracle, he walked out there perfectly whole! I had all my kids ride in my truck and hear your testimony of your son coming back after being dead for several hours.

Mark Ellis - MO - Friday, July 24th 2015 - 04:08:30 PM
Just finished attending all 5 sessions that you preached at Living Word in Brooklyn Park MN. They were awesome! I have read just about everything Andrew has written so most of it was a great review (which I need every day). The messages really touched the rest of my family that attended (Son, Daoughter-in-Law and grandaughter. My daughter-in-law was baptized in the Holy Spirit and started speaking in tongues when she went forward on the first night (Sat.) and my 8 year old grandaughter had an encounter with the Lord that was so precious. She testified that the Lord was speaking to her and telling her how much He loved her. She was just glowing. We were all blessed so much and want to thank you for your faithfullness in preaching God's grace and love.


John Roloff - Hugo, MN - Friday, July 24th 2015 - 09:04:31 AM
My husband Frank had a horrible bout with constipation 2 years ago that lasted 5 days with a lot of pain. Today another bout started and I had to go to work. When I got home at 5:00 he was in pain and running to the washroom every 5 minutes. He was tired. We had been introduced to Andrew Wommack's ministry a couple of months ago thru a friend and we have ordered the Believer's Authority because my husband also has Parkinson's. After seeing my husband going to the washroom every 5 minutes, I in desperation went and listened to part I of the believer's authority which I had downloaded the day before. I only listened for 5 minutes but Andrew said that we have Jesus in us and He has given us the authority to use his power to heal and we are to speak to our sickness. That was what I needed to hear but I still didn't really believe because of my past experience. Listening to my husband groan as he again made another trip to the washroom was unbearable. I cried out to Jesus and told him how I couldn't stand to see my husband like this and begged him for mercy, But Jesus spoke and said, then why are you putting up with it. Do something about it. I gave you the authority. I'd never really done this before and didn't expect it to work. But, I put my hand on my husband's stomach and commanded his bowels to function and the constipation to loosen and in half an hour he had the BM and all the constipation and pain was gone. I couldn't believe it. It had worked. We shouted hallelujah. Thank you Jesus
What an unbelievable victory. It was so easy and it worked. PTL
Now we are praying for the Parkinson's which God has already healed Frank of twice but because he's had it for 4 years, his mind can't believe, but God is able. Thank you for truth.

STARLENE & FRANK STEINER - KITCHENER-WATERLOO, CANADA - Thursday, July 23rd 2015 - 05:25:41 PM
Hi Andrew, how exciting to see the progress of phase 2. I'm so proud to be a part of something so big!!!

I'm really enjoying your teaching on the book of Romans. I especially enjoyed the video of the lady and her sister that came out of the bondage of law/religion church. That's awesome how God had your teaching come out of a broken t.v. He truly is a loving and caring Father.

I'm still teaching bible studies as often as anyone will let me.

God Blessed you:-) Love you guys

Mary Ruehle - Visalia, Ca - Tuesday, July 21st 2015 - 10:04:50 PM
Hello again and thank you for the book that I recently received totally by surprise! I just read through "The True Nature Of God" and I wish to just say thank you for sending it and that I found it enlightening.

Many things in it I already had a solid grasp of, but reading about such articulated it and solidified it more for me. Also, I now realize that there have been times where I thought that I was not "righteous enough" to receive God's answers to prayer, and that also there have been times where I did not turn to Jesus immediately because of sin, but away.

The part about Christians turning reprobate has gotten me thinking more about that doctrine and what is being said. It seems hard to accept if it's true, but you seemed to have a reasonable insight on it, regardless.

I appreciate the gesture of sending the book. I give to your ministry not expecting anything in return, so thank you again for it!



David - Schwenksville, PA - Tuesday, July 21st 2015 - 05:55:43 PM
I have been studying teachings from Andrew Wommack ministries for a couple months. Last night I drove to see Andrew speak in Minneapolis. I have been believing and searching Gods word for healing of a frozen shoulder. Andrew spoke Gods word and it became so clear to me. I felt a release in the shoulder but not complete healing. I praised God all the way home and just knew it was healed. Today, came to work and stretched out my arm and Yes! It is healed! Praise God. The Word is true, Gods Word is health to those that find it. Thank you for leading me to the truth and countering all the false teachings I have been subject to over the first 50 years of my life! Read You've already got it! Take time to listen to the audio teachings. Years of wrong teaching isn't erased overnight, but stay with it! Thank You Jesus for what you have done for me!

Jodi Bergstrom - Centuria, WI - Tuesday, July 21st 2015 - 04:11:15 PM
Just listened to Anger Mgt Abortion and Fear

Gayla Coleman - Ohio - Tuesday, July 21st 2015 - 04:00:19 AM
Many thanks to Carrie who prayed with me when I called your prayer line on Friday. She was so encouraging and caring. She advised me to listen to your teaching 'You already got it' and I was so blessed by it. I spent 6 hours on Saturday listening to your teaching and it definitely gave me a brand new attitude and understanding. May God bless you more and more.

Priyan - Ottawa, Canada - Monday, July 20th 2015 - 05:50:05 PM
Just want to say thank you to the ministry and a special thank you to the prayer line staff. Today I called and wasn't sure if something was wrong because there wasn't any music while I was waiting for a prayer minister to answer. I hung up and called back and someone answered after a short silent wait. I am use to hearing the sweet calming music while waiting. I know I could pray for myself, by myself, but I really enjoy speaking with the staff. They have helped me get through a lot this year. I am so glad they are available.
Loving AWMI

L. - USA - Monday, July 20th 2015 - 01:13:05 PM
Hi all who reads this and God bless. I am 67 years young and have been married to my wife forty one years. She is eighty five and totally dependent on me due to severe memory loss. I was born again in 1965. A few months later I was in Vietnam as a Marine grunt. I did not do as Andrew and stick my nose in the bible, instead I succumbed to my peers and started smoking m. j. I remember very little about Vietnam. I know it turned me inside out. Before then, I was very sensitive to other people and their hurts. I turned cold and unconcerned about any thing. I met my wife in 1974 and things changed. I am not saying God put us together, but I am saying He kept us together
Over the years we went to a lot of different churches. I never have liked the singing part of most church services I've been in. I would say my dog can sing better than that. It was really hard on my ears and I often wondered if it blessed God to hear it. I would tough it out because I loved hearing the word taught.
I worked 31 years in coal mines here in southwest va. I know Andrew teaches things about social security and those like things, but I feel God had a hand on my income all through the years. After 31 one years in the mines I found my self unable to work and provide for my family. God has provided me an income that is equal or more than when I worked. Five years ago I started watching Andrew and began to give and buy as much material as I could. My debt at that time was above my income. that was just debt not counting eating and buying gas and such. As each month went by I began to give more and more. Now I am up to and above a tithe on my income. As of this month I paid off my mortgage debt and now only have one debt to deal with. Now after all my expenses, I have half my income left. God is faithful. God kept the devourer from causing me great expense and made it possible for to tithe like I have always wanted to do. Thank God for keeping Andrew and thank you Andrew for being faithful to HIM.

blessings to all

lloyd osborne - cedar bluff, va - Sunday, July 19th 2015 - 02:54:19 PM
Dear Andrew, I'm so grateful for your staff praying with me for a new job. It's been two years now and I just received a new job! Although I have been faithfully donating to your ministry, it is my hope to now become a partner. Thanks for your teachings,they have helped my family tremendously.

Jackie - Friday, July 17th 2015 - 01:11:05 PM
I would like to thank Andrew for this power-walk through the King James Version of Romans. I actually read the King James Version in the 8th grade, and I got it, but NOTHING like I do now, especially since being filled with The Spirit. Yay! This is gonna make a big difference in my days ahead.

Jo Jean Knard - Wichita, Kansas - Friday, July 17th 2015 - 05:58:09 AM
We are excited about the money that came in for the building project so far! We rejoice with you, Jamie and the ministry that every need is met. We had an awesome time at the Summer Family Bible Conference--thank you for the anointed teaching morning and night (yourself and the other teachers). The Barn is amazing and so clean! The coffee service cart in the lobby was an added treat. A special shout out of appreciation to the bus drivers! They each had a great attitude and served us with joy! The info meeting for the Communications/Phone minister positions was well conducted and very informative. We even won the drawing for a signed copy of Spirit, Soul and Body! We are in San Francisco, but we "left our hearts" in Colorado! See you soon!

Alan and Lori - California - Thursday, July 16th 2015 - 09:03:50 PM
Hi Mr. Andrew Wommack! I just want to share something with you. I was watching live via internet The Family Bible Conference and on July third you had words of knowledge. You said Jesus was walking through these aisles. And I told Jesus you know what I need, right then you had a word of knowledge about a marriage. Something about seeing his heart. Will, the next morning I saw my husband completely differently (it was supernatural), I had good feelings toward him....I think I might have seen him once like that, it was even before we got married which will be 16 years ago July 18. Thank you for your obedience to Christ. And for your love towards us.

Anonymous - Thursday, July 16th 2015 - 10:33:13 AM
glad to hear $1 1/2 mill. came in early July!!--it's a joy to sow into God's word being spread thru this ministry that has blessed me with so much greater understanding of the word of God!! blessings Andrew, Jamie and AWM!!

Dave Shirivs - Ocala, Florida - Thursday, July 16th 2015 - 02:33:37 AM
I try to practice =your teaching not to limit God, Love the Lord and do what He tells me. I have written a "bridge to Africa" mission which has been on my mind for 20 years. CrossroadsTeam.com I am at a crossroads myself, unemployed for 3 years. I believe the Lord Jesus will provide.

Steven Bonomo - Tinley Park, Illinois - Wednesday, July 15th 2015 - 12:17:24 PM
Thank you so much for opening my eyes. I was born again in 2004. Listening to you has given me a new perspective and truth to God. I know, now, what "Jesus has set you free" really means. I never knew this in 11 years. Thank you, I will be going to the open house in Bensenville next week.

Joelle Boope - Chicago west suburbs ( Carol Stream) - Wednesday, July 15th 2015 - 06:30:26 AM
god is so good to me I love the lord jesus pray for me

jaerod robert - oakdale - Wednesday, July 15th 2015 - 02:33:52 AM
Teacgings were revolutionary to my life as a person. You are my church, I will follow your ministry and donate to your church. Thank you Andrew for changing my life. <3

Kiska Chadil - Ohio - Tuesday, July 14th 2015 - 03:38:36 AM
Not aware of how much space is available, I have stripped my submission down to essential data. Details will be readily supplied if required. An AWMI Partner. 1.Contacted Rowan, born again member of my extended family,thirty + years of age, farming in Zimbabwe, to introduce him to Andrew's Teachings. 2. Basic, virtual initial response - My church has taught me all I need to know and who is this Wommack guy anyway? 3.Rowan eventually succumbs and watches a recommended audio teaching of Andrew's and he's hooked. 4. I send him DVD set of Spirit Soul and Body. 5. He continues watching Andrew's Teachings.6 He soon starts dragging senior members of his church, screaming, out of works into grace; out of the old covenant into the new. 7. While this is going on, I get busy through Cindy King in Colorado Springs, to get Rowan connected to AWMSA, only to find that there is an AWM office in Harare, Zimbabwe. 8 I introduce Rowan to them and email them, to explain Rowan's situation and ask them to give him every assistance possible, which they readily agree to do.9. This was about a year ago. !0 All this time Rowan is trying to establish a new career in farming, having recently immigrated back to Zimbabwe from South Africa. 11 I hear from Rowan today that his Pastor has been watching him for the last year and visited him last night to tell him that he was so impressed with what Rowan has been doing that he wants Rowan to become a member of his leadership team.12 Now the best part : Keith, a CBC graduate, has met Rowan and is keen to partner with Rowan's church and teach in their church, which Rowan's Pastor has readily agreed to. Hallelujah ! How great is that.

Who is this Wommack Guy indeed !!! Now you know!

Praise His Holy Name. I have been wandering around in a dream al day, ever since I received this news this morning. 13. Rowan is actually farming near a little town called Marondera, about 85 km. outside Harare.

I am so grateful for all the assistance rendered to me mainly by the Cindy King in Colorado Springs and Karen Maunder in the AWME Walsall Office. Karen left AWME last Friday.

Thank you Andrew. It goes without saying that you have completely transformed my life since the first time I 'met' you on the God Channel whilst still in Zimbabwe some 9 years ago, and it as a direct result of that, that you are going to change the lives of very many members of the farming community in Zimbabwe. But most of all - THANK YOU JESUS.


Ronald Plumridge.

Ronald Plumridge - Initially Rhodesia Zimbabwe, now retired in UK - Monday, July 13th 2015 - 12:58:34 PM
We just got home from the Family Bible Camp in Woodland Park. Thanks you so much for everything. We stayed longer than anticipated and got invited to attend a couple of days of Charis Bible school. Every thing was exceptional. All the teachers are great. I could not get enough information. They had my attention every moment. We were honored to be there and attend all the services. It was a big trip for us (1000 miles) but oh so worth every moment. It was our best vacation of our lives. Thank you again. God bless you all.

Jack and Sue Wiley - Weiser, Idaho - Sunday, July 12th 2015 - 03:29:13 PM
I watched the Summer Family Bible Conference online and it was awesome. I can't tell you how much I am blessed by your website. And I absolutely love Healing School. I listen to archives every single day. I am so thankful to be a partner with you. It has changed my life and I know it is changing lives all over the world. Please let us know if the additional money came in to continue construction. I hope it is not delayed. I have been believing for restoration of thinning hair for quite a while and would appreciate prayer for that. God bless you Andrew.

M - Birmingham AL - Saturday, July 11th 2015 - 08:38:29 PM
Dear Mr. Andrew, i am so excited to write you because the Lord has used you to transform my christian life. I praise God for what He is doing in your life and ministry. I was diagnose of an incurable disease(hypertitis B) but to the Glory of God i have taken my authority and praise God i am healed of it. The first message i listen was the faith series( reality of faith, walking by faith and how to overcome doubt) i tell you it changed my life up til now that i am writing you. I no longer take those drugs that had serious side effect in my life. would love to be part of your ministry and i listen to your mp3 messages everyday and it has impacted my life. i have faith that someday i am gonna meet with you even though not in this physical world but in the world to come. I love what you are doing and the Lord is using me to do His work here in Nigeria through your teaching and i have come to love God more and get revelations studying His world. Praise God.

ogbom anwuri - Nigeria - Saturday, July 11th 2015 - 05:38:48 AM
Thank you to everyone at AWMI for the Summer Family Bible Conference! It was such a blessing to be there, and our family is forever changed! Our children ages 9 and 6 were baptized in water and both of them also received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and now speak in tongues! My husband and I are so grateful to have heard the teaching on dwelling in God's presence.

I also want to share with you about my son's healing. I have been listening to Andrew's teaching and studying the Word more intently for almost 2 years now. My son had been born with several malformations, and through Andrew's teachings I received revelation that it was not from God and that Jesus had paid for his redemption, soul and body. During the conference, Logan was prayed for to receive healing and it did not manifest at that time, but during the children's healing school, he asked for healing because he would tell me often that one of his legs was shorter than the other. Well it is on video, his leg grew to the correct length! I was so excited for him, but a part of me was disappointed that he didn't receive complete healing for all of the anatomy that was missing at birth. The Lord quickly showed me to rejoice for what had been done, and that my son's faith was growing!

On the Sunday after the conference my son had a hard day and expressed to me that he wished he had all of his body parts. I again told him that he was healed in his spirit and those body parts were on their way! Then, I know this was from God, but I told him to imagine he was alive when Jesus was on the earth and that I took him to Jesus to be healed. I asked him if he thought Jesus would refuse to heal him. Of course, he said NO!! Then I was sharing with him that of all the children that are born with his condition, he was one of those that is healed! He took my hand and repeated after me "In the name of Jesus, I have my...." and he named all of the anatomy that he was missing. Immediately he said, "I have it!! I can feel it!"

Praise God, our son is healed!!

Andra Erickson - California - Friday, July 10th 2015 - 08:55:01 PM

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