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Much thanks for your teaching this morning. I watched you twice. It brougjht such comfort to me. I was feeling bad about my tithing and the way I felt about our previous home church. My husband has finally agreed with me and now we are looking for a new church home. But for now.....you are getting our tithes. I had been wanting to do this for a while but didn't know it that was ok to do. I am so EXCiTED about the local Charis Bible study. You can be sure we will sign up. Thanks again for your teachings and ministry. It is changing my life.

Rhonda Curcio - Albuquerque NM - Wednesday, November 26th 2014 - 06:46:55 AM
Four years ago I was diagnosed with stage 4 small cell cancer. Very poor prognosis. Someone suggested I call your prayer line and your folks encouraged and prayed for me. I also purchased some books and watched testimonies online from your ministry. To God be the Glory He healed me completely. I have been cancer free for almost 4 years now. No more scans or anything . Thank you for helping show the way and teaching the truth about healing.

thomas o'boyle - Charlotte, nc - Tuesday, November 25th 2014 - 06:30:01 PM
Last Saturday morning I awoke startled at 4 AM with strong heart palpitations. I did not realize they were serious and so continued to try to live my day, but by 8 AM I was feeling nauseous and dizzy, so I called me doctor. She told me to go to the emergency department of the hospital. I was not worried about myself, but I went, praying in tongues - quietly confident that God had me in his hands. At the hospital the staff and personnel attached me to machines and gave me injections and otherwise tried to gain some relief for my heart which was frantically beating at 135-150 beats per minute. I was not afraid. I remembered that Andrew said I should maybe reach up and kiss the doctor and that I might see Jesus that day, but really I did not feel as if I would die, just that God had me safely in his grasp and whatever happened it would be absolutely All RIGHT. Thanks to Andrew's teaching I know who I am in Christ and where I am going when this life is completed.
I was released from the hospital the next day in good health and so grateful for the faith I have learned through this ministry. I thank God for all of you!

Betty Hartman - Pennsylvania - Tuesday, November 25th 2014 - 05:35:10 PM
To my dearly beloved brother in Christ, our Holy and Blessed Lord, indeed amen. For the very first time in my life I have finally got it straight concerning the tithe thank's too you Andrew, praise the Lord, amen. No wonder I'm in the mess I'm in, in part. As far as I know you are the only anointed teaching minister that's accurately nailed it correct, thank God. I'm so blessed. I can't wait to get too C.B.C. in Colorado to get started and up and running, God willing amen. I want to wish both you and your's Andrew, a very warm, special and blessed Happy Thanks Giving Day, amen indeed. Shalom yedda dim {beloved one}.

Stephen Francis Zielski - Peabody, MA. - Tuesday, November 25th 2014 - 10:29:11 AM
Happy Thanksgiving Andrew & Jamie. Thank you for teaching the "TRUTH"!!

Judy - Arkansas - Tuesday, November 25th 2014 - 08:47:49 AM
I am always praying for Andrew and Jamie. My Christian life has changed since I started listening to you. To be honest I have never heard anybody teach the good news like the way GOD uses you to teach. GOD bless you and Jamie.

HARRY JIM MENSAH - UNITED KINGDOM - Tuesday, November 25th 2014 - 03:03:15 AM
Thank you for the awesome Thanksgiving Greeting. We are thankful for you, Jamie and the AWMI/CBC Staff!

Alan and Lori - California - Monday, November 24th 2014 - 11:48:53 AM
I made a donation $100 & received DVD's, books on God Wants You Well,
I have received Jesus as my Savior,
I was baptized & live for Jesus now,
thank you
William Harrison

william harrison - Carbon Hill, ALA - Monday, November 24th 2014 - 10:18:58 AM
thank you for the blessed Thanksgiving greeting AWM!

love and blessed Thanksgiving to you all

Dave Shirvis

Dave Shirivs - Ocala, Florida - Sunday, November 23rd 2014 - 12:52:14 AM
I have been listening to Andrew Wommack for about 4 years now. I have not found a local "church" that affirm the things the Lord has taught me, and He has used you to teach me also. I have had many revelations watching your show early in the morning. The most recent and more powerful was the financial stewardship teaching, on the first day, which I believe was 11/10/2014, you hadn't been on more than a few minutes and I heard you speak Luke 16:10, and I got it, I understood what was being said, I received a revelation of knowledge. If we can't be faithful in what God sees as the least, how will we be faithful in that which He sees, IS, more important. This was incredible. Thank You Andrew Wommack. I sincerely believe this is why most believers, including myself, are struggling financially, which effects the country, it is not the opposite, we don't struggle because the economy is bad. Praise God.

Joe Howell - Roanoke, Va - Thursday, November 20th 2014 - 08:07:19 AM
My heart is so full of joy after watching Andrew Wommack and Pastor Duane Sheriff on the Inside story link.

4 years ago in October God brought Andrew Wommack into our home through his books You've Already Got It and Believers Authority. Our lives have never been the same after praying for the spirit of wisdom and revelation to invade our hearts and minds. The love of God radically transformed my husband and I in such an immense way it was like a revival =) We are determined to allow the love of God flow out of us onto all of those around us.

Our family moved to Sherman Texas 3 months ago and through the relationship btwn Andrew Wommack ministries and Pastor Duane Sheriff and healing school we are firmly planted in a physical church that proclaims the love of God, shouts that God wants you well and gives away all its messages for free.

Our God delights in making these life changing connections and we are forever grateful for AW and his simple proclomation of truth and how we will never be the same again.

Daddy is good!

Karis Johnston - Sherman Texas - Wednesday, November 19th 2014 - 12:40:52 PM
I would like to share with everyone, how faithful God is, when we truly trust Him. I was very worried about my new one month old grandson James, he had failed his hearing test 2times, and was going for another test this week. I called for prayer and a wonderful lady named Debbie prayed with me. I told her I would call back with praise for the good news. James test was perfect! God is so faithful, we must just trust Him always. So very thankful for such wonderful caring people to pray with and renew my faith when it get weak.

donna stevens - new jersey - Wednesday, November 19th 2014 - 06:59:53 AM
I Started listening to Andrew sometime last year, but got really consistent early this year. I have been a christian for about 30 years and a tither too. However, what I have been listening to has set me free from ignorance and I am seeing definite miracles in my life. I intend to send in a full testimony soon as things unfold. I finally became a ministry partner last month and God is shocking me. Thank you Andrew and Jamie for obeying God, may he continue to use you to touch lives.

Stella - Nigeria but live in New York - Wednesday, November 19th 2014 - 06:33:37 AM
Dear Andrew,

This is a wonderful ministry. It has brought so much clarity as pertains the Word of God. Indeed we need someone to help us misunderstand the Word of God. Our God is a God of clarity.

I am glued to audio teachings, and God knows how effective I am becoming in elaborating the Word to friends and family.

God bless your ministry Andrew and Jamie.

Richard Karani,
Nairobi, Kenya

Richard Karani - Nairobi, Kenya - Tuesday, November 18th 2014 - 07:15:48 AM
We bought a Roku device and cancelled our cable TV because it had 500 channels of junk. Then about a year later we found your Roku channel!!! Now we spend all evening (and spare moments) watching your teachings and other features.
Just finished Spirit Soul and Body. Wonderful! It gives new meaning to James 4:5 "Or do you think that the Scripture speaks to no purpose: 'He jealously desires the Spirit which He has made to dwell in us”? NASB.
God bless you Andrew. We love your excellent ministry!
John and Hatty

John and Harriet Gallaway - Lima, Ohio - Monday, November 17th 2014 - 05:34:09 PM
Dear Bro. Andy Wommack.
i'm learning so much more your ministries. I recently listening your tape called effortless change. It's really effortless for to be change, i'm still getting revelations from this.
I liked the examples you quoted in those: peacon tree, tomatto seeds, etc.
God bless you. Waiting to see in India in 2015.

Belagavi Vinaya - Davangere, Karnataka(State), INDIA - Monday, November 17th 2014 - 12:35:13 AM
We have heard Andrew's teaching on how to hear God's voice. We put it into practice and we managed to hear God's voice leading us into buying properties in Nottingham, UK. At that moment December 2013 we had 2000pounds. On the natural was impossible but last Friday we have completed the purchased for our 3rd property for 2014 year. 50 000 pounds invested debt free. Unbelievable! Thank you Jesus!!!
We have moved to Walsall to start at Charis!:)

Yasen&Vanya - UK, Nottingham - Sunday, November 16th 2014 - 02:34:21 PM
I love God, Jesus and the Word you teach. Thank you for equipping us with the truth of God's word. I called for prayer today but no one answered. Please stand with me in agreement for my daughter Sabrina. No heart blockage, body well and whole. Thank you! Praise God and thank you Jesus.

Beth Gilliam - Granbury, Texas - Sunday, November 16th 2014 - 06:44:04 AM
Loving the healing school Andrew, its grown so much. I love the teachings and worship its beautiful. I sit in my little computer room watching wishing you could bring it all here (including the mountains) :)

Vera - England - Saturday, November 15th 2014 - 08:38:53 AM
I have watched the Healing is Here Conference archives several times now, and I'm on fire to attend the next one!

Are you considering having two conferences a year? If I have to wait until August for the next one, I think I'll just bust!

Eileen - Virginia - Friday, November 14th 2014 - 02:51:28 PM
I need to write again to say how I appreciate and love this web site.
Thank you for the Inside Story...I enjoy each one.
Thank you, Andrew and Jamie and your excellent team.

Helen Somers - Northeast Kingdom, USA - Friday, November 14th 2014 - 12:11:12 PM
Brother Andrew,
I just want thank the good Lord for bringing this message into my life. Before, I used to have a lot of questions but your messages have clarified them all. I must admit,coming from a catholic background, your message was a bitter pill to swallow, at first. But I thank God for the truths you have revealed and am now an avid reader of the Bible. I don't have to condemn myself anymore.Am actually falling in love with God's Word.Continue to be a blessing to many.

Edward Sentongo - Uganda - Friday, November 14th 2014 - 12:37:09 AM
Charis praise and worship gets better every week. Wed. November 10 was so joyful and energetic. Charis praise team danced, I danced, my dog danced and when my husband came home and I was replaying the video for the umpteenth time he danced too!!! As soon as I submit this appreciation we will start the video over AGAIN and dance into today. What a treat to worship with Charis and to rejoice with them each week. Dinner theatre looks wonderful too, wish we were close enough to attend. Woodland Park is so blessed to have CBC there.

Anne - Raleigh,NC - Thursday, November 13th 2014 - 08:39:01 AM
Hi Andrew,,I am just letting you know what a blessing you and your ministry have been to me and my family.I prayed with Tanner for a miraculous manisfestation of healing in my body.I thank the Lord for my healing.When I called the lord told me the person that would pray with me was the right one.I found out that he had done the same thing that I had done for an occupation.God bless you and all the people at awmi.

frank dellino - jeff city,mo - Wednesday, November 12th 2014 - 01:11:44 PM
Hi Andrew, we got a good chuckle with your dance moves on the "Happy" video production. You're a good sport to have joined in! We will start our correspondence courses this month and we're very excited--and happy, too!

Alan and Lori - California - Wednesday, November 12th 2014 - 12:29:18 AM
Awesome Praise & worship (11/10/2014)...One the of the best ever..Loved seeing the students dancing-it was so much fun to watch. Thanks for making it available online for all to enjoy:-)

Lisa - Pennsyvania - Tuesday, November 11th 2014 - 12:33:24 PM
Dear Andrew, I just wanted to let you know that I have deep joy to be a Partner of your Ministry, even if I cannot give you more than I can, because I have no job and no Financial outcomes, but I pray that my dreams would be fulfilled, so I'll be able to sow abundantly in the Kingdom of GOD! Be blessed for your great devotion!

Liliane - BELGIUM - Tuesday, November 11th 2014 - 11:30:05 AM
I must say i adored examining your own article. You come to some great items I was merely trying to find this info for quite a while. Soon after half a dozen hours connected with constant Googleing, ultimately I got this with your web-site. I actually wonder can be often the Google's problem that doesn't list such type of informative websites closer to the top. Typically the highest internet sites are chock full of garbage.

boutique moncler paris - 9A77 - Monday, November 10th 2014 - 04:08:12 PM
Just wanted to thank all of the wonderful people we have met with, prayed with, and learned from. We have been to Charis Bible College and even prayed with Andrew Wommack for our son Robert, who has been battling cancer for the last two years. We are very thankful for all the prayers and would love for them to continue as a Supernatural Healing from God would cure and Heal our son. Praise and Glory to God. Amen.

Bob Himler - Greensburg, Pa - Sunday, November 9th 2014 - 10:09:28 AM
I called a few days ago for prayer for my adult son. He had been fasting (drinking nothing but chocolate milk) for over a year, and on a modified fast for several years before that, as a result of a psychotic break about 4 years ago. Last week he isolated himself completely and refused all food and water. Jacquline prayed with me for him to be set free. Last night after a week of no food and five days with no water, he appeared and announced that "it is over". He has resumed drinking liquids and this morning ate his first solid food in over a year! Thank you for your wonderful ministry and especially thanks to Jacquline for her sensitivity to the Holy Spirit.

Michael Pierce - Cascade, Idaho - Sunday, November 9th 2014 - 07:55:58 AM
thanks for the nice interview between Duane and Andrew-- brothers in the Lord and ministry

Dave Shirivs - Ocala, Florida - Sunday, November 9th 2014 - 03:17:39 AM
We have been Christians for over 20 years and have never heard a financial teaching like Andrew's teaching of the past two weeks. Although we have been tithers this has not been consistent and we want to make a change starting now. We excitedly look forward to God's blessing in our lives with our new understanding of the WORD. Thank you Andrew for your financial teaching!

Tim and Karen Musgrave - Lakeland, Florida - Saturday, November 8th 2014 - 06:41:42 PM
Since I have started watching your program on TBN in the morning,my knowledge capacity has expanded and I can say that am truly blessed. Your work is really motivating an I really appreciate you spreading the truth strictly from the bible. Continue to do God's work.

sean milson - Jamaica - Saturday, November 8th 2014 - 06:06:22 PM
Hi Andrew,
I just listened to the last teaching in your series: How to Find & Fulfill Gods will..Re: your Vietnam experience where fellow soldiers went weeks w/out talking to you just broke my heart. Until I listened to how you read the bible many hours/day (taking in the word as you describe as the "GosPill." Your testimony is so healing & inspirational because I was raised by bullying parents & step parents who were "ungodly," & it almost broke my heart bc they also would shame me to other family members & make me feel like an outcast. Maybe one day you could can do a more in-depth focus specifically addressing how to deal with bullies because there are so many like myself that would benefit to hearing more from you on this subject. Regardless, you are a beautiful person who has touched my life & thank God you had the strength & courage to just get in the word. It amazed me too bc just being called to serve in the Vietnam war would have been enough for most to handle & then you had to face persecution from the people who should have been kind to you...I am going to keep listening to that section of your teaching until I am 100% set free. Anyway, you are a blessing to me Andrew..Thank You so much...
Best wishes..

Susan G. - PA - Saturday, November 8th 2014 - 02:56:34 PM

Your teachings have saved my life and transformed me. Today i am living a new life in a new way. Thank you so much for doing the will of God. I wouldnt have seen this day, if you wouldnt have obeyed the will of God. I am so so thankful to God , and to you. We will always pray for you and your family.


Carmel Ludes - India - Friday, November 7th 2014 - 10:21:22 PM
I love the new message you have started, "The message changes everything!"

I can't tell you what your ministry has meant to me. I have been listening to you on WABM 68 since sometime in 2000. And as so many have said before me, your ministry has ruined me! I know there is so much more that God wants for us besides our salvation, so keep preaching, brother. You are changing the world. Blessing!

Debbie Couch - Alabama - Friday, November 7th 2014 - 03:03:53 PM
Greetings to the Andrew Womack Ministries. God has instructed me to tell my testimony in hopes of encouraging other believers. Back in 1996 I was diagnosed with HIV and told that I would probably die within 8yrs but glory be to GOD I'm still here. It's been 18 YEARS. I was also involved in a serious car accident in May of 2008 in which I died, left my body, and started floating up. I heard GOD's voice tell me to go back I had a lot of work to do. But that's not all I stayed in a coma for 2MOnths!! After I came out of the coma the doctors told me that I would never walk again and that I would not remember anyone. The Devil is a liar. I Am Doing Fine and I got married in 2012. In 2011 I underwent a procedure because the doctors told me I had colon cancer but mysteriously It Disappeared!!! GOD is so good. I have known for quite some time that I have purpose on my life. I have a true relationship with God and I'm blessed to be able to hear from him.

Earl Nutt - owings mills MD - Friday, November 7th 2014 - 10:58:57 AM
Dear Andrew, Thank you so very much for live streaming worship and speakers- it is such a blessing and always perfect timing in my life!! I just finished hearing/watching Bob Yandian and ALL of it was confirmation and encouragement that I know was from the Lord. I am a partner with you, I am enrolled in online school and I will tell you- your teaching has set me free!! But not without difficulty :) The more I learn and the bolder I become, the greater my growth and maturity, the greater the problems I seem to come up against with fellow Christians, not unbelievers, but believers! They are the ones who grieve me at times. That is why I am so encouraged by the word that was spoken on character and not giving up. I so desire to have my character developed - because it has been so tested in times of pressure and I have been feeling like such a failure in how I handle people. I am so encouraged by you and your ministry and want the world to know and hear the truth of the Gospel- and I am forever thankful to you for teaching us how to be disciples- because I learn NONE of this church- actually, I pass it on to the church as I am able. Thank you with all of my heart! Ps. I broke out in dance as well yesterday!! The worship is so amazing and I either worship with a couple other moms once a week, or by myself because the worship at church is only brief and seems sad. I LOVE to worship!!! God bless you Andrew Wommack and Jaimie and all of your ministry!! In the Love of Christ, Carla

Carla W. - Minnesota - Thursday, November 6th 2014 - 08:28:29 AM
This is an awesome miracle morning! I've been listening to your audio teachings these past several weeks. Last night while listening I fell asleep and the Holy Spirit woke me. I awoke just in time to hear you healing someone with a back ailment, problems in the knees (cracking), and an infection in the intestines. That was me! I couldn't believe it! I am healed! Praise and glory to our LORD God! May God richly bless you Andrew Wommack, your family, and your ministry for all time!

Renee - Maryland - Thursday, November 6th 2014 - 06:16:01 AM
Awesome worship this morning ! What a blessing to be able to worship with you all! When the dance broke out I could not contain myself!Praise God!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I keep watching it over and over!Thank you JESUS!

Lori - NY - Wednesday, November 5th 2014 - 08:23:10 AM
Thanks be to God for what you-all are doing.


Kenneth Townsell - Albertville,Alabama - Wednesday, November 5th 2014 - 07:33:33 AM
I have been so impressed by andrew's teachings that I rarely look else where. I am a pastor and the commentary brings alive my studies. Thank you for your devotion to making God's word come alive. May God bless your ministry as you have mine.

charles furbee - parkersburg, w.v. - Tuesday, November 4th 2014 - 09:53:45 PM
I constantly thank God for this ministry. The Word of God through this ministry has made all the difference in my thinking and I know that the manifestations in my live are soon to follow. I really want to come to CBC but I am unable to at this point and there is no extension school near where I am. I plan to start online very soon. I would really like to do the second and third year training as well. I have a suggestion for Andrew and the CBC team that will help a lot of people who are like me.

My suggestion is that second year courses be offered in a modular format during the summer time at the CBC campus. That way persons who wish to do the second and third year, but are unable to can journey even from overseas to do those courses and return home after a six-week period or so. I hope this is worth your consideration. It will be intense, but we will do whatever it takes!

Ria - Tuesday, November 4th 2014 - 01:39:49 PM
Thank you for your faithfulness and your ministry here in New York City. Would love to be a part of a Charis Bible satellite school here in the city. Have you thought of starting one? Been blessed with all your teachings I have heard and have been giving them away. Thank You again for your rich ministry to us.

The Best
Perry H.

Perry Hutchins - New York City, NY - Tuesday, November 4th 2014 - 11:16:44 AM
We are proud and privileged to be partners. We have learned how to walk in the Word daily, and are grateful for Andrew's teaching on knowing what we already have thru Jesus' blood. We just wish Andrew could come to Michigan again, we missed his last trip. He has helped us grow spiritually and learning how to walk in health and healing is truly a blessing. Religion and denominations don't teach these things, so Andrew is truly a God send!

Yvonne - Stanwood mi - Tuesday, November 4th 2014 - 10:47:23 AM
I want to share a testimony of God's healing
power.I started listening to Andrew's teachings
in february this year and this drove me to study
God's word for myself more than ever before.I began
to understand that healing and prosperity were
included in the salvation package.Almost immediately,
satan attacked with one illness after the other.
Today is the first time in 6months that my monthly
periods did not begin with a fever or a migraine
headache. I stood on His promises of healing,rebuked
rebuked the illnesses and commanded normalcy to return
to my homornes. Praise God!

Ufuoma Arangebi - Nigeria - Tuesday, November 4th 2014 - 04:35:23 AM
I wanted to share a Praise from a Prayer Request that I asked a member of your Prayer Team to pray with me. I felt like the Lord was asking me to expand my business and I knew that He wanted me to do it debt free. I had a piece of property that I was considering selling to finance the expansion. Within an hour of praying with the prayer partner the property was sold!!

Diane - Florida - Monday, November 3rd 2014 - 04:35:03 AM
FIRST time I have "got" this: MARK 4:24. I am really excited. I PRAYED TO RECEIVE BEFORE I CLICKED TO WATCH...God is certainly at his Potter's wheel working on this clay (me). I am watching Greg Mohr on his July 31, '14 message. About half way through it, I had to just get outside under the stars to praise and worship with no distractions. I am SOOO EXCITED. The "how" I hear is: Do I hear with my soul or do I hear with my spirit. The one I hear with will be what my heart receives!! HALLELUJAH!!!!! I am now listening to the rest of it.

Lindy Combs - Coupeville, Washington (Whidbey Island) - Sunday, November 2nd 2014 - 07:55:16 AM
I would like to say thank you to the prayer minister by the name of Jerry. Thank you for your patience with me as I not only asked for prayer but had some questions that needed answers.
Thank you to all prayer ministers who have prayed for me previously.
God bless all of you.

Charlotte - Nazareth, PA - Friday, October 31st 2014 - 07:55:26 PM
Dear Andrew, Jamie and AWM Team
Just watched the update on the Woodlands Park 2nd Phase building Project. Wow! What a blessing. Thank you Andrew for not limiting God, but obeying God's leading regarding growing and enlarging your tents. I feel so blessed to be a foundation builder partner. Your present teaching on Financial Stewardship is so encouraging. Thank you, Jesus!

Andre Du Toit - Rep of SA Western Cape Simon's Town - Friday, October 31st 2014 - 02:54:54 PM
Hi Andrew...I just received your newsletter and wanted to thank you for sharing. I'm glad to partner with you and am believing with you for all future plans...I think they are needed and necessary to accomplish all God has shown you. The first time I heard you preach I knew in my heart it was truth and found answers I was looking for my whole life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart...believing many will be changed by the true gospel of grace.

jeanie - saylorsburg pa - Friday, October 31st 2014 - 10:00:28 AM
We just received your newsletter about the future plans for Charis Bible College and COUNT US IN!!! We are super excited and in full agreement! We both hope that one day we will be able to attend CBC as students - likely after retirement. But for now, as in the past, we are happy to be in a position to financially support this awesome endeavor!

God Bless and Godspeed!
The Hansens

Larry and Becky Hansen - Savannah, GA - Friday, October 31st 2014 - 04:57:27 AM
Just watched your update for November 7,2014. It is so exciting your plans. It seems to me that this the sure direction that Jesus is wanting us to go. Building His kingdom. I am believing with you and will also continue to. You have been a true blessing to very many, as well as myself. I want you to finish the Lords leading, Amen.
Deborah A Evans

Deborah A Evans - Virginia - Friday, October 31st 2014 - 12:57:37 AM
I just wanted to say thank you for your prayer ministers. I've called for prayer several times this year and today was one of those times. Today I was complaining and stressing over finances and while explaining my need to the prayer minister I felt bad for throwing my problems at him. I believe I was talking to a person named Jordan who sounded pretty young on the phone. My reason for writing is to let the prayer ministers know that they are appreciated. I thank all of them that I've spoken to for listening and sincerely praying with me. I've never had a bad experience when calling for prayer. This may sound strange,but I think I'm going to stop focusing on fixing my own problems and start praying for the team at AWMI especially the prayer ministers.

God bless all of AWMI.

Lisa - USA - Thursday, October 30th 2014 - 06:22:10 PM
Just watched the Christmas at Charis video. WOW, how exciting! We continue to be impacted by the two conferences of this past summer too. Thank you Jesus!

dan munn - toledo, ohio - Thursday, October 30th 2014 - 12:09:42 PM
Dear Andrew sir and Jamie.........happy wedding aniversary.....God bless you both.....thanku.....

anita and rejeesh - india - Thursday, October 30th 2014 - 10:02:20 AM
Hi Andrew,
Your teachings on Gods love is changing my life..As I am preparing to attend Charis in Colorado, I am so excited about your vision re: Amphitheatre, hiking trails, etc for the beautiful property you purchased in Woodland Park. You had also mentioned student housing. Due to the fact that many of your students are older, would you consider making available housing w/ an apartment like setting for each unit rather than dorm style. Perhaps you could provide separate structures to house each style. Also, for the apartment like housing would you also allow pets-dogs (labs, etc). Many of us that wish to attend your school have pets that are part of our family & need to come with us. I know buildings in New York City (Manhattan) that even allow for larger dog breeds with an extra deposit. Perhaps you could even set aside a little area that is fenced in for dogs to play. I appreciate your consideration & wish to thank you for teaching us that our heavenly father loves us..
Blessings to you & Jamie

Susan - New York - Thursday, October 30th 2014 - 05:42:09 AM
I've been praying to God to help me understand his love for me. I know and get the principle of the reconciliation and believe it but I know there is a deeper love that I want to know better. I'm an avid researcher, reader and student of the word. My research lead me to your series "God's Kind of Love" and I have to say WOW! God answered my prayer of understanding. When you say through out the message "I'm not sure you all are getting this" I have to tell you I was tracking. Now, granted I've been prepared by the holy spirit to receive this message but I want you to know that it was right on. I have a better understand of walking with God's love in me so that I will see it demonstrated though me in order for me to believe it for myself.

Thank you for your teaching!


Anthony - Highlands Ranch Colorado - Wednesday, October 29th 2014 - 03:37:10 PM
First, a belated HAPPY, HAPPY Anniversary Andrew & Jamie! I am SO thankful for the two of you & your ministry team! Got to just say "Wow, God" again! The series you are teaching on, Financial Stewardship, is JUST what my husband & I need right now-what you shared today about Abram is EXACTLY where we are RIGHT NOW! My husband works for a MAJOR automobile manufacturer here in KY. He works for their Headquarters which they have decided to merge w/ the Sales & Financial Services down in the Dallas, TX area. By ALL Natural reasoning we should make the move-my husband would be set for a job till retirement since he is the only one on this side that does his specific job ( he is in telecommunications), the company is offering what they are calling an "enhanced relocation package" which includes a pretty sizeable cash incentive on top of moving costs being covered & the offer to purchase homes that don't sell. No brainer for many at the company, but my husband made 2 trips for work down there this summer & it was confirmed to him that TX is NOT our "place of grace". he just did not have peace in his heart about moving. This is such an exciting time as we face this, knowing only two things right now for sure, 1) we are NOT going to TX & 2) we just ordered & received our 1st term of Charis Bible College classes on flash drive. Our family, most of whom are unbelievers are freaking out thinking we've gone off the deep end. Believers that are watching us stay in peace about this are being inspired to trust God more & I am just jumping up & down praising my Father cuz I have been wanting to get to Charis since I heard about it almost 3 years ago but was waiting for God to do the work in my man's heart so it didn't create strife in my marriage/family. I asked you Andrew to agree w/ me in prayer that I would get to Charis when I saw you in Mobile in April & now I am on my way! I hope we will be there in Colorado this time next year! All praise to our Awesome, Amazing, Wonderful, Faithful God, Father, & Savior! & thanks again Andrew for your obedience to the Holy Spirit's leading!

Connie - Kentucky - Wednesday, October 29th 2014 - 12:15:46 PM
Andrew, I am very thankful to be a part of your minstery. My wife and I have planned to visit with you when she retires. Now God has worked a mirical fo Charis Bible College is now in Wilmington! Now I Pray to see you there. Mike and Linda Gurganious

Mike Gurganious - 30 miles fr Wilmington NC - Wednesday, October 29th 2014 - 11:37:01 AM
When I spoke with Allen yesterday I was on the oval of The Ohio State University (you have to add the 'The')and as much as I know better, I was overwhelmed! I'm taking 5 classes and two deadlines came up at the same time, I had no computer at home, I have to catch 2 buses and God has instructed me to get it done to move to Jacksonville Florida in June to attend Charis. It was noisy with the big leave blower machines, but he asked me if he could pray in tongues first regarding my situation. He was a soft-spoken young man and he didn't sound boisterous, but man the results!!!!!! God blessed me match my schedule with a research tutor I had worked with. She assisted me in every phase of both assignments. Then, she told me about a dept at OSU who would let me use laptops, take them home for three days at a time at no cost to me. I'm finding favor with the instructors who assist me as I do work hard, try hard, attend class and study to the best of my ability. Thank you, Allen and Call Center. You don't have to yell and scream to be effective, do you?

Lorraine B. Astrop-Scroggins - Columbus OH - Wednesday, October 29th 2014 - 08:01:13 AM
Just watched the construction update . . . LOVE your vision. My husband and I feel so good about being able to give into AWMI, possibly the most fertile ground around! Praying for the additional partners to come quickly. People who aren't giving into your ministry are missing out . . . we started partnering with you in 2010 and I compare it to getting into the stock market at just the right time ... it is going to skyrocket! Such a privilege to be a part of this kingdom work. Any chance you could add a campground with RV hookups :-) Looking forward to seeing you in Nov and January!

Christina - Arizona - Tuesday, October 28th 2014 - 08:10:05 PM
i was feeling sick and had some pain this morning& i felt dwnhearted and miserable. i turned on the tv 2 check the weather& ur program was on so i watched and listened. felt so much better afterwards. i have thanked God for letting me c program, i know he works thru us all

Lou-Ann bongertman - london, on, canada - Tuesday, October 28th 2014 - 06:53:49 AM
I pray with Jean on the 9th of Sept. 2014 about finding a new place to move into. I had looked high and low, prayed, took my authority in every way i new how and stood my ground, but i seemed to have been super naturally turned down everywhere i went.

When i prayed with Jean i was suppose to move the next day, the 10th. I was staring to feel like i had failed. She gave me a Word, she said, You are like Moses with his hands lifted high, who needed help keeping his hands up after he was tired. You just need a little help/encouragement to keep you going. She gave me another Word saying: God is taking off the training wheels, but He is right behind me, to catch me if i were to fall. I was very encouraged by both Words she gave me. Hope rose up within me, as she confirm what i sensed i was going through.

She prayed that i would find favor with my landlord(s) and spoke to the mountain. I hadn't told her i had 2 landlord(s). The next day my landlords said i could say until the end of the month. Then a week later they said i could stay until Nov. Now i am believing that God's favor will allow me to stay permanently. In my heart i feel that this is the place God had provided for me, all along. The enemy was attacking me for the Word's sake, because i had given It first place in my life.

Praise be to God for the much needed encouraging Word He gave me through Jean and the favor He has given me with my landlords.

Thanks you Jean, for being there to pray with me.

Netty - CA - Monday, October 27th 2014 - 09:57:38 PM
First of all I want to thank God for healing me from TB and thank you for all your prayers. As I stand on the word of God that I am already healed by the strips of Jesus Christ, I ask you to pray for all the tumors on/in my head to be removed and be cast in the sea never to come back on/in my head or body and my body to be in health.

Godfrey Kakembo - Uganda - Monday, October 27th 2014 - 02:22:52 PM
The praise from Charis that fills my heart and my house during the live streams is just amazing. We are SO grateful for each time the extra live streams are available to us this year. To all who are involved in this extra ministry and the work it creates - THANK YOU because your efforts are blessing us!!

Anne - NC - Monday, October 27th 2014 - 08:31:29 AM

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